6 Of The Best Tiny House Plans We Ever Seen!

best tiny house plans

It’s no secret that building a tiny home can be quicker, cheaper, and all-around easier than constructing a full-sized house. But not everyone knows how to transform their favorite tiny house floor plan ideas into something tangible. Everything You Need to Know About Tiny House Plans House plans are blueprints for building a home. They … Read more

26 Creative Tiny House Dining Room Table Ideas

tiny house dining room table ideas

If you’re living in a tiny house, it is essential that the chosen furniture is well planned out before you begin the decorating process. Square footage is at a premium so each piece must be highly functional and of course stylish. This is where creativity comes into play. Often pieces in tiny houses serve dual … Read more

20+ Tiny House Landscaping Ideas

tiny house landscaping ideas

There are a wide variety of landscaping ideas that can transform your tiny house yard. Placing raised flower beds, adding naturalistic decor, planting trees, and adding water features can be just some ways you can spruce up your outdoor space. Tiny house living probably means tiny landscaping space as well, but you don’t need a … Read more

25 Tiny House Staircase Ideas

tiny house staircase ideas

Tiny houses have become all the rage in recent years due to their affordability and portability. They’re a great option if you’re looking to downsize to a more minimalist lifestyle or simply want to save on costs associated with buying a home. But tiny houses come with their own sets of challenges, namely with space … Read more