5 Best Lighting for Vaulted Ceiling To Make Your Ceilings Come Alive

You can’t enjoy your home decor if you can’t see it. Light fixtures should be a top priority when decorating a room of any kind.

For many, though, vaulted ceilings pose a particular challenge when it comes to providing adequate light.

More often than not, the best lighting for vaulted ceilings is no different from the fixtures we use in the rest of the home.

Still, there are some special considerations to be made before getting your heart set on a new light fixture for your vaulted ceiling!

What Lights to Use on a Vaulted Ceiling?

The best option of lighting for vaulted ceilings is recessed lights. Skylights add valuable natural light, and pendant lights add a bit of color.

Track lighting is an option as well, so you can move the lights where you want them to be. Recessed lights are a splendid choice for vaulted ceilings, especially in a room that has rustic natural wood plank walls and ceilings.

Add a dimmer and pair them with a pendant that has an industrial feel for perfect layered lighting for all your needs.

Best Lighting for Vaulted Ceiling in Kitchen

High, or vaulted ceilings are common to many eras, and they are a great way to make spaces look and feel larger than they are. They can also make a room feel too large with all the suspended space in between.

In a small kitchen, a high ceiling can help add visual square footage, and for some of the space, you can put it to use to benefit you.

Larger kitchens with high ceilings can feel overwhelming, but there are ways you can counteract the dangling space to bring the kitchen to create a cozier space.

If you have high or vaulted ceilings and are looking for tips on decorating your kitchen, keep reading to learn a few techniques that can help you decorate and optimize that open space.

9 High Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Vaulted ceilings are a desirable architectural feature and can allow for some interesting lighting choices in your home. Chandeliers and pendants are perfect for these higher ceilings and exude style and function for your rooms.

Use the extra space for large statement chandeliers or detailed pendants and pair these with recessed lights for optimal layered lighting.

Consider the overall feel of the room and use your lighting fixtures to accentuate that ambiance, whether light and airy or dramatically modern.

1. Open and Airy

open and airy

Create a dramatic foyer by combining a rounded vaulted ceiling with a beautiful chandelier.

Make sure there’s plenty of illumination by choosing a fixture with multiple individual bulbs and an open design that mirrors the airy feel of a glass front door and large windows.

2. Multi-Light Magic

multi-light magic

While rooms with vaulted ceilings can feel more open and spacious, it can sometimes be difficult to create a cozy atmosphere.

A great way to build an intimate seating arrangement is to suspend a pendant fixture over comfortable armchairs. Choose a fixture that radiates warm light for even more ambiance.

3. Modern Farmhouse Feel

For a modern farmhouse look, pair a multi-light pendant with white decor and exposed rafters on your sloped ceiling.

To really amplify the aesthetic, choose a pendant with an organic feel that emits a soft warm glow and adds beautiful detail to your bedroom.

4. Vintage and Vaulted

vintage and vaulted

To complement a room with angled ceilings and a mid-century modern feel, choose a pendant with vintage vibes and metallic accents. Placed over a dining room table, this type of pendant is sure to be a hit at your next dinner party.

5. Classic Candelabras

classic candelabras

Sloped ceilings with white beams and a darker background color provide a classic and transitional feel for a bedroom.

Suspend a candelabra-inspired chandelier above a bed to extend that aesthetic and provide the perfect ambient light for your space.

6. Organic Feel

organic feel

Organically shaped pendants are a great addition to contemporary rooms that have vaulted ceilings.

Look for pendants that have a lot of detail and, if the proportions are right, consider installing multiple similar fixtures at varying heights for added warmth and interest.

7. Natural Light

natural light

Bring the outdoors inside by installing pendants that have a natural feel to them, such as ones that resemble flower petals or leaves.

Use multiple pendants in a linear arrangement mounted at the height of your vaulted ceiling for a stylish and modern feel.

8. Ups and Downs

ups and downs

When a chandelier or pendant light just isn’t the right look, wall sconces can be a great addition in a room with a vaulted ceiling.

Choose a sleek design that stylishly blends into the wall and provides up-and down-lighting for a modern approach and look for wall mount fixtures that allow for interesting arrangements for style and function.

9. Artistry in Action

artistry in action

Suspended from a thin wire, large decorative pendants with many reflective surfaces are an artistic way to add lighting in a room with a vaulted ceiling.

Keep your other lighting and decorations understated to let the focus remain on your statement fixtures.

Choosing What Lights to Use on a Vaulted Ceiling

1. Style

No number of cool features will make a light fixture a good fit if it doesn’t suit the rest of the room. Even seemingly minimalist light sources should match the existing decor.

Pay attention to details like the finish and overall shape of the potential light fixtures on your list and how they compare to the general aesthetic of the room in question.

If you’re designing a room from scratch, then you have quite a bit of creative liberty when it comes to choosing a new light fixture! You can design the entire space around your dream lighting if you so choose.

2. Size

Yes, rooms with vaulted ceilings can generally accommodate much larger light fixtures than their counterparts. But you still need to strike a balance between the fixture of your choosing and the rest of the space.

When considering the size of your new lighting, hanging fixtures should be given special attention!

A pendant light or chandelier that is too short will look very, very awkward hanging from a vaulted ceiling. If you’re unsure, it’s almost always best to err on the side of a longer chain.

3. Brightness

Effective lighting requires finding the right brightness for the space and particular function. Fortunately, a light fixture’s brightness is typically a result of the bulb placed inside.

Keep in mind that you will need especially bright bulbs for many vaulted ceiling fixtures, especially those with flush-mounted and recessed bulbs!

The question of what type of bulb to use in your new light fixture can be answered quickly and easily by using a dimmable switch or app-enabled light bulb. Then you can customize the brightness to fit the exact moment.

3 High Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas and Tips

1. Use Multiple Light Sources

A single light source is rarely sufficient except for the smallest of rooms. So a space equipped with a vaulted ceiling will definitely need a bit of help when it comes to illumination!

Multiple sources make it possible to cover the entire room with adequate lighting without sacrificing style or practicality. Use a variety of lighting types to meet your living space’s needs.

For example, while a pendant light might be the star of your decor, including track lighting can make a big difference in how the space functions every day.

Another bonus of using several light sources is that they can be controlled individually. You can easily turn off or on various fixtures within the room to suit the occasion. No need to rely on a “one-size-fits-all” setup.

2. Invest in Accessibility

When comparing light fixtures for a room with a vaulted ceiling, consider how much dust each one will collect. The last thing you want is to drag out the ladder every week to clean your new lighting.

Many modern light fixtures come with remote access that allows you to control everything from brightness to color. This is also a must-have feature if the light includes a ceiling fan.

Choose light bulbs that require infrequent changing — LEDs are prime examples — to minimize maintenance.

3. Include a Cooling Fan

Rooms with vaulted ceilings tend to be harder to heat and cool than those with standard ceilings.

While a light fixture can’t do much about the heating side of things, selecting a fixture with an integrated fan is a great way to keep the space nice and cool.

Even if cooling your vaulted living space isn’t a concern, investing in a fixture with this feature will help circulate the air throughout your home. (Using the fan every once in a while could even deter dust build-up!).

5 Best Lighting for Vaulted Ceiling

1. Kira Home Sawyer 16.5” Convertible Pendant Chandelier


  • Customizable hanging length
  • Versatile aesthetic
  • Compatible with dimmer switch


  • Will not light a large space alone
  • Only available in one finish

When lighting any room with a vaulted ceiling, a hanging fixture is most people’s first choice. This rustic-industrial pendant lamp from Kira Home is just one example suited for a variety of ceiling heights.

With a combination of black metal and cedarwood, this light fixture is just neutral enough to blend into any living space while still adding a unique touch to the room overall.

The open shade offers the perfect opportunity to use Edison bulbs for a warm, vintage-inspired aesthetic. As for actually installing this pendant-style light fixture, the hanging length is incredibly easy to customize.

The light can be installed as a semi-flush mount fixture in shorter spaces. Meanwhile, the included chain allows for a maximum hanging length of over 9 feet.

2. Safavieh LIT4477B Collection Lush Kristi 3 Light 16.5″ Beaded Pendant


  • Adjustable hanging length
  • Several color options
  • LED bulbs included
  • Removable tassel detail


  • Niche appearance won’t suit all decor
  • Not compatible with all dimmer systems

If the Bohemian aesthetic has stolen your heart, then this beaded chandelier may just be the final detail your vaulted ceiling is missing.

While beaded chandeliers have been popular for many years now, the style doesn’t seem to fade. We can picture this chandelier in a variety of living spaces — from a children’s bedroom to a formal dining area!

Along with the acrylic beaded shade covering the chandelier, this fixture includes a decorative tassel hanging from the bottom. The tassel is relatively simple to remove if desired.

The included chain allows this fixture to be hung as short as 30 inches from the ceiling or as long as 9.25 feet. Five stylish bead colors are available to choose from.

3. Lumary Smart Recessed Slim LED Panel Light


  • Great alternative to can lighting
  • WiFi-enabled controls
  • Brightness, color, and schedule can be controlled via app
  • Multiple lights can be synced together


  • App and connection quality need improvement
  • Only compatible with 2.4 GHz WiFi

Hanging light fixtures are just one facet of effective room design. If your home features a stunning vaulted ceiling, these recessed LED lights will allow you to put the entire space to good use!

These lights can be used alone or paired with a statement chandelier to ensure no corner is left in the dark.

While they look and function just like traditional can lighting, the slim design of these LED lights means an easier and more flexible installation process.

Each light connects to a smartphone app or voice assistant via Wi-Fi for control over brightness, color, and other settings.

However, the connection is not free of glitches (lights will sometimes “freeze” or fail to respond to changed settings).

4. LNC Home A02982 Farmhouse Pendant Light


  • Unique blend of a chandelier and pendant
  • Each wire can be independently adjusted
  • Versatile style


  • Exact wire length is unlisted
  • Excess wire may not fit inside the wooden canopy

Not all living spaces are built to accommodate a traditional round chandelier. This five-part chandelier offers some of the best lighting for a vaulted ceiling in a kitchen, dining room, or elongated living area.

Despite the slightly farmhouse-inspired design, this chandelier will look at home with a variety of decor trends. It combines the brilliance of a chandelier with the aesthetic of a pendant.

The length of each wire can be individually adjusted to suit the vibe of your living space. Keep them all the same length for simplicity’s sake or mix and match for a more eccentric look.

The included wires are plenty long enough for even the most vaulted of ceilings. If you install this fixture in a room with short or even moderately tall ceilings, however, the excess wire may need to be trimmed away.

5. WAC Lighting H-8010/3-30-BK Charge Pack LED Track Kit


  • Lights are bright and easy to adjust
  • Additional lights and track segments available
  • Energy Star-rated
  • Four color options


  • Dimmer compatibility is hit-or-miss

For those on the hunt for a more modern solution, this track lighting kit includes everything you need to fully illuminate any space with a vaulted ceiling.

This kit includes three LED lights that can be placed anywhere on the track. It is available in several metal finishes.

Each individual light can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 90 degrees in either direction, making it easy to control exactly where the beam goes.

Additional lights can be purchased and added to the track if desired. The track can also be extended with a special connector.

Which One's Our To Pick?

While it’s true that some light fixtures work better with vaulted ceilings than others, there’s no shortage of options available to try yourself.

If you’re looking for the best illumination in the smallest package, then we recommend the WAC Lighting H-8010/3-30-BK Charge Pack LED Track Kit

This track lighting kit can be installed alone, as a set, or paired with additional fixtures to create the custom lightscape of your dreams.

Even if track lighting normally isn’t your style, this kit is definitely worth considering for those spaces that never feel bright enough!