The 7 Best Surfboard Wall Decorations for a Nautical Home Makeover

Ever wondered why some people are constantly looking for the best surfboard wall decoration? We'll tell you why! Nothing brings the feel of the ocean to your home like surfing bedding and surfboard wall decorations.

Surfing is an extremely popular and very energetic sport that instantly brings to mind bright sunshine and big white-capped waves. If you’ve spent any time near the ocean, you’ve no doubt seen many people trying their hand at surfing.

Whether it is your kind of sport or not, if you’re looking for some great ocean-themed decor, surfboards are a perfect choice!

Choosing the Surfboard Wall Decor for your Home

You can’t just nail a surfboard to the wall and call it done. Well, you could – but it might not work with all decor styles and could be overbearing in smaller rooms.

If you want to have some surfboard decor on your walls to give your home an ocean feel, there are a variety of things you can consider. Simple decor items that serve no purpose can work in most areas.

If you just want something to look good, there is a wide range of purely decorative options to consider. On the other hand, you can find surfboard decor that can also be useful such as coat hangers, key racks, mirrors, and more.

The 7 Best Surfboard Wall Decorations for a Nautical Makeover

1. Beachcombers “Life is Good” Surfboard Shaped Decoration


  • Actual wood construction for durability.
  • Starfish are resin, so no starfish were harmed by this wall sign!


  • Could be considered overpriced for what it is.

This eye-catching wall sign is made with real wood and coastal sisal rope. It features a brightly colored design with the simple phrase “Life is Good” on it.

This is especially fitting for those lucky enough to enjoy time at the beach on a regular basis! Even if you are landlocked, this surfboard-shaped decoration is a great way to spice up your room.

2. Chesapeake Bay Set of 2 Hand Carved Surfboards


  • Sustainable wood is environmentally friendly!
  • Surfboards are hand-carved by artisans around the world.


  • Included hanger is flimsy and may need to be replaced.

Take your tiki decor to the next level with these hand-carved miniature surfboards. They’re made from sustainable wood and include an ocean-themed or tribal design look to them.

The high gloss finish protects the boards from damage while also bringing out the black ink and natural wood grains wonderfully.

3. Set of 3 Tropical Themed Surfboard Hooks


  • Not just something cute to look at, these are also useful hooks.
  • Set of three in bright and attractive colors and patterns.


  • Not made for heavy items and can break under too much weight.

If you’re looking for a bit of practicality along with your surfboard wall decor, look no further. These three hooks are all shaped like little surfboards in various bright colors but are also made to hold hats, coats, dog leashes, beach towels, keys, and more.

4. “The Ocean is Calling” Jeep and Surfboard Picture


  • Available in various sizes to suit your decorative needs.
  • Made from tin to be long-lasting and durable.


  • Color may fade if left in direct sunlight.

If you love Jeeps and love getting away to the ocean, this picture was made just for you. It features the image of two wood surfboards in the back of a Jeep heading off into the sunshine for a great day of riding the waves.

5. Assorted Paper Surfboards for Luau Decoration


  • Great for adding color to walls for a luau or tiki party.
  • Perfect decorative accent for birthday gatherings or children’s rooms.


  • Made from paper, so they will not be durable nor long-lasting.

When you need a temporary design and nothing permanent, these paper surfboards might fit the bill. They’re easy to tape to the wall or hang from strings so they move in the breeze.

If you’re decorating for a birthday party, luau, or tiki party these 60 assorted paper surfboards could add just the right splash of color to your decorations.

6. Machined Metal Wall Art with Surfer and Waves


  • High quality black metal alloy for extremely durable decorative accents.
  • A stylish piece of surfing decor for any room of your home.
  • Can be displayed indoors or outdoors.


  • 24 x 24 inch measurement may be too large for some spaces.

This round decorative art piece is a great option for both indoor and outdoor display. It is made from high quality alloy and coated in a black powder spray to give both longevity and rust protection.

The design features a surfing person riding the waves while a palm tree and birds can be seen nearby.

7. Huge 72” Long Wall Banner for Decorations and Parties


  • Extremely large size will get this decoration noticed.
  • Perfect for parties or permanent display as a wall mural.


  • Made from thin cloth, and may be prone to fading when washed.

Perfect for beach parties, surfing-themed birthday parties, luaus, tikis, and other get-togethers for beach-loving friends, this massive wall banner is a great choice to instantly turn a boring wall into a bright and attractive space.

The banner features a colorful depiction of a perfect ocean scene with a beautiful sky and numerous surfboards just waiting to carry you across the waves.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have spent time on a surfboard riding the waves, or have never set foot in the ocean, having some surfboard decor in your home can definitely bring a unique outdoor and ocean-friendly feel to the entire room.

Don’t hesitate to consider one of the above options for wall decorations. From paper cutouts to high-quality wood decorations, no matter which one you choose a little piece of the ocean life will be brought right to your decor.