18 Man Cave On A Budget That Won’t Break The Bank

man cave budget

Looking to build a man cave on a budget? If you’re anything like me, you tend to spend your daydreaming time thinking about what you’d like your dream home to be: a tricked-out garage, back yard, maybe a home theater. And what home is truly complete without a man cave? …

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25 Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Ideas to Keep You Smiling

marilyn monroe bedroom ideas

Do you dare to dazzle like the renowned Marilyn Monroe? So much so that you would design your bedroom with her in mind? Well, you aren’t the first! I was surprised (sort of) to see how many inspirational photos I could find of Marilyn Monroe bedroom looks! When I say …

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28 Peacock Bedroom Decor Ideas to Tickle Your Fancy

peacock bedroom decor ideas

“I shall always remember how the peacocks’ tails shimmered when the moon rose amongst the tall trees, and on the shady bank the emerging mermaids gleamed fresh and silvery amongst the rocks…” ― Hermann Hesse, The Journey to the East There is something truly majestic about the peacock that it almost seems …

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32 Egyptian Bedroom Ideas to Bring Ancient Charm to Your Room

egyptian bedroom ideas

Want to transform your bedroom into an Egyptian bedroom? You’re not alone! It was always my secret dream as a child to become an archeologist. I love the idea of treasure-hunting and discovering lost items from ancient worlds. The mystery and wonder that comes from such an incredible place like …

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49 Teal Bedroom Ideas that are Luxuriously Alluring

teal bedroom ideas

Are you looking for a new color scheme for your bedroom? Tired of the same old boring beige walls? Well, I think we have got that trendy new color for you! Teal bedrooms! After seeing all of the inspirational photos of teal bedrooms I have a feeling your mind will …

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37 Wine Themed Kitchen Ideas for the True Wine Lover

wine themed kitchen ideas

Looking for ways to upgrade your traditional kitchen to a wine themed kitchen? You’re not alone! Wine lovers unite for this very noble renovation cause! Kitchens, whether indoors or outdoors, everywhere are thirsting for change and a new look. They share your love for wine and do their part by …

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27 Covered Deck Ideas That’ll Have You Outside Year Round

covered deck ideas

Having a nice covered deck attached to your home is the dream of millions of people. Covered decks are a wonderful place to gather, eat, talk, and relax; they combine indoor comfort with outdoor vibes. As a kid, I didn’t have a deck, much less a covered one. As an …

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30 Nautical Themed Bedroom Ideas for a Deep-Sea Sleep

nautical themed bedroom ideas

A cool sea breeze, the sounds of waves crashing against the sandy shore, the warmth of the sun on your eyes. All fond memories of my time camping on the beaches of Ibiza. So I totally get why you are looking for some nautical-themed room ideas to bring that charming …

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10 Green Fingered Vertical Garden Examples For More Growing Space

vertical gardens

We’ve been living in the concrete jungle for too long and it’s time for a necessary change. Taking humans completely away from nature is, in the long run, completely unsustainable. We need to take a breath of fresh air and start making some big changes in the design of what …

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18 Examples of Greenhouse Sizes And Models [Image Gallery]

greenhouse sizes and models

So you’ve decided, you’re getting into the greenhouse game. Personally, I have been wanting to build a greenhouse for probably two years now and just keep putting it aside. But after writing this article, I have officially decided that getting a greenhouse is going to be this season’s priority! Now …

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50 Landscaping Ideas To Help Design Your Perfect Garden

landscaping ideas

Close your eyes and picture walking up to the front of your dream home. What does the yard look like? What kind of plants and trees do you see? Can you picture that little stone path leading to the front door? When I daydream I can try to imagine some …

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30 Unique Outdoor Benches for One-of-a-Kind Home

unique outdoor benches for one-of-a-kind home

Hey everybody! Today’s topic includes an image list of unique outdoor benches for your one-of-a-kind home. We are gonna look at a whole lot of different options to enhance your outdoor space, no matter the design or style. This last Spring I spent most of my time creating a secret …

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