How Long Do Houseplants Live? (Plus Care Tips)

How Long Do Houseplants Live

How long do houseplants live? The simple answer to this question is ‘about 2 or 3 years,’ as this is how long many homeowners will keep their houseplant alive. But, as you can imagine, the answer depends on a myriad of factors including the plant’s species, care, and environment.  If …

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Understanding the Value of Accessible Beige

accessible beige

Any good designer knows that beige is anything but boring. It’s an essential building block of interior design and a neutral canvas on which to build quality room decor.  Ironically, the thing that makes accessible beige more interesting than other shades is its neutrality. A good accessible beige is incredibly …

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An Essential Guide to Painting Your Home with Pewter

an essential guide to painting home with pewter

Pewter is a precious metal, an alloy consisting mainly of tin, with antimony, copper, bismuth, and sometimes silver mixed in. This metal gives name to a rich gray color of paint that can be matched to any room. The tone is bold, dramatic, and sophisticated all at once. It’s often …

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How Many Pumpkin Seeds Per Hole Should You Plant?

how many pumpkin seeds per hole

Have you ever wanted to grow your own pumpkins in time for Halloween festivities or Thanksgiving desserts? It might be easier than you think! While pumpkins grow quickly, the fruit still takes several months to mature. Planting several seeds per hole in your garden will guarantee you don’t waste any …

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Why is My Parsley Turning Yellow? (Plus Care Tips!)

parsley turning yellow

Is your parsley plant turning yellow and looking wan? The first thing to check is water levels, as dampness is almost always the cause. If not, it may also be a result of underwatering, lack of sun or nutrients, or a fungal or pest infestation.  This guide goes through each …

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How Often Should I Water My Seedlings?

how often should i water my seedlings

In general, soil for growing seedlings should always be kept moist, but never boggy or allowed to completely dry out. Both underwatering and overwatering present dangers to young seedlings. So, how often should I water my seedlings? My advice is almost always to underwater plants rather than overwater, but this …

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5 Great Climber Vegetables

Vegetables That Grow On Vines

Climber vegetables make a unique addition to your vegetable garden, with the vertical growth adding depth and interest to the space. Many climber vegetables are easy to care for after a dedicated set-up period. If you’d like to add some tasty climber veggies to your garden, here are a few …

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5 Delicious Fruits That Grow On Vines

fruits that grow on vines

When we think of fruits that grow on vines, the first that springs to mind are often grapes. We picture beautiful vineyards full of grapes growing in the sun on long vines. However, did you know that a wide range of other tasty fruit can also be found on vines? …

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Can You Eat Crab Apples?

Can You Eat Crab Apples

Crab apple trees are common backyard trees and many wonder if you can eat the small fruits they produce. So, can you eat crab apples? The good news is crab apples are perfectly safe to eat, although they may taste bitter straight from the tree. However, when ripe and prepared …

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Are Mushrooms Decomposers?

are mushrooms decomposers

Are mushrooms decomposers? In fact, yes, mushrooms are decomposers, meaning they are an organism that breaks down organic material. This process releases nutrients that plants and microbes can use. As they want to grow on soil that is rich in organic matter, seeing them is a good sign that your …

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Does Potting Soil Go Bad? (Plus Care Tips!)

does potting soil go bad

Does potting soil go bad? An open bag of potting soil can usually retain quality for 6 to 12 months, but if there are no signs of rotting or dampness, it can likely still be used. The longevity of your potting soil is affected by the soil type, storage conditions, …

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30 Great Front Of House Plant Ideas That Don’t Require A Green Thumb

front of house plant ideas

Curb appeal is extremely important, and even the most beautiful home exterior can’t stand on its own! If you want to put your home’s best foot forward, front landscaping is an absolute must. Believe it or not, you don’t need to be an experienced gardener to beautify your front yard. …

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