25+ Tiny House Bathroom Ideas

There are many great benefits to living in a tiny house. By reducing the number of belongings you keep, you start to realize what really matters in life. Additionally, you can spend more time with family or just retreat into your own thoughts.

Tiny house living can also come with its own set of challenges. Spaces are much smaller which means you need to consider different ways to store and use items. Bathrooms can be especially troublesome if you are trying to cram all of the necessities into the small room. 

Finding the right balance of stylish decor and practicality when space is limited can be difficult, however, there is a wide range of tiny house bathroom ideas you can use in your own space. Whether you are redecorating an existing bathroom or plan on building an entirely new one, there are numerous ways to make the small space seem larger than it is.

Tiny House Bathroom Ideas:

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1. Tiny House Bathroom Storage Ideas

Storage for towels, toiletries, and other necessities is important. But you may not have access to a standard linen closet or other bathroom storage areas some people take for granted. Alternative storage ideas can give you the storage space you need while allowing the room to feel larger than it is.

wall hanging racks

There is a range of wall-hanging racks specifically for rolled and folded towels. They can also be used to hold other items such as shampoos, toilet paper, and decorative elements such as potted plants or small radios.


Using drawers can be an excellent way to keep things stored and organized. In fact, you can even find a sink with a drawer that has a custom space in the middle for the plumbing pipes to fit. This helps eliminate the amount of wasted space in your bathroom.

vertical shelf units

Modern vertical shelf units come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Some of the more popular ones are ladder-style which offer multiple shelves that can hold a wide range of normal bathroom accessories and toiletries.

floor standing shelves

In addition to floor standing shelves, there are also wall shelves and those that can sit on a countertop. These are normally more decorative and offer a range of different sized spaces that can work for pretty much anything you may have in your bathroom.

wicker basket

Using wicker baskets is a great way to store linens and other items in a bathroom. Additionally, it works great in a laundry room, utility room, or bedroom. Wicker baskets are versatile enough to fit into any room and meld with any decor.

small side table

Small side tables can work in some bathrooms but also work equally well right outside the door. Additionally, you may be able to find a space next to the bathtub for a small table that can hold towels and reading materials for a relaxing soak in the tub.

wall hanging hook

Wall hanging hooks can work for a wide range of items including razors, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and other items. Additionally, they can also double as a place to hang towels, robes, and linen bags to keep them up and out of the way.

corner shelf

Corners are an often-overlooked space for storage, simply because there are not as many specific corner-unit shelf options. However, you can easily find a corner shelf for your shower that can conveniently hold shampoos and other hygiene products.

suction cup type basket

If you can’t find the right storage items for bathrooms, try looking for kitchen storage options as well. Suction cup-type baskets are great for holding bars of soap or other items you want to be able to dry off over time. Air holes in the bottom allow moisture to drain away from the items.

2. Tiny House Bathroom Decor Ideas

Once you have found the right storage items for your tiny house bathroom, it’s time to make the area look attractive with decorative items and other additions. Potted plants, light fixtures, mirrors, and many other items can help add color and dimension to the room no matter how large or small it may be. 

Additionally, many potted plants do well in warm and humid environments which makes a bathroom or shower the perfect place for them. Not to mention, those same potted plants can make the room smell great while also acting as a natural insect repellent. 


Succulents, ferns, mosses aloe, herbs and cactus do well in some bathrooms. While they aren’t particularly in love with heavily humid environments, they do love heat and most will thrive on a windowsill or in a spare bathroom that isn’t used on a daily basis. 


Using mirrors in a tiny space can make it seem much larger, while also helping to reflect light and brighten up the space. Dark and shadowy rooms seem less welcoming, but bright and pleasant rooms can be relaxing and attractive.

storage box

Decorative storage boxes, such as those used for gift giving or crafts, can be a great place to store first-aid supplies and common toiletries such as cotton swabs and cotton pads. This doubles as both a decorative and effective storage idea.

sturdy wall hook

Sturdy wall hooks are a great place to hang a wide range of items. There are hooks made of various materials and in a variety of sizes. Use them to hold robes, towels, laundry bags, makeup bags, and anything else you may have.

crystals and aromatherapy

Natural crystals, stones, and diffuser bottles can add a touch of the outdoors to your bathroom. Additionally, crystals and aromatherapy can aid in relaxation and help relieve stress over time. Lavender and chamomile scents are excellent choices for aromatherapy.

counter top storage box

Tiny countertop storage boxes can be both whimsical decor items as well as practical storage options. They’re great for small amounts of makeup or facial creams and can be found in a variety of colors and sizes to fit into any decor.

3. Tiny House Bathroom Design Ideas

If you’re not just remodeling an existing bathroom, but instead will be building an entirely new one, there are a variety of tiny house shower ideas you can incorporate into the room. The goal is to have plenty of room in the shower to practice proper hygiene, while also leaving enough space in the bathroom for other necessities. 

Having a bathtub in a tiny house bathroom can be difficult. Most people go with a shower only as it takes up less space. However, there are a number of tiny house bathtub ideas you can consider when creating your own personal space. Whether you want a built-in bathtub or a modern free-standing stylish tub, you are sure to find one that works for your space.


If space is extremely limited, counters that conform to the shape of the wall can help to ensure that every available space is usable. Additionally, leaving an open space below can allow room for trash cans and cleaning supplies.

bright and vivid colors

Bright and vivid colors can add a touch of whimsy to the room, as well as increase your mood. Many colors can instantly make you feel better, so find a color that works for you personally and use it in your bathroom for ultimate relaxation when showering.

modern and stylish touch

If you’re looking for a modern and highly stylish touch, there are a range of sink, faucet and lighting ideas you can consider. Turning a casual room into a luxurious space can be easy when you find the right furniture to install.

under-cabinet washing machine

Combine your utility room with your bathroom by installing an under-cabinet washing machine. This is a great way to save space in other areas of your home while also taking advantage of potentially wasted space in the bathroom.

unusual shaped bathtub

No matter how large or small the bathroom space is, using unusually shaped bathtubs can be a great way to make use of every square inch you have available. Try installing an oval or heart-shaped tub in a corner to really open up the room.

built-in shelve

Using built-in shelves can help save space. They are a great spot for small linens, lotions, shampoos, toilet paper and other normal products. Additionally, they can serve as a stylish and modern decorative element as well as a viable storage option.

free standing bathtub

Free-standing bathtubs are a great way to make a boring bathroom look new and unique. Try looking for oval or rectangle bathtubs with rounded corners. Additionally, you can search for vintage bathtubs with feet or pedestals to make your bathroom really unique.

open concept bathroom

Open-concept bathrooms can really make the space feel larger. Eliminate the need for a shower curtain or glass shower stall with a unique and stylish shower area. Round river stones are comfortable to stand on, as well as a great way to add natural earth tones to the room.

shower head

Large rain heads for your shower are extremely relaxing. They can also make a small amount of water go a long way. Try looking for showerheads that can be installed in the ceiling, or ones that have a long handle for the best rain-like results.

bowfront corner shower

If you’re skipping the bathtub and just going for a shower, a bowfront corner shower will give you a great amount of space without making the rest of the room feel cramped. This is an excellent way to ensure you don’t bump your elbows into the wall when showering.

DIY look

If you are looking for a more DIY look to your bathroom, using old glass bowls as your sink basin is highly desirable. Use vintage glass, pottery, or ceramics for a highly individualized look that fits into any decor or adds the perfect amount of whimsy to your space.