50 Firewood Box Storage Ideas – Practical And Convenient Ways To Store Your Wood

Whether you live in a spacious rustic lodge or a quaint country cabin full of charm, if you have a fireplace you will need a practical and convenient way to store firewood.  You could always choose to go with the tried and true methods most other people use, such as the cords of wood covered by a canvas or tarpaulin. Or you might want to focus on something a bit more attractive that fits into your decor. Regardless of your preferred choice, let’s look over 50 firewood box storage ideas below!

Firewood Box Storage Ideas:

Table of Contents

  1. 10 Indoor Firewood Storage Options
  2. 10 Portable Firewood Carriers
  3. 10 Outdoor Firewood Storage Ideas
  4. 10 Decorative Firewood Box Storage Options
  5. 10 DIY Firewood Storage Ideas

1. 10 Indoor Firewood Storage Options

Keeping firewood indoors near your fireplace saves you time and energy when another log needs to be added to the fire. Ensure your logs and kindling are kept stored in a convenient place nearby to eliminate the need to run outside in snowy weather. Here are 10 indoor firewood storage options to fit any decor!

modern shelf with casters

This stylish modern shelf with casters has plenty of room for firewood or kindling, as well as decor items to add charm to your space.

under-stair storage

This practical under-stair storage option for firewood is a great way to utilize a normally wasted space in your home.

A modern style shelf with firewood storage below can make a great and practical addition to any home.

Making use of an unused portion of a built-in shelf in any room is an excellent place to store firewood.

Large shelf units on either side of a fireplace can store ample amounts of firewood as well as kindling to last all season.

Rustic fruit and produce storage boxes make unique and stylish firewood storage containers that bring charm and whimsy to your home.


This eclectic spiral tower wood storage makes a great conversation piece as well as a practical space to keep firewood and kindling. Source. 

Extra unused space under a bench in your mudroom is the perfect place for firewood and kindling storage.

An attractive firewood storage chest with shelf, drawer and tool hangers can be painted to fit into any decor.

Turning wine barrel rings into a hanging storage area for firewood is a great way to add style and practicality to your rustic home.

2. 10 Portable Firewood Carriers

Once you cut the firewood and stack it up outdoors, you need to get small amounts of it indoors for use in your fireplace. Finding the right way to get your firewood from the outdoor storage into your fireplace helps make this necessary chore just a little bit easier. Here are 10 great ideas for portable firewood carriers.

wicker basket

A simple wicker basket with a sturdy handle is a great option for carrying firewood and kindling in from the outdoors.

This rustic metal tub with a handle is suitable for carrying or storing firewood and kindling in any room of your home.

A rectangle rattan basket is perfect for firewood storage indoors, or for moving kindling from one room to another.

A leather carrier that fits into a metal holder makes a dual-purpose and very practical firewood storage option for the modern home.

paper vine woven basket

A paper vine woven basket is a stylish and environmentally conscious way of carrying firewood or kindling to your fireplace.

This neutral-colored natural rattan trolley with wheels is a great option for moving and storing firewood or kindling inside your home.

This handmade wooden firewood carrier and stand can serve as a conversation piece as well as a practical indoor storage option.

vintage donkey cart

A vintage “donkey cart” makes a charming decorative piece in your yard, as well as a practical way to move firewood.

textile bag

Using a textile bag for moving and storing firewood indoors is a stylish way to make a necessary chore more enjoyable.

Burlap bags

Burlap bags are a rustic and practical way to move firewood and kindling from one place to another.

3. 10 Outdoor Firewood Storage Ideas

Storing firewood outdoors requires dry and airy conditions. You want the firewood to dry properly so it burns well in your fireplace, but don’t want it to get covered in snow and ice during inclement weather. Here are 10 outdoor firewood storage ideas that will keep your wood contained and dry all season long!

rustic outdoor lean

This rustic outdoor lean-to has plenty of storage space for firewood as well as an enclosed shed for garden tools.

stacking firewood

Stacking firewood along the wall of a log cabin is a great space-saving storage option for outdoor spaces.

tall lean

A tall lean-to that fits alongside a standard garden shed makes a convenient location for large amounts of firewood.

use of empty space under a balcony

Making use of the empty space under a balcony for wood storage is not only effective for storing large amounts of firewood, but it’s attractive too!

unused well-house

An unused well-house on your property can make a whimsical storage area for ample amounts of firewood.  

An outdoor fire pit with a ring of wood storage below is both stylish and convenient for all of your cookouts.

This large rustic style wood storage building can hold more than enough firewood to last through the entire season.  

unused doorway

An unused doorway in a barn or garage can make a small and practical firewood storage area.

small dog-house shaped storage area

This small dog-house-shaped storage area can keep your firewood and kindling perfectly organized while still being attractive as well.

filling the openings of the banister

Filling the openings of the banister around your porch with firewood and kindling can make wood storage both practical and stylish.

4. 10 Decorative Firewood Box Storage Options

Storing firewood indoors or outdoors doesn’t need to be done with dull and boring firewood boxes. Add a bit of style and whimsy to your surrounding decor with something a little unique! Here are 10 decorative firewood box storage options that will stand out from the norm.

half-circle wrought iron holder

This half-circle wrought iron decorative holder is perfect for a small number of logs near your fireplace.

heart-shaped firewood storage box

This heart-shaped firewood storage box with a wrought iron deer design on top can add an attractive bit of lodge-style decor to your rustic home.  

round storage

This round storage option is made from a barrel and has room for firewood, kindling, and other burnable items.

wooden boxes

Recycled wooden boxes originally used for carrying bottles can make great firewood storage options in your home.

A stylish 45-degree triangle option will turn heads while still providing practical firewood storage space.

A spacious 90-degree angle decorative wood holder is great for firewood and kindling near the fireplace.

This dual-purpose hammered steel firewood storage stand has ample room for both firewood and kindling.

A two-level firewood storage with fireplace tool hangers fits into most modern decors perfectly.

A rustic metal heart-shaped firewood holder adds a bit of country charm to any decor.

An art deco-style chair and footstool with firewood storage underneath makes a unique and attractive spot for firewood.

5. 10 DIY Firewood Storage Ideas

If you’re handy with a hammer and nails, you might be more interested in repurposing scrap wood and other materials from around your home. Recycling all types of supplies can have a very positive impact on the environment around you. Here are 10 DIY firewood storage ideas for people of all abilities!

This tall rolling firewood trolley is a weekend project made from steel pipe and recycled cedar lumber.

A simple wood shelf made from recycled barn wood acts as a practical patio storage option for firewood.

This extremely simple firewood storage is made using cinder blocks and lumber and can be adjusted to any size needed.

This simple pallet rectangle with corrugated metal or plastic roof is a great way to recycle old materials around your home.

A metal deer firewood rack made with hand-shaped and welded parts makes a great weekend project.

small saplings and lumber

Using small saplings and some recycled lumber, you can make a practical and spacious firewood storage area.

a-frame style storage

These rustic A-frame style storage options are easy to make on a weekend and provide practical storage space for firewood.

Repurposing an old canoe to store firewood against the side of a building adds a touch of whimsy while still being practical.

attractive kindling storage

This small and attractive kindling storage option is made from wicker and scrap wood and looks attractive indoors or out.

wood lattice panels and corrugated metal

Making use of wood lattice panels and corrugated metal, you can build this spacious firewood storage shed in a weekend!

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