5 Best Nautical Console Tables to Liven Up Your Home

Ever wonder why nautical console tables are always in demand? There's nothing like the calm and cozy atmosphere of a nautical home design with its natural textures and soft, muted colors.

Read on for a round-up of the best nautical-themed console tables to get inspired and upgrade your living room to the perfect seaside escape.

So is a Console the Right Table Style for You?

Console tables are small and narrow tables that often sit at the entryway of a room or behind a sofa. Oftentimes they are long and narrow, but this isn't always the case. Some may have drawers or shelves for storage.

The term “console table” is often used interchangeably with “sofa table”. They differ from other tables that you may find in a living room, such as entertainment consoles, coffee tables, or side tables.

Console tables are taller and narrow than coffee tables, larger than side tables, and often too small to support a television. They’re best served as a display table at the side of the room.

What To Look For in a Console Table?

Quality will always be the first thing to consider when choosing a console table. While it’s not a major load-bearing piece of furniture, you want something sturdy and well-made that will hold up against constant use.

This is especially important in a home with kids or pets. Make sure that the construction of the table is well worth the price. Style is also an important factor. When choosing nautical tables, keep in mind that color and texture do a lot to suggest a nautical theme.

While you can always go for an explicitly nautical-themed piece, pale, washed-out colors, distressed wood, and rope details also help to make your home feel more like an ocean escape.

Form and Function, Which to Choose?

When you're going for a specific theme, you want to choose a piece of furniture that fits that theme and elevates it. But even though a piece is stylish, you should still consider whether it will be functional enough for your lifestyle.

If it's simply a place to set your keys as you walk into the room, a smaller table without storage may be the choice for you. But if you have clutter that you wish to keep hidden, choose a table that has storage elements.

All in all, the choice is up to you, but it is recommended to choose a table that sits at the balance between beauty and practicality so that you have a piece you'll be happy with for years to come.

It may be worth figuring out what pieces are more versatile and will fit with your space as it changes. Consider what your priorities are: do you prefer style, practicality, quality? Keep all of these in mind when choosing the perfect table for your household.

The 5 Best Nautical Console Tables on Amazon

1. Powell Furniture Small Console


  • Colorful, distressed antique style
  • 2 drawers for extra storage
  • Sturdy, quality construction


  • Some assembly required
  • Wood may splinter
  • Furniture is painted but not finished with varnish

For those looking for a more subtle take on a nautical theme, this console may give your home seaside vibes without overpowering your space.

It's a beautiful and colorful piece with a charming distressed look, much like an old and well-loved wooden boat. It's a great console design for those who want to stow away their clutter since it has two drawers up top and a shelf near the floor.

This may be a good choice for those wanting a sturdy yet stylish entry table.

2. Deco 79 Wood and Glass Ship Wheel Table


  • Unique, eye-catching nautical design
  • Great for small spaces
  • Well made and sturdy


  • Smaller than other console tables
  • fragile due to glass surface top
  • Assembly is required
  • No built-in storage

If you're specifically looking for a table with a strong nautical theme, you may want to consider this fun conversation-starter of a piece.

It's smaller than other console tables with no built-in storage, making it more of a decorative piece than a functional one. However, it will fit right into your seafaring home design.

It's not ideal for homes with kids because of its glass top, but great for small spaces.

3. Austerity Reclaimed Wood Console Table


  • Classic design with beautiful distressed details
  • Other matching pieces are available


  • Distressed features mean no two tables are the same
  • Not as sturdy as other tables on this list

Those looking for simplicity may want to consider this console table for their homes. Reclaimed wood is a staple for any nautical home that wants to incorporate beautiful antique items.

Choosing a console table with a classic shape like this one will give a nautical room a more grounded, subtle feel, and this table is likely to fade into the background, which may be ideal for some.

The whitewashed reclaimed wood surface is reminiscent of driftwood, perfect for a seaside home.

4. SH Wooden Fishing Pier Sofa Table


  • Unique pier design is perfect for nautical homes
  • Excellent size for an entryway or sofa table
  • Beautiful, quality finish


  • Assembly can be a hassle
  • Not meant to carry too much weight
  • Screws it comes with are not the best quality

Another example of a statement nautical-themed table, this fishing pier-shaped console table is a great option for those looking for a conversation piece.

It doesn't have any storage features, and it's not recommended to bear too much weight. That said, it's probably most useful for anyone who would like a neat table to sit near their front door holding small items like light-weight houseplants and books.

5. Safavieh Vintage White 3-Drawer Storage Console


  • Classic and versatile design
  • Perfect size for a variety of uses
  • excellent storage space
  • Easy assembly


  • The construction could be sturdier

If you're searching for a more versatile piece that doesn't scream “nautical” or “seaside” at first, you may consider a sweet console table like this one with plenty of storage and a simple design.

Its finish is slightly distressed and whitewashed, which gives it the perfect subtle nautical look without being too themed. It won't hold too much weight on top, but with its added storage, it makes for a great option for families with kids.

Which One's Our Top Pick?

So, what's the best nautical console table to get? While all of the tables on this list will fit perfectly into a maritime home, my top recommendation is the Safavieh Vintage White 3-Drawer Storage Console.

In terms of quality and construction, it holds up best against its competitors and is versatile enough that it will fit in your nautical home design easily.

It's a great versatile choice for those that need lots of storage, as well. While it's not the sturdiest on the list and shouldn't hold too much weight, its quality for the money helps it come out on top.