5 Pros & Cons of Brazilian Cherry Flooring for You to Consider

pros and cons of brazilian cherry flooring

If you’re looking for Brazilian Cherry flooring pros and cons, we’ve got you covered. Different kinds of hardwood flooring options have trended over the years and have gone out of style. Yet, the Brazilian cherry hardwood has piqued many people’s interest after over a decade of being in the spotlight, …

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6 Pros & Cons of Hickory Flooring You Need To Consider

pros and cons of hickory flooring

Hickory is one of the most popular flooring choices in the real estate market, having gained a widespread reputation for being strong, durable, and beautiful. It is widely considered one of the hardest flooring materials used in the construction and remodeling of homes. Several hickory flooring pros are littered across …

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20 Creative Shiplap Ceiling Ideas That Will Have Your Home Looking Up

shiplap ceiling ideas

Surprisingly few details stand between good and incredible interior design. One such element you’ve probably overlooked in your own home is the ceilings. Shiplap ceilings are a wonderful way to add texture, color, or both to your interior living spaces. Wooden panels can also be cleverly used to hide water …

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20 Shiplap Bathroom Ideas To Inspired Your Next Decor Project

shiplap bathroom ideas

Looking for shiplap bathroom decor ideas? If you’re anything like me, then the bathroom represents the ideal place to test out decor ideas you aren’t 100% sure about. So if you’ve been tempted to try using shiplap in your home but haven’t made the jump yet, your next bathroom remodel …

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Growing Mammoth Sunflowers – A Detailed How-To Guide for Your Garden

growing mammoth sunflowers

Sunflowers are stunning with their bright petals, but growing mammoth sunflowers takes it to a new level—literally! They’re truly the opposite of growing dwarf sunflowers! When grown in the ideal conditions, mammoth sunflowers can tower over your entire garden and even grow taller than your house. To grow Mammoth Sunflowers …

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Decorating 101: 25 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas To Spruce Up Your Space

farmhouse kitchen ideas

Looking for farmhouse kitchen ideas? If you feel you’re late to the farmhouse party? Don’t fret just yet! Farmhouse design is an aesthetic take on homes that feel warm, loving, and actively lived in. Even the most curated farmhouse kitchens have an inviting atmosphere that makes you want to sit …

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Decorating 101: 25+ Stunning Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas

Looking for farmhouse bedroom ideas? Whether you live in the countryside or want to bring a bit of rustic charm to suburbia, it’s easy to see why farmhouse decor has dominated the trends for so long. If there’s one room in the house that could benefit from the warm embrace …

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25 Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas for the Perfect Makeover

farmhouse dining room decorating ideas

Looking for farmhouse dining room ideas? Home interiors and how we use them are constantly shifting. While formal dining rooms were once a requirement for the majority of homebuyers, many households of today have phased them out almost entirely. Even if your home lacks a dedicated dining room in the …

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25+ Rustic Farmhouse Decorating Ideas for A Transforming Makeover

rustic farmhouse decorating ideas

The first step of any home design is choosing an aesthetic for your new space. If you’re like many homeowners today, then this discovery process has brought you to the world of rustic farmhouse decor. Finding inspiration in rustic farmhouse design is one thing. Figuring out how to adapt those …

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