How Often Should I Water My Seedlings?

how often should i water my seedlings

In general, soil for growing seedlings should always be kept moist, but never boggy or allowed to completely dry out. Both underwatering and overwatering present dangers to young seedlings. So, how often should I water my seedlings? My advice is almost always to underwater plants rather than overwater, but this …

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How Many Corn Seeds Per Hole Should You Plant?

corn seeds

Ever wondered how many corn seeds per hole should you plant? Corn, or maize, has been cultivated for centuries. Its history stretches back nearly 10,000 years to southern Mexico. Selective breeding through hundreds of generations turned the wild teosinte grass with its small grains into the sweet, buttery, and rich …

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How Many Carrot Seeds Per Hole Should You Plant?

carrot seeds

Carrots have a reputation as a tricky crop, but they are actually quite easy to grow once you know how. That said, how many carrot seeds per hole should you plant? Although a finicky plant, carrots grow well in the right conditions. I’ve always found that by following some basic …

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How Many Lettuce Seeds Per Hole? Get The Correct Spacing For Growth

How many lettuce seeds per hole?

Lettuce is one of the most commonly cultivated crops grown by home gardeners. It’s easy to start from seed, no matter which of the dozens of varieties you choose to grow. However, one question is common when sowing seeds: how many lettuce seeds should be planted per hole? Even though …

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Does a Basement Count as a Story?

does a basement count as a story

Knowing how many stories your home has should be easy, right? Just count the number of floors and you have your answer! But does a basement count as a story? That’s right, if your home includes a basement, you might find yourself stumped by this seemingly simple question. So does your …

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Can You Boil Water in a Crock Pot?

can you boil water in a crock pot

Can you boil water in a crock pot? The answer may surprise you. But it’s probably not going to change the way you cook. Can You Boil Water in a Crock-Pot? In short, yes. But many would consider boiling watering in a crockpot or slow cooker to be a fool’s …

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Can You Put Glass in the Freezer?

can you put glass in the freezer

Glass storage containers are versatile, durable, and sustainable. But can you put glass in the freezer without creating a mess? And, if so, is all glass freezer-safe? Can You Put Glass in the Freezer? Yes. In fact, glass is one of the best materials to use when storing leftovers or …

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Can You Put a Crockpot in the Oven?

can you put a crock pot in the oven

Crockpots are some of the handiest kitchen gadgets around. Still, they can’t do everything, including reaching temperatures above 200°F or so. If you find yourself tight on time or need a little extra heat, you might be tempted to move your slow cooker meal to the regular oven for a …

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Can You Roast Marshmallows On A Propane Fire Pit?

can you roast marshmallows on a propane fire pit

A propane fire pit is a wonderful alternative for anyone unable to build a traditional wood-burning campfire in their backyard. Many propane fire pits can even be used on decks, patios, and other outdoor living spaces where a regular bonfire just wouldn’t be possible. Of course, sitting around a roaring …

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Can You Put a Plate in the Oven?

can you put a plate in the oven

Sticking a regular dinner plate in the oven might seem like an easy way to reheat lunch or keep a meal warm. Especially if you want to keep dirty dishes to a minimum! Can you put a plate in the oven without creating a culinary disaster? It all depends on …

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How Much Does A Tiny House Cost? Could You Afford One?

how much does a tiny house cost

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube, TikTok, or Pinterest, you’ve probably spotted videos about leaving your urban life behind to live in a tiny house and travel the country and you’re probably wondering how much does a tiny house cost? Is a small home obtainable financially? Let’s dive into …

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What Is The Standard Baseboard Height For Homes?

standard baseboard height

Baseboards can be an attractive and practical addition to any room build or remodel. They can help tie your wall decor in with your carpeting or help provide aesthetic value to the overall room. The standard for 8-foot walls will have a baseboard height of 3 to 5 inches tall. …

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