What Is The Standard Baseboard Height For Homes?

standard baseboard height

Baseboards can be an attractive and practical addition to any room build or remodel. They can help tie your wall decor in with your carpeting or help provide aesthetic value to the overall room. The standard for 8-foot walls will have a baseboard height of 3 to 5 inches tall. …

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Can You Use Ceiling Paint On Walls?

can you use ceiling paint on walls

If you’re thinking of repainting or renovating your home, you may be wondering if using ceiling paint is a viable option for painting your walls. While ceiling paint and wall paint have different properties, you actually can use ceiling paint to paint your walls and finishes. However, before you decide …

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Can You Put Cardboard in the Oven?

can you put cardboard in the oven

I’m quite sure we have all gone through this scenario where you are running out of time and need to feed hungry kids. Popping a frozen pizza in the oven seems the quickest solution. Time is up and food should be ready. You get to the stove and realize the …

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Barndominium?

how much does it cost to build a barndominium

If you’re someone who wants a home that is both unique and fairly priced, building a barndominium may be the right choice for you. You may be asking: What on Earth is a Barndominium? Well, Simply put, a barndominium is a barn-shaped house, usually converted from an old barn. According …

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How Long Does Bamboo Fencing Last?

how long does bamboo fencing last

Bamboo fencing is a popular choice among homeowners these days. It’s often used to make a yard look more interesting or to make a home stand out. It adds a touch of elegance, especially around outdoor seating areas and pools. Is bamboo worth the investment? It depends on your dedication …

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Why Is Water Not Coming Out Of The Showerhead Properly?

water not coming out of shower head properly

Nothing is more frustrating than a shower head with poor water pressure. Water not coming out of a showerhead properly can ruin your shower experience. Luckily for you, you can usually narrow down the problem to a few possible culprits. Read further to learn some of the reasons why water …

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What Is a Barndominium Home?

what is a barndominium home

Downsizing might be a hot topic in today’s real estate market. But there are still countless homeowners looking to grow their living spaces without spending a fortune. If this sounds like you, a barndominium might be the exact home you’re looking for! A barndominium — sometimes shortened to ”barndo” — …

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Do Indoor Plants Attract Bugs?

do indoor plants attract bugs

If you’ve purchased a good few houseplants lately, you may ask yourself, do indoor plants attract bugs? Without question, they sure do. Any plant growth can attract insects regardless of location, and houses provide an ideal climate for bugs and their offspring. Which Bugs Do Indoor Plants Attract? According to …

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Average Home Sizes Around the World And Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

Average Home Sizes Around the World

Ever looked at a house in your neighborhood, or a house on Pinterest, and wondered if houses around the world were similar and what the average home sizes around the world were? Or, have you looked at home sizes on a real estate website while daydreaming and were curious if …

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