23 Silver Living Room Decor Ideas for the Funky and Futuristic

If you're a forward-thinking, trend-setting kind of person, chances are you're bored with the same old neutral-colored living rooms. You might be looking for something that pushes things a little bit more toward the future.

Silver living room decor is a wonderful way to do just that, without trying to convince people you live in a spaceship. It's futuristic and contemporary, but it doesn't betray decor styles that have been popular for a long time.

Check out this awesome list of silver living room decor ideas and get inspired to add a bit of fresh and funky to your home!

23 Silver Living Room Decor Ideas

1. Artistic Side Table and Mirror

This metallic side table matches perfectly with the mirror above it, both in color and style. It's futuristic and artsy, but it could also fit very well into mid-century modern decorating style- as long as it's the more expressive side of the mid-century vibe!

2. Nesting Silver Coffee Table

Nesting tables were one of the most iconic inventions of the mid-century era of design. They're a simple concept that adds a ton of value to a room. These silver nesting tables form a gorgeous and balanced coffee table that really brings the entire room together!

3. Gorgeous Silver Wall Sculpture

There should be entire articles devoted to this silver living room decor idea! It's an amazing piece of art, backlit with hidden LED lights. The thin metal leaves are just amazing; they remind me of simpler times and the hope for the future all at once! Also, on a non-symbolic level, they make a boring wall pop in ways that no other decor really could. It's unique, stylish, and sure to be the envy of every guest!

4. Silver Curtains with Orchid Design

These curtains add a ton of style to a room without taking up a lot of space. That's one of the best things about curtains- you can make your living room more stylish without having to buy more furniture or even paint anything! I really like the orchid design on these curtains; it's simple and looks a lot sleeker than a curtain that's covered every inch of itself in a pattern.

5. Mirrored Silver Side Table

This is a very sleek design for a side table. It keeps things interesting by not being perfectly round or smooth; the panel-like exterior helps the silver color come through and makes the reflections more fun to look at. If you're looking for a simple way to make a big upgrade in your living room decor, this side table is a great idea!

6. Modern, Sleek Side Table

The glass surface of this side table is nothing to write home about; rather, it's the legs that have the charm. They rise up and curve gently outward, and their silver mirror covering is smooth and futuristic. I especially like that it's a lot taller than other side tables- it allows the legs to really shine.

7. Luxurious Diamond Accent Table

This is less of an accent table and more of a statement piece. It's big, weighty, and dramatic in all the right ways! It's a fabulous piece of furniture for someone who likes things upscale, posh, and never boring. Notice the fur throw blanket behind it. Fur is a great way to counterbalance the cold, metallic feel of decorating with silver without losing the luxury!

8. Round Silver Mirror

Mirrors are one of the most popular ways to decorate the walls in living rooms, hallways, and entryways. This large, round mirror draws a lot of attention to itself- and it deserves it! It's complex and satisfying to look at, and it helps bring the whole room together with a sense of class and elegance.

9. Geometric Side Table

This futuristic side table looks like something from a cosmic science fiction movie that is holding a valuable treasure. It's very stylish and the textures are varied and deep. If you're looking for a unique side table to complete a luxurious, contemporary design, this could be it!

10. Angular Silver Side Table

This is a lot like the side table we just looked at, but with an open frame. Rather than legs, the frame has silver bars running all through the inside that make it look like a modern art sculpture. It's a great way to add a silver, futuristic piece of furniture to your living room decor without making things feel cluttered. Being able to see daylight between the metal bars makes things feel light and open, which is a huge plus for smaller spaces!

11. Silver Accent Cabinet

This accent cabinet is so sleek, so smooth, so polished- it almost vanishes into the wall behind it. It's very stylish and has every bit of futuristic luxury that you see in the furniture that was popular in the 1960's. If you've got a taste for luxury and class, this accent cabinet/drink station will give you everything you're looking for! No cheap liquor or spirits in this cabinet, though- this is for high-class people and high-class drinking!

12. Graceful Modern Floor Lamp

This floor lamp looks like it was pulled straight out of the disco era and into a contemporary living room. The curves and colors all work together to make a graceful and gorgeous floor lamp. If you're tired of looking at the same old floor lamps at home stores and want one that fits your style, this curvy, shiny floor lamp could do the trick! It's upscale and casual at the same time, helping you feel right at home in the lap of luxury!

13. Luxurious Faux Fur Director's Chair

The director's chair isn't commonly something we'd refer to as luxurious, but this one absolutely is. It's a fabulous design, made from shiny silver legs and plush faux fur covering. It would be an absolute nightmare to clean, that's for sure. However, it's so stylish, so posh, that it might be worth all the hassle of cleaning one- or several- if you had it in your home! There aren't many chairs that are unique or fluffy as this one, so it's worth taking a chance on!

14. Silver Accent Mirror

Accent mirrors are pretty common, but what I really like about this one is that the silver metal looks unpolished and rustic. It reminds me of old-world architecture, and the shape of it is a bit like a sunflower. Put it all together, and you've got a sunflower mirror that looks like it's made of elegant metal. It's a great silver living room decor idea!

15. Silver Mid-Century Modern Sofa

Mid-century modern style furniture is absolutely timeless. It's one of the only furniture styles that has never seen a decline in popularity. So, if you're looking to have a silver sofa, why not make it a mid-century modern one? This sofa has thin feet that are recessed just a bit to give the whole thing a floating feeling. The sofa itself is comfortable without being too plush and stylish without sacrificing comfort! It's a great silver living room decor idea to build around!

16. Silver Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair

This is one of the most famous chair designs of all time. It's called the Eames Lounge Chair, designed by Charles and Ray Eames. It's purely iconic- get one of these lounge chairs for your home and you'll earn the respect of any interior design lover who knows their stuff. The silver leather on the lounge chair fits right into the decor style you're looking for, and it's a great place to write your next world-changing novel (or at least pretend you're writing it)!

17. Futuristic Silver Accent Table

This is one of the most futuristic designs on the list. It combines geometric shapes with sleek, reflective metal and achieves a sense of endlessness. That “endless” feeling is created by the repetition of the shape, making it seem like it could go on forever. This may not fit everyone's decor, but if you're looking for a fashion-forward, funky, and futuristic accent table, you may have just found the one!

18. Silver Tree Stump Coffee Table

Have you ever wanted your coffee table to make a statement? This one certainly will. It's as if an ancient tree stump was coated in pure chrome- it looks incredible and dramatic. There won't be a single person who visits your home and doesn't immediately feel the gravity and pure coolness of this coffee table! A good way to ruin it, and the whole silver vibe, would be to have leopard-print walls. So, with your efforts to combine the disco era and the distant future-whatever you do- don't have leopard-print walls. That's a temptation for people who buy coffee tables like this. Don't give in.

19. Silver Glam Coffee Table

Several hexagonal mini-tables combine to form a honeycomb-shaped glam coffee table. I really like this one- it's inventive, satisfying to look at, and very luxurious. Plus, you get all the advantages of modular furniture; you can rearrange the hexagons to make any number of shapes for any number of scenarios! There is so much to love about this silver living room decor idea!

20. Textured Silver Accent Table

This accent table is both modern and ancient at once. It reminds me of serving bowls used in India, and at the same time, an ottoman for an alien. That's a total compliment- it has so much visual texture, and it really has the power to bring a room together. Combine it with some good decor on top of it, and you've got yourself a real centerpiece!

21. Silver Wall Decor

We're going to round out this list of silver living room decor ideas with a bit of wall decoration. So far, we've seen lots of furniture, so let's punch things up with awesome silver wall art! This silver circles are shiny, smooth, and wonderful to look at. They have a symmetry in terms of shape and color, but the different sizes keep things interesting and abstract. It's a simple way to add silver decor that will fit many different decorating themes!

22. Abstract Silver Metal Decor

These thin silver bars criss-cross a hundred different times, creating an interesting abstract wall sculpture. It's a lot of fun to look at, but it escapes the pretentious trap of trying to find too much meaning. It's purely for show, and even for the artist at heart, sometimes that's all you need with home decor!

23. Silver Wall Clock

This abstract wall clock is incredibly unique and maybe more of an artistic accent than an easy-to-read clock. There are a lot of awesome shapes and textures that make it up, and that keeps things interesting and expressive. If you've got an artistic spirit, and want it to show in every part of your living room decor, this funky silver clock just might be for you!