5 Best Coastal Desks to Bring a Beachy Feel to Your Office Space

When designing a room with a beach theme in mind, no detail is too small. This is especially true for your home office since you're designing a space that needs to be functional but calming and distraction-free.

Since your desk is the main focus of any home office space, you'll want to choose a desk that fits your beach-side coastal theme while still meeting all of your work needs.

Read on for a list of the best coastal desks available on Amazon so you can choose the best coastal desk for you!

What features make a coastal desk?

Color, texture, and style are all important when choosing your coastal themes. They feature light-colored or whitewashed wood, specifically distressed surfaces that feel aged and exposed to the elements.

Whites, tans, blues, greens, and browns are all colors that work well in a seaside theme, while still feeling neutral enough to work in more subtle environments.

You'll also want to go for desks with simple lines and not a lot of extra detail. In many beach and coastal design schemes, simplicity is the rule of thumb.

Your desk should be functional, can stand up to lots of wear and tear, and should look aged, as though you've had it for years.

How do I choose a desk? What do I look for?

Make sure that you choose a desk that works for the size of your office space, and has the right amount of storage for you. Look for features that may come in handy for your lifestyle or method of working, such as drawers, shelves, and whether it comes with a console.

It's also even more important to consider the sturdiness and overall quality of construction of your desk. You'll want one that lasts you years, with easy assembly.

Overall, you want to have the highest quality materials available to you for your budget.

Is it better to choose a stylish or functional desk?

Any desk you choose for a coastal theme should strike the balance between quality, price, and style. It's always great when the piece of furniture that you choose fits perfectly with the theme of your home design while also filling your exact needs.

But if you have to choose, go with the practical choice that will fit into your lifestyle better. My tip to make sure you get the coastal desk of your dreams without skimping on functionality?

Simplicity is the way to go; choose a versatile design that you can style to work with your seaside theme. Make sure the colors and lines work with the overall design but prioritize the features you'll need, like storage and size.

5 Best Coastal Desks to Bring A Beachy Feel To Your Office Space

1. Sauder Edge Water Executive Desk


  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy construction
  • ┬áBeautiful, versatile design


  • Drawers are not as deep as they appear
  • Made of particle board and veneer, not real wood

For those looking for a heavy-duty executive style desk, this beautiful piece may fit the bill.

While it may look intimidating at first due to its size, beginners will find it easy and hassle-free to assemble.

With large drawers and cabinets, it's excellent for anyone who needs lots of storage in their desk, but the drawers may not be as deep as they appear, so keep that in mind.

Buyers looking for a coastal-style desk will love this whitewashed wood design that feels vintage and weathered, while still featuring sturdy and quality construction.

2. Powell Furniture Calypso Desk


  • Distinctive, colorful design
  • Matching console with drawers is available
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Comes with hardware to attach it to wall


  • Desk surface is not smooth; not great for writing with paper
  • Paint finish feels chalky

If you love to go big with your home design, this beautiful and unique desk may be just what you're looking for.

Bright blues, greens, and browns combined with distressed industrial features fit perfectly into an ocean-side home decor theme.

If you're looking for more storage options, the company carries a matching console to keep your theme cohesive.

Assembly is beginner-friendly and its lightweight construction is great for those putting it together by themselves.

Something to consider: while this desk may be ideal for laptop users, those looking to write on it with paper will be frustrated with the uneven surface.

3. Signature Design by Ashley Mirimyn Farmhouse Home Office Desk


  • Minimal, rustic design
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Includes a perfectly-fit basket for storage
  • Sturdy, real wood construction


  • May have a chemical smell out of the box
  • Assembly is not the easiest

Nothing screams coastal like a simple, streamlined, and distressed piece of furniture!

This desk is versatile in that it's a simple design that doesn't take up too much room, but still works for those needing storage since it includes a woven basket and two shelves.

This desk offers lots of choices – if white doesn't fit into your coastal scheme, you may like the other color options! Those looking to assemble it may need to enlist help, and it may be smart to assemble it near a window to air out the chemical smell from the packaging.

4. Sauder Granite Trace Desk


  • Beautiful vintage design
  • Large drawers and shelves for excellent storage
  • Smooth finish despite rustic design
  • Heavy, sturdy wood construction


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Drawers are large and deep, which may not be ideal for everyone

If you're looking for quality construction above all else, look into this beautiful distressed wood desk. It offers lots of storage for desktop users and those who work from home.

If you choose this desk, you will definitely need some help as the assembly process is a bit complicated, but that may be worth it to have a beautiful piece like this in your home!

5. VIPEK Computer Desk with Hutch and Storage Shelves


  • Beautiful wood design reminiscent of driftwood
  • Excellent storage and overhead console
  • Easy assembly


  • Desktop has grooves in the wood; not great for writing with paper
  • Color is not accurate; it's darker than it appears in the listing

If you'd prefer a more modern take on a beachy design, consider a desk that combines a sleek and minimal design with beautiful wood features.

For those living in a small space, it may be the ideal solution; its sleek and lightweight design includes lots of storage, both in shelves and in an overhead console.

It's best for computer users, since the uneven surface will not be ideal for those trying to write on paper.

Which One's Our Top Pick?

So which coastal themed desk has the best combination of functionality, beauty, and quality for the price?

All of these desks are great options and will be excellent choices for different situations, but the one that stands out above the crowd is the Signature Design Farmhouse Home Office Desk.

Its versatile design will fit into just about any coastal-themed home, and its sturdy and quality construction will be well worth any assembly difficulties!