22 Best Bike Storage Ideas for Clever Indoor Solutions

If you're looking for the best bike storage ideas for clever indoor solutions, we've got you sorted. Having a bike is a great way to get around the city, spend time with family, and stay healthy. It can also be an excellent hobby for the person who loves being outdoors.

Biking in the mountains or along woodland trails is a great way to get back to nature and let your mind relax. Storing your bike can be an issue, however. It’s important to protect it from the elements, while also keeping it out of your way.

Additionally, you may want to hide your bikes from the view of the neighbors to prevent theft issues. Whether you live in a spacious home or a convenient apartment, here are several unique bike storage ideas for you to consider!

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22 Best Bike Storage Ideas for Clever Indoor Solutions

1. Garage Bike Storage Ideas

If your home has a garage, you will find a number of ways to store your bike inside it. Whether you have just one bike, or an entire cluster of bikes of various sizes, finding the right storage solution can be fun.

There is a wide range of both stylish and practical storage options that can work for you and your family.

Garages are great catch-all storage space. If you’re not utilizing the entire garage for your vehicles, you may be able to set aside some room for bike storage. Whether you have one bike or a dozen, there are a number of garage storage options for your bike that will meet your needs.

Keeping your bikes at a 25-degree angle is the most space-saving option for storing multiple bikes. You’re able to stagger them and can get four bikes on an eight-foot wall height. Add another group rack on the opposite wall and have a stylish A-shaped entry to pull your car into.

Utilizing an electric pulley system can lift multiple bikes up and out of the way. Installation of this storage system is simple and takes only a short time. Bikes are placed on the rack vertically and then lifted into a horizontal overhead position with an electric pulley.

Overhead storage by using a manual pulley is a very simple way to store a single bike overhead and out of the way. Perfect for garages that lack room, you can quickly install a pulley system and still have room for your vehicle, seasonal storage, or a small workshop.

Oversized pegboards are a stylish and practical way to store your bike, as well as other items, shelves, and more. This DIY option works great in a garage or workshop and can provide as much or as little storage space as you need.

Over-the-door hooks are a great alternative to standard bike racks. Simply place them over a strong rod or support beam in your garage for instant and spacious bike storage. Add as few or as many hooks as you want to provide ample bike storage spaces for the entire family!

If you have stairs in your garage, this storage opinion will work great! Additionally, it can be used in a house or basement as well. By utilizing the underside of the stairs, you are taking advantage of a space that is usually wasted or overlooked.

Perfect for one or multiple adult-sized bikes depending on how you choose to orient them.

For the DIY-er in the family, this bike rack is a great weekend project. Easy to make and customize to your needs, it can hold a variety of bikes, scooters, and even skateboards for the whole family. Additionally, you can customize it with names so everyone knows where their bike should be stored.

2. Outdoor Shed Bike Storage Ideas

You may have a small outdoor shed in your yard or garden for your lawnmower, seasonal children's toys, or seasonal outdoor decorations. You may also notice there is some wasted space in there, or perhaps you are planning on remodeling the interior to keep things more organized.

Whatever the reason, you are sure to find an outdoor shed storage option for your bikes on this list. Having a small storage shed in your yard or garden is a great place to store your bikes. It keeps them out of the elements so the tires last for years without getting sun-damaged.

It also keeps them hidden from the view of neighbors to prevent theft, and provides easy access to them when you want to go out on a ride. There are a range of different shed styles and sizes, as well as accessories you can use to store your bikes properly and safely.

Simple wooden hooks are easy to secure to the support beams inside your small shed or outbuilding. They can be used to hold bikes vertically, or add two to different support beams and hang your bikes horizontally instead.

Having a custom-sized outdoor storage shed specifically for your bikes is a stylish and practical way to keep your bikes out of the elements. Perfectly sized for two adult bikes, you can also consider adding some shelves or small hooks on the back wall for helmets and other bike accessories.

A double side-by-side storage option can work for a variety of bikes, outdoor tools, children’s toys, or garbage containers. It provides simple access to everything inside while also offering protection from the elements and neighborhood pests.

For a quick DIY option in your shed, try utilizing some spare lumber and oversized utility hooks. By doing this, you can customize a simple but highly practical storage solution for any number of bikes you may have. Works perfectly for bikes of all sizes, including children’s bikes!

Having a small outdoor bike shed can be as simple as providing a stylish cover over a workshop or plant table. This is the perfect option for smaller bikes for the kids and allows easy access for them anytime they want to have a ride! It also helps keep your yard looking clean and organized.

3. Apartment Bike Storage Ideas

Perhaps you don’t have a home with a garage, nor do you have a yard or garden space for a shed. There are still plenty of bike storage ideas and options that will work for smaller homes. Having bikes in the city is an extremely cost-saving alternative to owning a car.

A bike can get you from home to work while also providing a bit of exercise and fresh air along the way. However, keeping your bike stored safely while living in an apartment can bring its own set of problems, especially since space is usually at a premium already in an apartment.

Here are some great bike storage ideas for apartment living.

If you have available space on your interior wall, you can use very simple hangers to store up to four adult-sized bikes indoors. This can also work in a large closet, in a hallway, or in a spare area of your bedroom.

With the bikes kept at a 25-degree angle, this is the most effective storage option for small spaces!

A portable bike hanger is a space-saving way to store bikes indoors. It also includes heavy-duty wheels so you can move the bikes around your home as needed. Perfect for a pair of bikes, or a single bike and some other accessories such as helmets, camel-packs, and more.

If you’re short on room for bike storage, consider attaching it to an existing piece of furniture in your apartment. For example, the wasted space near a small dresser or shelf can make the perfect spot for a single adult bike.

A variety of modular shelf or dresser options has space for wardrobe hanging. Alternatively, this space works perfectly for bike storage too. You can use over the door hooks to place over the clothing rod, or remove the rod entirely and install permanent hooks on the underside of the shelf.

One of the most space-saving options for bike storage in your apartment is to utilize a multi-purpose storage option. For example, a small shelf is a perfect place for your bike to rest off the floor while also providing room for books, small potted plants, decorative items, and more!

If you have extra closet space, storing your bike inside it may be an option. It’s a perfect way to keep your bike securely stored away from dust and direct sunlight which may damage tires over time. Additionally, it keeps the bike hidden away to preserve the unity of your decor.

If you’re the kind of person that likes a DIY project, making your own bike storage rack might be the perfect weekend task for you to tackle! Customize the rack to fit your available space and you can soon have room for one or two adult-sized bikes in your home.

Making use of every available space in a smaller apartment is important. If you happen to have a small nook near your computer desk, try adding a vertical storage bike rack there.

It will not only provide a great place for your bike but will also help keep it out of the way so you can continue to do whatever you need in the same area.

There are a variety of shelving options that also include bike storage. This provides a convenient and out-of-the-way place for your bike, while also providing room to store anything else you need.

If you’re the handy DIY type person, you can also customize an existing shelf unit to have room for bike tires to fit into.

For both space-saving and highly stylish looks, finding a tooled wooden bike storage rack is the perfect answer. Suitable for one adult-sized bike and great for tight spaces, you’ll not only have a practice space to keep your bike secured, but a very attractive one as well.

We're sure most, if not all, of these bike storage ideas have piqued your interest! If you've always wanted a bike but didn't know where to store it, now you have over 20 creative indoor solutions for your bike!