25 Tiny House Kitchen Ideas for a Stunning Kitchen Makeover

So many people love tiny houses, and it's easy to see why. They're the perfect housing situation for someone wishing to travel or buy their very own house without a crippling mortgage.

But the downside of tiny houses is that they are, in fact, tiny. Spaces that make up the heart of the house, like the kitchen, often have to make compromises to fit in the under-300-square-feet layout.

But with a little planning and creativity, you don't have to compromise function or style to have your dream kitchen. Check out this list of my favorite tiny house kitchen ideas for inspiration!

Quick Look

  1. Moroccan Tile Backsplash
  2. Wood Accents
  3. Rustic Log Cabin
  4. White and Bright
  5. Basic Simplicity
  6. Charming Whites
  7. Wooden Panels
  8. Wooden Floating Shelves
  9. Pale Green and Woody
  10. Marbled Island
  11. Basic and Compact
  12. Stylish Cabinets and Drawers
  13. Whites With Compact Appliances
  14. Woody With Drop-leaf Table
  15. White Walls and Black Cabinets
  16. Woody, Elegant and Contemporary
  17. Mobile and Compact Design
  18. Modern Greys with Marbled Island
  19. Cozy With Storage Solutions
  20. Stylish Greys and Granites
  21. Spacious, Woody, and White
  22. Warm and Casual
  23. Beautiful and Stylish
  24. Compact and Minimalist
  25. White, Compact, and Simple

25 Unique Tiny House Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Your Kitchen Makeover

1. Tiny House Kitchen with Moroccan Tile Backsplash

kitchen with moroccan tile backsplash

Tiny kitchens can fall into the trap of feeling dark and cramped if you're not mindful about where your light is coming from, so make sure that you know where you'll be doing most of the work and plan accordingly.

In this example, the main countertop where much of the cooking will be done is located right next to the window, guaranteeing lots of access to natural light.

Gorgeous Moroccan-inspired backsplash tiles help brighten up the space even more while providing color and definition to the kitchen design!

2. Minimalist White Tiny Kitchen with Wood Accents

white tiny kitchen with wood accents

This cute and classic tiny kitchen uses color to help fill the room with space. The designer created a timeless look by keeping the cabinets a bright white and complimenting them with pale wooden counters and white subway tiles.

I also love the double function of the kitchen countertop- the long countertop up against the window creates plenty of room for cooking, but it also makes a perfect work desk or dining table!

3. Rustic Log Cabin Tiny House Kitchen

rustic log cabin tiny house kitchen

Sometimes part of building a tiny kitchen is prioritizing what elements are the most important to you and doing away with items or appliances that will take up precious space.

Can you go without a microwave, for example, in favor of more counter or cabinet space? This tiny house kitchen is streamlined with just the essentials, like a small under-the-counter refrigerator, which is perfect if you don't plan on doing much cooking with it anyway!

4. Sleek and Modern White Tiny Kitchen

sleek and modern white tiny kitchen

Talk about a cool and modern kitchen design! The cabinet doors are flush against the counter, which feels modern but is also extra practical in a small space where bumping into things is a concern.

Creative items like appliances built into the wall and vertical drawers mean that not a square inch of usable space is wasted.

Keeping the space all white is also a great way to help the room feel bigger, but be wary of pets and kids, as you could end up cleaning much more than you planned!

5. Simple Tiny House Kitchen Interior

simple tiny house kitchen interior

Zoning can play a crucial role in whether your tiny home has a feeling of privacy or order.

Creating a U-shaped countertop not only affords you more space, but it zones off the kitchen from the other areas of the tiny house and makes the area feel more private, which is a brilliant strategy since most tiny homes are open-plan.

This way you have all the functionality of a full-sized kitchen without compromising on style!

6. Charming White Kitchen in Tiny Home

charming white kitchen in tiny home

In this tiny home, much of the bottom floor is taken up by the kitchen, so that the owners don't feel like they don't have enough room to cook. The kitchen island serves as a desk area, a countertop, and a kitchen table.

Sitting the couch flush up against the opposite side of it will give you as much space as possible in the living area, while a ladder off to the side leads to loft beds without taking up space with stairs!

7. Tiny Home Kitchen with Wooden Panels

kitchen with wooden panels

I just love the minimalistic and clean feel of this tiny kitchen! The designer clearly gets creative with the use of paneling, which reduces the need for bulky doors or walls and keeps the space feeling open.

For example, take a look at the panel with coat hooks attached to the opposite side, effectively zoning off the kitchen area from the living area. Sliding panels also serve as doors, so the bathroom door doesn't need to swing open.

8. Wooden Floating Shelves in Tiny Kitchen

wooden floating shelves

If you're especially worried about how much room you will have in your tiny kitchen, consider floating shelves instead of full cabinetry. Like in this example, floating shelves will help your kitchen feel less crowded, dark, or cramped.

It also means that you can make use of other vertical wall storage options if you choose. Just be mindful that this isn't always the best option for a tiny home that you'll be taking on the road!

9. Pale Green Mobile Tiny House Kitchen Design

pale green mobile tiny house kitchen

Getting creative with how the rest of your tiny home will be laid out has a tremendous impact on how your kitchen will end up functioning. What I love about the layout for this new tiny house is that the kitchen space isn't limited by the size of the bedroom loft.

The bedroom hangs over the kitchen, allowing it to stretch all the way back to the edge of the house and freeing up precious space! Instead of lots of cabinet space above, the counter stretches all the way across the back wall with lots of storage options below.

10. Tiny Home Kitchen with Island

kitchen with island

If you're planning on moving into a tiny house, you'll have to make some decisions about what rooms and activities are most important to you, and what you can pare down.

But don't think that you have to give up a full kitchen just because you're downsizing. This beautiful tiny home has a nearly full-sized kitchen, complete with an island, without having to compromise on style or space.

Making the living room a touch smaller gave the owners of this tiny house room to play around with the kitchen and create something they'll love cooking in every day!

11. Compact Tiny Home Kitchen

compact tiny home kitchen

Size truly doesn't matter when creating the tiny house of your dreams, but it can encourage you to get creative with the design.

Since the tiny home has so little space in between living areas, the owners didn't even try to separate the rooms out and instead embraced an open plan concept.

I love that the entire interior is white, pulling together the whole space into one cohesive theme.

12. Stylish Tiny Home Kitchen with Drawers

kitchen with drawers

One creative way to save on cooking space is to get rid of the appliances altogether, like in this cozy and casual tiny kitchen!

Going without an oven, dishwasher, microwave or fridge can be a difficult task and not something to consider lightly, but if you choose to keep your kitchen to the bare essentials, you can get away with a countertop stove, a small pantry, and maybe a mini-fridge.

This option may be best suited for those who don't do much cooking at all, but it can really free up precious space for those who are willing to go for it.

13. Small White Tiny Kitchen with Compact Appliances

white tiny kitchen with compact appliances

You've heard that all good things come in small packages, and this sleek and shiny kitchen is no different! With miniature versions of other full-sized kitchen implements, this room makes the most of every square inch.

Just look at that incredibly small sink, and how much counter space it leaves compared to its full-size counterpart! Tall, slim cabinets and a flat glass-top stove keep this kitchen from feeling too cramped.

14. Wood Tiny Kitchen Interior with Drop-leaf Table

wood tiny kitchen interior with drop-leaf table

This clean and contemporary tiny kitchen is the perfect example of how to blend color to create a kitchen that's not only functional but beautiful.

Sharp edges and black lines stick out against pale wood walls and countertops, creating a truly unique and modern feel throughout the entire kitchen. But the continual flow of this kitchen design is what makes it so special.

I love that the drop leaf table blends seamlessly into the rest of the walls and flooring since all of the surfaces are made with the same wood.

15. Tiny Kitchen with White Walls and Black Cabinets

kitchen with white walls and black cabinets

Black details in this simple kitchen help to pull together the variety of colors and textures in the room, like the slate stone floors and wooden countertops.

Choosing to do away with overhead cabinets means that you can get away with narrower countertops, but there's still more room to work. This helps to add floor space to the area without sacrificing any work space.

Another way to save on space is by using a stove with only 2 burners as opposed to the standard 4, giving you more elbow room and keeping the design as minimal as possible.

16. Elegant and Contemporary Tiny Kitchen and Living Area

elegant and contemporary tiny kitchen and living area

This sleek and simple tiny house kitchen makes a lot of smart choices when it comes to layout design and storage.

For example, the dividing wall between the kitchen and living area serves as both a countertop and a cabinet; and even better, the stairs leading into the living area also contain storage space in the form of cleverly hidden drawers!

17. Mobile Tiny House Kitchen under Loft Bedroom

kitchen under loft bedroom

Every small detail was thought of when designing this gorgeous tiny house, including the placement of elements like the ladder leading up to the bedroom loft.

Even though this ladder is fixed in place, it doesn't feel like it takes up space, rather, it acts as a sort of wall that zones the living area from the kitchen. The effect is a clean and modular living area that has an efficient flow, which is so important when every bit of space counts.

18. Ultramodern Tiny Kitchen Design with Island

ultramodern tiny kitchen design with island

This tiny kitchen is sleek and chic, with luxurious materials and elements that make it feel ten times its size.

My favorite part about this kitchen is the long and narrow island that can function as a table, bar or countertop to suit your unique needs, without taking up too much floor space.

Floor-to-ceiling black and gray finishes make the room feel high-end and super modern, perfect for a tiny house owner with elegant and modern tastes.

19. Cozy Tiny Kitchen Sink and Storage Solutions

cozy tiny kitchen sink and storage solutions

Counter space is at a premium in tiny houses, so it's important to understand what storage and accessories you'll need to keep things running smoothly.

I adore the small cutting board that's built into the sink, as well as the drying rack hanging up away from the counter, freeing up all that valuable space underneath! When you get creative with smart tricks like these, you won't ever feel like your tiny home is lacking in size!

20. Contemporary Grey and Granite Tiny Kitchen

grey and granite tiny kitchen

If you're looking for ideas for a stylish and modern kitchen that feels anything but rustic, look no further! I love this kitchen because even though the room is small, the storage space is not!

Oodles of cabinets and drawers line the walls in this gorgeous grey-scale tiny kitchen, with silver metal handles and granite countertops.

21. Spacious Tiny House Kitchen under Bedroom Loft

spacious tiny house kitchen under bedroom loft

With insanely high ceilings and an enormous staircase, this tiny house is big on style and storage, and it makes use of every corner.

The kitchen rests underneath the loft where a bedroom would be, but with how high the ceilings are, you'd never realize that you weren't in a standard house. On the opposite wall from the kitchen counters and appliances, there's a long table for working and dining.

22. Warm and Casual Tiny Kitchen Storage Ideas

warm and casual tiny kitchen storage ideas

This small and cozy kitchen is big on rustic charm! I adore the industrial farmhouse details like the pipe shelving that really elevates this space from a mobile tiny house to a home.

Since you have a small kitchen, you probably have room in the budget to splurge on amazing elements like this gorgeous apron sink. And details like the shiplap wall panels and silver metallic finishes really bring this kitchen to the next level!

23. Beautiful and Stylish Tiny House Kitchen and Bedroom

beautiful and stylish tiny house kitchen and bedroom

This kitchen and bedroom combo just oozes charisma and charm!

The warm grays, browns, and soft blush accents instantly make you feel at home, and special care was taken in details like the lighting to ensure a warm and cozy environment that's anything but dark or crowded.

The slim countertop divides the bedroom from the kitchen while serving as a dining room table, desk, workspace, and countertop, proving you don't have to compromise style for function!

24. Compact and Minimalist Tiny Kitchen

compact and minimalist tiny kitchen

A tiny kitchen has to fill many roles at once and look good doing it. The designer of this tiny kitchen knew that adding color to the space warms it up and makes it feel more personal.

Warm golden brown cabinets accent the bright orange tile backsplash and make the room feel connected, which is so important with open plan living.

25. Tiny House Kitchen with Small Stove and Seating Area

kitchen with small stove and seating area

What this kitchen lacks in space it makes up for in warmth and comfort! There's not much counter space, so getting creative with storage solutions is a must.

Implementing a stovetop with only 2 burners increases room, and the booth seating in the back is roomy and comfortable, taking up the entire back wall and giving its owners plenty of room to eat and work without feeling crowded.