10 Stylish Dresser Alternatives to Fit Every Decor

Chest of drawers, dresser, bureau, or cabinet. Regardless of what you may call it, the humble dresser has been a mainstay piece of furniture in most homes since the 1600s. In fact, it used to be a common belief in Renaissance times that the larger a dresser was the higher the social status of its owner. 

Today, the dresser is used as a versatile storage space for clothing in a bedroom or cutlery and serving ware in a kitchen. However, more and more people are turning to a simplistic lifestyle and reducing the need for larger pieces of furniture such as a dresser.

Finding the right dresser alternatives is vital. You still need a way to store your clothing and other items, but simply don’t want to use a standard dresser. Let’s look at some stylish dresser alternatives to fit every decor.

10 Stylish Dresser Alternatives to Fit Every Decor:

Quick Look

1. Wicker Baskets
2. Space Saving Bags
3. Open Clothes Rack
4. Ottoman Storage Bed
5. Stacking Storage Drawers
6. Corner Shelves
7. Bench Storage
8. Antique Armoire
9. Hanging Racks
10. Storage Trunks

1. Wicker Baskets

wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are as versatile as they are stylish. Easily found in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit in with any decor, wicker baskets can be an excellent way to alternate your storage options.

You can find wicker baskets in almost every price range as well, making them highly economical for every budget. Depending on your plans for the wicker baskets, you may also be able to find matching wicker shelves and storage chests to complete the look you had in mind. 

Wicker is an extremely eco-friendly resource. It’s made from rattan which not only uses very little water to grow but is fully sustainable for the long term. As a result, wicker products are an outstanding choice for someone who may want to find storage alternatives that focus on being Earth-friendly.

2. Space Saving Bags

space saving bags

Space-saving bags are an excellent way to store a variety of seasonal clothing and items you may not want hanging around all year. Oversized winter sweaters or jackets and heavy blankets or drapes stored in space-saving bags are a great way to free up extra space in your home. 

Space-saving bags come in a variety of colors and sizes. Many include a way for you to remove the air using a small hand pump or your standard vacuum cleaner. This not only reduces the size of the storage bag immensely but also ensures the fabrics inside will remain dust and moisture-free no matter how long you choose to store them.

Additionally, you will be able to slide these storage bags under the bed or into a closet, or wherever you might have some extra room!

3. Open Clothes Rack

open clothes rack

No dresser, no closet, no problem! More and more people are realizing the benefits of minimalist living styles and how decluttering your home can improve mental clarity and overall happiness. If you’re trying to find a way to simplify your living space, an open clothes rack may just be the answer.

These sturdy racks can hold a large number of hanging clothes and other garments. They’re usually on wheels for easy movement from one space to another, as well! Using an open clothes rack not only opens up your living space to allow more light and airflow but also gives you an excellent view of your clothes to make selecting the perfect outfit a breeze.

Open clothes racks are easy to find and purchase in any department store or online, but you can also easily DIY a custom rack to suit your decor! Using wooden dowel rods, PVC or even all-natural branches can add the perfect touch to your personal space while still offering an excellent and space-saving way to store your clothing.

4. Ottoman Storage Bed

ottoman storage bed

Finding unique ways to store extra garments, blankets, and seasonal clothing is sometimes difficult. The space under the bed is an often overlooked or poorly utilized area that still happens to be suitable for storing a wide range of large and bulky items. However, most standard bed frames allow dust, moisture and even pests to get under there and wreak havoc on your fabrics.

So how do you make use of this wasted space without leaving your fabrics open to dust and moisture? An ottoman storage bed is an answer.

These bed frames include an enclosed base frame, with easy-to-lift mattress support. Once the mattress is lifted, you can place an assortment of blankets, drapery, sweaters, and other seasonal clothing items underneath. Not only that but most ottoman storage beds are fully enclosed. This means you’ll have fewer risks of dust, moisture, and pests invading your storage space.

You can choose to place your fabrics under the bed as is, or make use of other items on this list and place space-saving storage bags or wicker baskets under there as well! This helps keep everything organized so you can grab exactly what you want when you want it without having to search.

5. Stacking Storage Drawers

stacking storage drawers

Easily one of the most versatile options on this list, stacking storage drawers can fit into any space in your home. Whether you want to store clothing and shoes in your bedroom or use it in the bathroom for holding extra rolls of toilet paper, this is an excellent space-saving option for any room.

Stacking storage drawers not only make a more compact dresser alternative but can also be used for storing craft items in an office or toys in a child’s bedroom. In fact, you can probably think of a dozen other ways to use this storage option around your home. 

Stacking storage drawers can come in small single-drawer units or much larger multiple-drawer stacks. Additionally, you can find them in a wide range of colors, materials, and sizes as well! No matter what decor you have in your home, you can definitely find a stacking drawer system that fits in.

6. Corner Shelves

corner shelves

Corners are something you will find in every room of your home. But they can often be overlooked as a viable storage space, so they usually end up being considered wasted space. If you’re trying to maximize storage in your home, the corner is right there waiting.

You might think finding the right shelf or storage solution for a corner will be difficult. However, there is a wide range of corner shelves specifically made to fill this 90 degree angle in your home. Whether you are looking for a quick and simple utility solution or a more decorative one that fits in with your decor a bit better, there is a wide range of corner shelf options out there.

Corner shelves are not just suitable in the bedroom for organizing clothing or shoes. You can also make use of them in the bathroom for storing toiletries, or in the kitchen for storing spices! Additionally, corner shelves can make a great way to teach children how to organize their toys. You can also simply use a corner shelf as a way to display some decor items such as potted plants or photo frames.

7. Bench Storage

bench storage

Having a bench in your home near the main entry doors can give you a convenient place to put on or take off your shoes. However, benches on their own can end up being a bit of wasted space. Luckily, there are a variety of bench storage options you can consider.

Bench storage may be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. In fact, you might find there are a variety of bench styles to fit any decor or area in your home. Whether you are looking for a more minimalist approach or want something a bit more substantial, storage benches are a great way to make use of every available space in your home.

8. Antique Armoire

antique armoire

If you’re looking for a more grandiose dresser alternative, an upright antique armoire or wardrobe is an excellent choice! These large and stylish pieces of furniture may not be the best choice for a small home or apartment, but if you have a suitable space for one it can become the best storage option in your home.

Armoires or wardrobes were common in medieval times and were historically used for storing armor and related garments. While there are modern versions of this piece of furniture being made today, you can still find antique armoires from classified ads as well as estate auctions. They have oftentimes been passed down through a family for many generations and can come with an incredible history. 

Often made of solid oak, an upright armoire can be a very large and extremely heavy piece of furniture. Depending on the year it was made, it may include doors on the front, and include a combination of drawers and hanging space for your clothing. If a standard dresser is not your style, consider an antique armoire or wardrobe instead!

9. Hanging Racks

hanging racks

Hanging racks can be a great way to squeeze a little extra storage space from your closet. Normally we think of a closet as being for hanging shirts and pants only, but with a hanging rack, you can easily change that! These versatile racks eliminate the need for a separate dresser and instead can be used as a place to store your underclothing, socks, hats, and shoes. 

Additionally, hanging racks can be used to divide a closet for even more organization. Place the hanging rack in the middle and keep cold weather shirts and pants on one side, and warm weather wear on the other. It can also be used for organizing accessories such as scarves, sunglasses, gloves or pretty much anything else you can think of! There is really no limit to what clothing or accessories a hanging rack can hold.

10. Storage Trunks

storage trunks

Normally seen in cedar or pine, storage trunks are an excellent option for storing blankets or seasonal clothing. They are often seen at the end of a bed, and they normally fit in perfectly with rustic decor.

Storage trunks can come in the standard chest style, or can also be found in painted and etched designs to suit your personal tastes. You may even be able to find them in niche designs such as some that resemble fruit crates or antique luggage. Regardless of which design you go with, storage trunks are versatile and great for storing clothing as well as blankets or keepsakes.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this list helped you decide on the right dresser alternatives for your home. From minimalistic approaches to more impressive options, there is a wide range of storage options to suit any need, budget and decor. If you can think of any additional options that were not covered, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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