22 Gothic Living Room Ideas For A Luxuriously Spooky Makeover

If you're craving that luxuriously spooky feel, you need these gothic living room ideas for an inspirational makeover!

Do you have a dark side that you want to express through your home design? Gothic style is all about bold, dramatic colors, luxurious fabrics, wood and stone details, and tall windows.

It's mainly pulled from medieval gothic architecture (think cathedrals) and Victorian gothic revival. Generally (but not always) a dark and striking look that makes a huge statement.

If you're looking to add a bit of drama to your home, check out this list below of some beautiful gothic-inspired living room designs!

Quick Look

  1. Dark, Dramatic, and Minimalist
  2. Chic and Streamlined
  3. Modern High Gothic Windows
  4. Dark, Modern, and Luxury
  5. High-Arched Ceilings
  6. Black Walls and Ornate Furniture
  7. Dried Flowers and Lanterns
  8. Faux Painted Gothic Arch Window
  9. Wood Paneling and Antique Finishes
  10. Statement Velvet Chairs
  11. Black and Silver Luxury
  12. Velvet Furniture and Gold Accents
  13. Painted Fireplace
  14. Black Walls and Tall Windows
  15. Tall Paneled Windows
  16. Black Walls and Leather Furniture
  17. Simple, Minimalist, and Tall
  18. Tall Mirrors and Chandelier
  19. Dark, Moody, and Green
  20. Leather Armchair and Heavy Drapes
  21. Gothic Elements and Antique Furniture
  22. Classic Browns and Blacks

22 Gothic Living Room Ideas For A Luxuriously Spooky Makeover

1. Dark and Dramatic Minimalist Living Room

dark and dramatic living room

If you love the darker and spookier side of a gothic look, this living room is for you! It's a chic and stark take on a dark gothic look.

Classic, ornate furniture and old-fashioned details like a chandelier and fireplace make you feel like you've traveled through time, but the black walls and streamlined, minimalist look bring this room right to the present.

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2. Chic and Streamlined Gothic Living Room

chic and streamlined

Another take on a modern gothic look that still pays homage to its Victorian roots, this living room is the epitome of past-meets-present.

Painting the walls and ceiling black actually helps to make the room bigger, since the walls seem farther away.

Beautiful gold and copper details like the mirror and chandelier add elegance to the overall look, while the high windows are a sleek callback to medieval gothic cathedrals.

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3. Modern Apartment Living Room with High Gothic Windows

living room with high gothic windows

This beautiful living room goes to show that you don't have to embrace your spooky side to enjoy the beauty of gothic architecture.

The room decor itself is cozy and modern, but the real standout piece is the huge gothic cathedral-shaped windows and high ceilings. Painting the walls and ceilings white allows the light to flood in and warm up the space!

4. Dark and Modern Luxury Gothic Living Room

dark and modern

If a vampire had a modern-day apartment, this would be it!

This incredible luxury suite stuns with its dark-painted walls with ornate paneling, as well as the large modern cluster pendant lighting in place of a traditional chandelier.

Keeping the decor minimalist and modern helps to tone down the look and make it feel welcoming rather than overwhelming.

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5. Castle Interior with High Arched Ceilings

castle interior with high arched ceilings

The best way to pull some goth energy into your home design? Take inspiration from a real castle!

Tall, pointed windows, arched ceilings, ornate wallpaper, and wall torches give this room a grand and heavy kind of feel, perfect if you want your home to feel straight out of the medieval era!

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6. Gothic Living Room with Black Walls and Ornate Furniture

black walls and ornate furniture

Dark walls are a staple in modern gothic design, but that doesn't mean the whole room has to be black as well!

If an all-black room feels oppressive to you, don't be afraid to add some color and light where the room needs it!

Beautiful antique furniture and checker-painted floors add a gothic feel to the space without overdoing it and feeling too dark and heavy.

7. Dark Living Room Setup with Dried Flowers and Lanterns

dried flowers and lanterns

If you want to lean hard into a spooky, abandoned-castle kind of aesthetic, take some inspiration from this creepy setup!

Incorporate dried flowers and branches as well as lanterns, candles, and antique accents into your overall scheme to give it an otherworldly, haunted effect!

Play around with a variety of colors and textures for the best look!

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8. Living Room with Faux Painted Gothic Arch Window

faux painted gothic arch window

What to do if you don't have a gothic arched window? Paint one!

The paint job creates a distressed stone effect that makes you feel like you're right in the middle of a medieval cathedral! I also love how this design mixes antique-style furniture with sleek modern items to create a distinctly eclectic look.

9. Dark Gothic Room with Wood Paneling and Antique Finishes

wood paneling and antiwue finishes

Gothic home decor is all about dark, rich tones, antique finishes, and a weathered, distressed look.

I love this example because it uses the best parts of the house (like the wood paneling and beautiful fireplace) and highlights them, as opposed to making wall decor the focus.

Simple candles and flowers dress up the space without distracting from the best features!

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10. Dark Living Room with Velvet Chairs

dark living room with velvet chairs

While a lot of people think of medieval or Victorian themes when they picture a goth room, you can easily add more modern elements!

Dark brick walls and distressed wooden floors give this room a slightly haunted vibe, but bright mid-century pieces bring it back to the present.

I also love the velvet chairs-they're a staple in a gothic room!

11. Black and Silver Luxury Living Room with Black Wallpaper

living room with black wallpaper

Gothic doesn't always mean antique! This 3-D rendering shows how mixing classic and modern pieces together can create a luxurious atmosphere.

A classic in any goth home, black damask wallpaper contrasts with a bright white sofa. Silver finishes like the candlesticks and lamp bring the whole room together.

12. Dark Green Room with Velvet Furniture and Gold Accents

green room with velvet furnture and gold accents

There are many ways to do gothic, and they're not always spooky!

This room takes classic elements in a gothic room like a chandelier, velvet furniture, dark walls, and heavy draped curtains, and brings it into the modern-day with sleek, streamlined access and bright metallic finishes.

If you have more modern sensibilities, try updating a gothic style in your own way!

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13. Black Gothic Room with Painted Fireplace

black gothic room with painted fireplace

If you're looking for a classic gothic horror atmosphere, this spooky black room is it! Painting every surface a dark charcoal makes the room seem to stretch out in all directions.

The fireplace is the natural focal point of the room, with small metallic details breaking up the sea of black. Just add some classic Victorian furniture and a spooky painting, and you're all set!

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14. Modern Gothic Living Room with Black Walls and Tall Windows

black walls and tall windows

Gothic rooms often highlight the best features of the house. In this case, the black walls enhance the tall windows and paneling.

The whole room has a straightforward and modern atmosphere, but with a distinct moody style. Adding small pops of color (like the blue throw pillows) helps to break up all the black!

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15. Modern Gothic Apartment with Tall Paneled Windows

apartment with tall paneled windows

Gothic-style home designs often give an air of luxury, even if the design itself is quite simple. This modern apartment suite has all the elements of a traditional goth room but is updated for the times.

From the fireplace to the dark wood table and matching leather sofa, to those stunning floor-to-ceiling windows, this is a gothic room for the twenty-first century!

16. Modern Gothic Living Room with Black Walls and Leather Furniture

black walls and leather furniture

I adore this whimsical, modern take on a classic gothic living room! Warm leather armchairs complement the fireplace.

Although it's painted black, adding candles where the fire would traditionally be is a lovely touch! Complete with a black faux fur rug, this room screams gothic elegance!

17. Simple and Minimalist Gothic Living Room with Tall Windows

living room with tall windows

Beautiful tall windows let the light pour into this dark room to highlight the beautiful paneling and flooring! With natural, cool-toned colors throughout the decor, the room feels dark but not oppressive.

The room feels timeless and elegant; modern but not overly so.

18. Striking Basement Living Room with Tall Mirrors and Chandelier

striking basement living room

Black is a common color in gothic room design, and this modern basement room uses the color to excellent effect!

Your eye is immediately drawn to the striking black chandelier in the middle of the room, as well as the floor-to-ceiling wall mirrors, making for a luxurious room with traditional elements.

19. Dark and Moody Living Room with Green Velvet Chairs

dark and moody living room

I love incorporating velvet into just about any look, but this home design uses it in the perfect way to make this gothic room feel more grounded in the present.

The design feels warm and welcoming while maintaining a dark and moody atmosphere, partly due to the soft and subdued pop of color with the velvet chairs.

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20. Gothic Living Room with Leather Armchair and Heavy Drapes

leather armchair and heavy Draped

While many gothic rooms will feature tall, floor-to-ceiling windows, that often means they're accompanied by dark and heavy drapes!

They add a huge amount of drama and elegance to any room while giving a gothic home design a luxurious and heavy feel. It goes perfectly with warm candlelight and antique furniture!

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21. Bright and Colorful Living Room with Traditional Gothic Elements

bright and colorful living room

If you love a bright pop of color, don't let that stop you from adding some gothic elements to your home!

Take inspiration from this example; all the pieces of a gothic home design are here (tall windows, ornate Victorian features, a mixture of natural textures), just without the oppressive black.

22. Brown and Black Classic Gothic Living Room

brown and black classic gothic living room

I love this classic gothic design scheme with black and white elements mixed together to create a contemporary feel.

The fireplace sits front and center, but the variety of antique furniture and dried blooms give this room a timeless if slightly moody, and creepy atmosphere.

I especially love the pointed mirror against the tall windows!

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