19 Two-Color Combination Ideas for Bedroom Walls

Having more than one paint color in your bedroom is one of the best ways to punch up the style without being a home renovation expert. All that's required of you is to get a little bit creative, and paint carefully with a lot of painter's tape! If you want to upgrade your bedroom style, or you're planning out the colors for your new home, we're here to help you get inspired!

Check out all these two-color bedroom ideas, and see which ones you like best! Some of them use monochrome color schemes, others get very creative and use high-contrast palettes to make things pop. No matter what your decor style is, you'll find something you love on this list! So, let's get to it!

19 Two-Colour Combination Ideas for Bedroom Walls: Inspiration List

1. Sage Half-Painted Wall

Sage is a color that is extremely hot right now; it's calm, soothing, and fits a lot of contemporary decorating trends. The wall in this bedroom is half white and half sage, which keeps things feeling light and clean. This is a great color combination if you have a love for natural light. Both of these colors make the most of natural light, allowing it to reflect softly and keep the whole room feeling bright and homey!

2. Pink and White Contemporary

The pink and white color combination will always work, no matter where you are. They're both light colors that don't need to make a big deal out of things, especially not the soft pink we see in this image. If you're looking to get an airy, happy feeling in your bedroom without going overboard, this soft pink and white color combination is a wonderful method of accomplishing just that!

3. Yellow and White, Pop Feel

This isn't your mother's bedroom wall color combination- that is, unless your mother was way cooler than anybody else's! The yellow circle over the bed is reflected on the wall next to it, and the white wall keeps things a bit grounded. Especially with yellow, it's easy to go overboard; this bedroom wall two-color combo goes up to the line but not over it!

4. Gray and White Half Painted Wall

When in doubt, add some grey. It's the best color in the world when it comes to fitting in and not thinking too highly of itself. Especially now, when grey is a common color in many decor styles and textile trends, grey walls can really help bring a room together. Whether it's the Scandi, farmhouse, or modern aesthetic- grey and white walls are there to fit in and add style!

5. Moody Green and White

A deep green is one of the more moody and dark colors in style these days. It has a wonderful, natural feeling to it. Having this color in your bedroom can make it feel like you live in the woods without having to resort to wooden planks and pretending you're a lumberjack. I like the wood accents on the wall too; they help the green avoid being too dark and uninteresting. It's a great color for a bedroom that gets a lot of light when you don't want it; the dark green will absorb unwanted light so you can sleep in serene blackness!

6. Navy and White

Navy and white are one color combination that I doubt will ever fade from popularity. They simply look too good together! This bedroom color scheme lets the navy take the reins, and white exists to brighten things up with contrast. This color combination is ideal for Victorian, New England, and other 18th-20th century home styles that are ever-popular with families and individuals everywhere. It's a very relaxing and stylish color scheme, perfect for a bedroom!

7. Slate Gray and White

Slate is another one of those colors that seem to show no signs of stopping in terms of its popularity. Sometimes it looks like a very dusty, greyish blue, and other times it feels like a mostly grey color with an azure tint. Whatever it is, it looks great and is a wonderful color that has a better feel than plain old flat grey. In this bedroom, things look effortlessly calm and contemporary. In the place you sleep, what more could you ask for than a couple of nice colors that help you relax?

8. Blue “Cave” and White

The blue paint extends past being a mere accent wall and forms a sort of cave or alcove. It ends just about where your head and shoulders would on the bed, making it like a little cave for your head. It produces a really nice effect where the room darkens a bit exactly where it needs to. If you want to get a little creative with your two-color wall paint combination, this might be a great idea for you to try!

9. Cream and Orange Triangles

It's time to get a bit more creative in our list of two-color combinations for bedroom walls. Here, we have a gorgeous example of orange and cream being used to create a funky color concept. It's made even funkier, by the way it's painted- rather than paint one wall, a triangle is made by the diagonal paint lines. This is one of the cooler examples on the list, perfect for a first apartment or home! If you're finding yourself bored with old school color palettes, this might go a long way to satisfy your need for fun and boldness!

10. Pink/White With Funky Border

This is a bit of an upgrade on the classic pink and white color combination. All that's required is a bit of patience to create that wavy border; it adds a ton to the overall style of the room. It's a very simple way of making things more creative and personalized, and definitely worthy of envy! Having a room like this is an easy way to declare to your friends that you know style- in fact, you make it!

11. Pink Headboard Stripe on Green Wall

This one may be a bit of a cheat since there are technically three colors present. However, the real focus is on the color combination between green and pink. The pink stripe rises from the headboard and extends over onto the ceiling. Meanwhile, the green wall behind the stripe makes a nice contrast. These two colors are both soft and almost powdery in their hue; this brings them closer together stylistically even though they are very different colors. It's very hip and stylish, perfect for a contemporary home that knows where the trends are heading!

12. Pastel Pink, Soft Grey

Pastel pink and grey are a match made in heaven, are they not? This bedroom color combination uses grey as the primary color and pink for the accent wall. The end result is something that looks effortlessly modern and bold. However, it's actually a very simple concept- it just looks that good! A nice addition to the room, in general, is the matching colors on the bed and pillows. While they mix textures to keep it interesting, matching the colors helps bring the entire room together!

13. Pink and White in Perfect Balance

Pink definitely rules this room, but since white is a brighter, more powerful color, it balances out well. It's a cheery, stylish bedroom design, and it looks very unique. My favorite thing (since pink isn't exactly my first paint color choice) about this bedroom design is that it has a very balanced feeling. It's not just the amount of each color that accomplishes this, it's also the placement of the colors. It's intriguing, a bit playful, and has the potential to remain in style for years to come!

14. Slate, White, Offset Diagonal Lines

This is yet another sublime example of how thinking slightly outside the box results in an extremely cool bedroom. It's very simple to achieve as well: just carefully mark out a couple of tape lines and paint accordingly! The offset diagonal lines give the feeling of a collage, where everything fits together in a sort of “random unity”. It's one of my favorite designs on this list because it takes things in a new direction without being pretentious; a delicate balance to hold!

15. Green Diagonal Lines

What I really like about this bedroom colour combination is that the diagonal lines accomplish a lot, yet are still pretty laid-back. It's not trying to make a giant statement about how cool the homeowners are; rather, it just makes a nice transition from one color to another. It also provides a sense of contrast from one half of the room to the other. Since bedrooms often have more than one use- sleeping, dressing, office, etc- it's nice to have a bedroom decorating concept that honors that. On the green end of the room, you sleep. On the white end, you get things done!

16. White Wall, Blue Headboard Stripe

Here we see another dramatic stripe, the same width as the headboard of the bed, rise up and extend even onto the ceiling. This trend is one that shocked me a bit at first, but I have to admit- I really, really like it! It's a very fun way to add a big splash of color to your bedroom. I especially love the vibrant blue color used here; during the day it will be bold and dramatic, and at night it will soak up light and help you sleep in peace.

17. Orange and White Diagonal

In case you've yet to notice: I'm a big fan of the diagonal stripes. Horizontal ones are so often boring, so the endless placement options for a diagonal stripe intrigue me. I love the color used here- the orange/yellow is bright and bold, and the white balances it out with a bit of normalcy. It's a great way to decorate your bedroom with a modern, artsy style!

18. Pink and Blue Gradient

Again, it might be cheating to call this one “two-colored” because each color gradually shifts into the other. However, this dreamy gradient paint is undeniably gorgeous. It's almost as if you're sleeping among the powdery pink and blue clouds at sunset. It's very trendy, very casual, and definitely worthy of admiration!

19. “Unfinished” Pink and White

This is an idea for a half-painted two-color bedroom wall that takes things a slight step further toward the creative side. Rather than settle for a boring straight line across their wall, the homeowner decided to let things look a little rough. It's almost like they were painting the wall, then took a look at it halfway through the job, and said, “You know what? It's perfect!”.

One of my favorite things about this wall is the little bit of symbolism you can read into it. Your life and your person, just like the wall are never quite finished- and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!