Youth Sunday School Room Decorating Ideas

Looking for some of the best Youth Sunday School Room Decorating Ideas? We're here to help you out! Some argue that a kid’s environment can help them learn almost as much as their teachers and parents can. That’s worth remembering when decorating a youth Sunday school room, a location that should be comfortable and accommodating.

You can cultivate an environment conducive to fun while maintaining education and discipline as priorities. All it takes is an eye for detail and some inventive and bold decorating work to pull it off. Here are 20 Sunday school room decorating ideas to enhance education.

20 Youth Sunday School Room Decorating Ideas

Quick Look

youth sunday school room decorating ideas

  1. Bulletin Boards
  2. Scalloped border trim
  3. Beanbags
  4. Collapsible milk crates
  5. Floral centerpiece
  6. Butcher paper
  7. Candy-colored plastic stools
  8. Wicker basket
  9. Plastic mini wagon
  10.  Cube storage shelf
  11. Lumbar pillow
  12. Circle letters
  13. Backgammon table
  14. Pennants
  15. Circular carpet
  16. Magnetic paint
  17. Gift wrap
  18. Velvet cloth
  19. Foldable round tables
  20. Hanging paper fans

1. Bulletin Board

You can't do without a bulletin board, a staple of office and classroom life for arranging and grouping bits and bobs that don't quite stand on their own. This tried-and-true item can display useful stuff for teachers and students, like friendly reminders, lists of tasks, and info on upcoming assignments.

Make it presentable with photos, student drawings, and tags, and pins. The bulletin board can even keep students sharp with post-its that have verses from scripture written on them, which teachers could refer to now and again.

2. Scalloped Border Trim

This wavy banner-like decorative edge material can frame windows, posters, and bulletin boards to make them pop. It might rim a desktop, hang from the ceiling, encircle class supplies, or drape the front of the teacher’s desk. Choose a nice color to highlight things you really want students to notice.

You can arrange pieces of the trim to denote a small section of the wall for attaching things with sticky tack. Get the trim with protective coating for durability so it withstands the kids and your decorative rearrangements.

3. Beanbag

The beanbag is a kid-friendly classic, and arranging just a few around the room will make things immediately more relaxed and cozy. Beanbags are good for lounging during more informal activities like group discussions.

Kids can recline on them during silent reading time or while watching a movie. If a beanbag is big enough and shaped the right way, you can rest various small items on it for quick retrieval when needed.

If you like this, check out the Sofa Sack - Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

It’s a durable beanbag that comes in many different colors to help you match your walls.

4. Collapsible Milk Crates

Image: Wayfair

Milk crates probably aren’t what spring to mind when you think of decorating, but their versatility suits them well to the classroom. Paint them bright colors and store things with them. Using plywood, foam, and a pillow form, a crate can be made into a treasure chest.

If turned on to its side with the lid off it can become a section of a bookshelf. To make a bench, link together multiple crates and attach to the top a long padded seat cushion covered with grain sack fabric.

5. Floral Centerpiece

youth sunday school room decorating ideas 2

To keep minds from wandering, draw attention to the teacher and the front of the room with a floral centerpiece. There are so many you could choose from, meeting a range of tastes and atmospheres, and supplying some much-needed pizzazz.

A teacher might place a beautiful centerpiece on their desk, have a small end table specifically for it, or use it to decorate a large windowsill. A floral centerpiece can really unify the room’s overall look, especially if you arrange other things to point toward it.

6. Butcher Paper

youth sunday school room decorating ideas 3

Butcher paper is like a canvas you can use to temporarily decorate surfaces, drawing or painting on the paper and easily putting it away afterwards. You can cover tables, doors, and parts of the wall by measuring the right amount of butcher paper, cutting it, and securing it to surfaces.

There are lots of possibilities, like murals of important scenes, paintings of interesting characters, and beautifying patterns. Go wild and apply butcher paper to organizers, lamp heads, stool seats, the legs of chairs, and more.

7. Candy-Coloured Plastic Stools

One of my favorite youth Sunday school room decorating ideas is plastic stools! Normal stools can be boring, but candy-colored stools are endearing bursts of pigment adding a sort of quirkiness to the classroom. Students might not use them often, but they can be strategically placed to decorate corners of the room.

A small cluster of desks could have a stool at the center with supplies like sharpeners and erasers on it. They are of varied utility, as you might rest things on them, use them to prop open doors or recline your feet upon them to relax.

8. Wicker Basket

youth sunday school room decorating ideas 4

A nice and old-fashioned wicker basket will bring rustic, homespun charm to the classroom. Adorn a basket with ribbons or cloth and fill it with supplies like paper and pencils for an appealing look. They’ll appear particularly good by windows or containing fruit, maintaining a pastoral air.

A lidded wicker basket might house teacher-only items, but leave it in the open as an eyecatching yet simple focal point. It can also work well as a spot for students to place or pick up assignments.

9. Plastic Mini Wagon

A plastic mini wagon is kiddy but convenient, something that can hold and easily transport a bunch of items, like books, staplers, and hole punchers. For decorative harmony, go for cool colors like blue or purple, and get a wagon that’s of a simple, even shape.

It probably won’t jive as a point of focus, but it will provide the room with some character and a slight sense of adventure. You can even turn it upside down and make it a table for potted plants.

10. Cube Storage Shelf

youth sunday school room decorating ideas 5
Image: Wayfair

Ergonomic and stylish, the cube storage shelf has more uses than you might have thought and can upgrade any classroom. It may be finicky at first, but it won’t take too long to arrange it in a way that’s pleasing to the eyes, and the order that it instills will keep students in check.

They might use the myriad compartments to deposit their work or to grab supplies, and teachers can tastefully position items like framed photos or dictionaries. Milk crates are a perfect match and will elevate the shelf’s look.

11. Lumbar Pillow

youth sunday school room decorating ideas 6

The lumbar pillow is a throw cushion that will provide a calming, homey look for the learning space. This long pillow can rest on top of bookshelves or on a windowsill, a sign of nonchalance and good humor. It can be interesting to separate two objects with a pillow, or even to place small objects on top of one.

It’s best to choose muted patterns and colors, for an adaptable appearance that will look good anywhere in the classroom and soothe sore eyes at a glance.

12. Circle Letters

Sometimes teaching is all about sending a memorable message, and circle letters are the most literal way to go about it. Teachers can use them to spell permanent messages or ones relevant to a particular day, taking them down and reassembling them at will.

The more colorful and attractive the letters are, the more they will liven the room and stick in students’ heads. Select letters with a suitable typeface, and think carefully about how you want to juxtapose one color with another when you put it all on the wall or bulletin board.

If you like this, check out the Teacher Created Resources Shabby Chic Circle Letters

This collection of 3 ½” circles includes letters, numbers, and punctuation with a smooth paper finish.

13. Chess and Backgammon Table

youth sunday school room decorating ideas 7
Image: Wayfair

Backgammon is an old board game sometimes played on a distinctive table with an interesting hourglass-like appearance. This kind of curio could add some much-needed flair to Sunday school and complement the other furniture well.

The table’s unique shape will only strengthen the appeal of any centerpiece placed on it, but it could stand starkly on its own as a large, timeless ornament serving just the purpose of swank decoration. Who knows, you might even use it to play backgammon or even chess, for that matter.

14. Pennants

youth sunday school room decorating ideas 8

Long associated with fairs and circuses, pennants will add just the right amount of festivity to school proceedings. Get them in as many colors as possible, drape windows with them, and hang them over stuff students should pay attention to.

Obviously, they can point to things, and pennants with letters can spell things out in a way that’s more interesting than writing on a chalkboard. These merry hanging points will bring the right aura to class, a balanced playfulness that makes everything more tolerable.

15. Circular Carpet

Here's another one of my favorite youth Sunday school room decorating ideas! As seen with the Knights of the Round Table, sitting in a circle has a way of making people feel like equals. Sometimes teachers take their lessons to the floor, so it can be helpful for kids to sit in a ring on a circular carpet.

It’s a symbol of kinship, and placed correctly, this bit of furniture can make a room look sharp and inviting. Even if you never intend for anyone to sit on it, a carpet has a way of tying a room together.

16. Magnetic Paint

Home office - contemporary built-in desk medium tone wood floor home office idea in San Francisco with gray walls
Image: Houzz

It has to be seen to be believed: magnetic paint is a primer with tiny iron dust particles mixed in, so anything coated in it becomes magnetic. It’d be prudent to paint the classroom walls this way, so you don’t have to rely only on bulletin boards and post-its.

Just splurge on some magnets so that anything important can be stuck to the wall on a whim for everyone to see. You won’t have to overthink how you display information, and you can spruce things up with cute magnets from the dollar store.

17. Gift Wrap

Gift wrap is such an enduring form of decoration, making it an instantly relatable addition to any Sunday school. There are innumerable patterns to satiate your creativity, including the likes of leaves, grass, rocks, marble, steel, and hardwood.

Funky abstract designs and cheery colors in particular will add more flavor to the learning environment. With enough finesse and clear tape, you could doll up storage containers, desk legs, plant pots, and more.

18. Velvet Cloth

youth sunday school room decorating ideas 10

Velvet, ever the luxury item, can add subtle sophistication or a dash of whimsy when used for decoration. Lots of surfaces are made better by the presence of a velvet cloth, especially one that can drape mysteriously.

A cloth could cover the top of the teacher’s desk for an air of plush refinement. It might go underneath a stapler or hole puncher, or it might cover up an end table. Have fun with deep velvet colors too, especially jade green, wine red, and navy blue.

19. Foldable Round Tables

A lone table comes across as an island of potential, waiting for students to take advantage of it. A must-have of barbeques and birthdays, foldable round tables are also useful for classrooms.

You might have one off to the side as a general supplies area, or they might remain vacant until they’re used for group work. Either way, they look straight-up cool, especially if you cover them in a nice cloth.

20. Hanging Paper Fans

Paper fans are an odd but neat decoration that can be plonked anywhere to shrewdly fill empty spaces that need something. They are usually pleasant to look at but are garish if different colors are jumbled together.

Think carefully about colors and designs, since there are interesting options like white tissue, metallic sunburst, chevron pattern, and black and gold sequin fans. You should probably pair up big fans with smaller ones, and keep them to the back of the room where they may border certain objects.

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