Garden Path Design Ideas – 20 Ways To Transform Your Garden

garden path design ideas

Regardless of a garden’s design or size, it needs a reliable footpath and so, if that’s your thinking too, you’re definitely going to want to look for garden path design ideas. Garden paths are a necessity that protects the greenery, minimizes indoor mud trails, and can even transform a landscape …

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Rustic Garden Design Ideas – 30 Tips For A Charming Garden!

rustic garden design ideas

If you’re looking for rustic garden design ideas, we’ve got you covered because much like you, we too believe that a garden that serves a variety of purposes, should have a theme! The outdoors is a universal escape from the daily grind, making gardens an incredibly important part of any …

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17 Garden Swing Seat Ideas For The Ultimate Backyard Getaway

garden swing seat ideas for the ultimate backyard getaway

The best gardens always come with a comfy place to stay. Whether it’s purely for aesthetic pleasure or achieving maximum comfort, a garden swing is one outdoor feature you can’t go wrong with. There are a huge number of garden swings to choose from for solo sitting or talking with …

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20 Tree Stump Transformation Ideas For A Beautiful Yard

tree stump transformation ideas for a beautiful yard

Trees are one of the best things in the world. They clean the air, keep the earth cool, provide shelter, and so much more. However, some trees need to be cut down, leaving you only with a stump. So, what do you do when you’re stumped by your, er, tree stump? …

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29 Porches, Patios and Deck Design Ideas For The Perfect Home

porches patios and deck design ideas for the perfect home

If you’re looking for beautiful porches, patios, and deck design ideas, we’ve got you covered! The perfect home needs a perfect outdoor living area, like a porch or a patio, to escape to. Whether we need a breather or just want to spend quality time with someone, the outdoors is …

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27 Country Garden Design Ideas For Farmhouse and Cottage Gardens

country garden design ideas farmhouse cottage gardens

A country garden’s charm is in its effortless mastery of nature. To an untrained eye, a country garden could look like a careless mess of flowers, trees, and furniture that miraculously worked together. However, the truth is very different, and a person looking for country garden design ideas knows that …

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How to Store Seeds Long Term – To Replant, Share, Sell And Survive!

store seeds for long term

There are several reasons you might aim to store seeds long-term. Are you looking to replant from your own successful stock next season? Wish to share seeds with other gardeners at seed exchanges or to sell your prized kernels in the local farmer’s market? Maybe you’re creating a survival reserve, …

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