25+ Terracotta Kitchen Ideas – Add a Mediterranean Feel To Your Kitchen

Let charm and comfort collide when a rustic look is introduced in your cooking space without compromising present-day conveniences. Terracotta is known to be a versatile color that is rich, tactile, Orange, and warm. Terracotta adds a unique element to the room and seamlessly integrates the modern interiors to yield a more vintage appeal. 

Bold color palettes, jewel colors, and warm tones are now taking center stage in decor. Terracotta tiles are made naturally, and they add a stylish blast from the past. These tiles are widely used in traditional and contemporary styles as they promote warmth and coziness. Commit to this vintage style and paint your walls with rich saturated colors.

Get inspired with these eye-catching terracotta hues for your Kitchen.

25+ Terracotta Kitchen Ideas:

Quick Look

  1. Chic Neutral Kitchen
  2. Colourful chairs and Pendant lights
  3. Vibrant Multihued Kitchen
  4. Colour musings
  5. Emerald city Kitchen
  6. Quirky Terracotta accents
  7. Warm Minimalists All-white
  8. Pared-down rustic prep kitchen
  9. Vintage-inspired eclectic Kitchen
  10. Citron touch to terracotta backsplash
  11. Charming Blue cabinet
  12. French-country character
  13. Mosaic Backsplash
  14. Hexagonal tiles with exotic Orange
  15. Authentic Stone Flooring
  16. Spanish-inspired Cooking Space
  17. Square tiles with teak wood beams
  18. Elegant Terracotta flooring
  19. Mahogany vibes in Kitchen
  20. Yellow and Masonry Stone
  21. Terracotta Contemporary Kitchen
  22. Period-Style Kitchen
  23. Mysterious oatmeal tones
  24. Maple wood Orange-tone scheme
  25. Terracotta arabesque tiles
  26. Warm ambiance with Mahogany wood

1. Chic Neutral Kitchen

chic neutral kitchen

Stick to a neutral monochromatic palette for a classic look. Add detailed cabinetry and natural stone accents throughout your cooking space. Using a white color palette will allow the organic and neutral tones to stand out.

Complement the metal pendant lights with elegant black hardware on the cabinets. You can integrate a rust accent wall into your neutral kitchen as a perfect solution for a boho, Scandinavian, and modern look.

2. Colourful chairs and Pendant lights

colourful chairs and pendant lights

Make your interior feel tactical and exotic with terracotta tiles on the floor. Line the transitional kitchen wooden island with colorful bar chairs to add coziness and comfort to your space. Continuation of dark black cabinets along the sophisticated gray wall adds personality.

The cabinets are accentuated with brushed nickel hardware, marble backsplash, and quartz countertops. Double the art with two modern pendant lights as they hover from the recessed ceiling.

3. Vibrant Multihued Kitchen

vibrant multihued kitchen

A touch of vintage in appliances or accessories are the key ingredients for a terracotta kitchen. Introduce a bold terracotta wall in your kitchen. You can try to go for a dark blue island base to serve as a place for the eyes to rest.

The checkerboard cork floor and wood countertop complement each other’s warmth. You can consider adding a pendant lamp with a round mirror to make a statement.

4. Colour musings

colour musings

Create an eclectic ambiance in your cooking space with rich, warm-toned colors and quirky wooden furnishings. Terracotta blends well with muted shades of white, pink, and cream. You can also add open shelves, mixed textures, and patterns for a vintage touch.

Make your kitchen boho and folksy with a brown rug and mosaic tile backsplash in your grey kitchen. Lots of greenery and macrame fruit holders will bring natural vibes to your cooking space.

5. Emerald City Kitchen

emerald city kitchen

Add an unusual flair with emerald tiles to add a terracotta texture and pair them with woven homewares or timber furniture. You can consider using woven baskets, bowls, rugs, and timber side tables.

Create a boho feel with potted foliage, boho textiles, upholstery, and wood. Add a finishing touch with a rustic rug, contemporary pendants, and mixed woven dining chairs to achieve a Mediterranean-influenced playful atmosphere.

6. Quirky Terracotta accents

quirky terracotta accents

Fully commit to terracotta by painting the walls with rustic colors, putting your indoor plants in terracotta pots, and laying terracotta rugs on the wooden floor.

You can create a funky kitchen with eclectic accessories and a muted red, pink, and white wall to add a punch of color. This way, the bright exotic colors capture focus as the white-washed white wall acts as a perfect backdrop.

7. Warm Minimalist All-White

warm minimalist all-white

The addition of a wooden fireplace in a clean, minimal kitchen contributes to a vintage touch with unconventional lighting fixtures. You can consider adding a rattan pendant lighting and sage cabinetry for a terracotta style feel.

Built-in seating is also an excellent option for a cozy nook. The all-white wood combination gives your kitchen a spacious and light look. Try adding wooden countertops in saturated or soft colored tones, and you can also hang some cutting boards for display.

8. Pared-down rustic prep Kitchen

pared-down rustic prep kitchen

Bring home the feeling of coziness and warmth with a backdrop of brick walls. The brick wall colour adds a dramatic effect to your cooking space with the neutral-toned cabinets. Complement the clean white tones in the kitchen with a pop of orange.

The magical blending works well with compact kitchens. Gold finishing in the form of hardware, doorknobs, and accessories liven up the rustic kitchen.

9. Vintage-inspired eclectic Kitchen

vintage-inspired eclectic kitchen

Feel free to mix and match styles with the terracotta mix of modern interiors. Textiles and artwork are two simple ways to infuse terracotta into your cooking space.

The addition of wooden shelves and gorgeous emerald tile backsplash makes up for a stunning set of a contemporary kitchen. Pack a candy punch with black globe pendants, a traditional wooden dining table, and woven pink chairs.

10. Citron touch to terracotta backsplash

citron touch to terracotta backsplash

Make a bold statement with citron color tiles and pair them with a room full of neutral tones of white and cream. This way, you can add a retro feel with the subway backsplash that showcases an electric hue.

For a sleek, contemporary look, go for wooden lower cabinets while the black countertops anchor the kitchen. Mimic the shine of appliances with an incredible gray ceiling that features a high sheen.

11. Charming Blue Cabinet

charming blue cabinet

Find the inspiration of warm and rich terracotta style in the intense colors of nature like blues, greens, browns of the sun and sea. Offset the handsome addition of wood cabinets and floors with pops of blue in an open plan kitchen.

Bring in a fun tie-in with the sea with rich blue cabinets. The addition of a wooden wall can add an immediate rustic focal point to your kitchen. Place green leafy foliage in a terracotta pot to add a finishing touch.

12. French-Country character

french-country character

Create a contrast of white paneled walls with the darker wood on the floor and ceiling. The presence of natural light in the kitchen prevents the dark wood from fading to give a feeling of being in a cave.

Modify the industrial look with simple pendants, wooden cabinets, and steel stools. Showcase a french-country flavor with armoire-style cabinets lined with arched backsplash to add a Mediterranean touch to your terracotta-style kitchen. In the end, try to maximize the texture of furniture so that the objects look touchable.

13. Mosaic Backsplash

mosaic backsplash

Bring a sense of uniqueness to your kitchen interior with terracotta tiles to get a grounded and elegant appeal. Terracotta is a versatile color that is rich, tactile orange, and warm. For a cooking space full of the punch of color, you can combine muted shades of pink and orange with adding a rustic feel.

Terracotta tiles are also known to work well with the contemporary Mediterranean style. Adding a mosaic backsplash over the kitchen stove echoes the doorway that will lead to your cooking space.

14. Hexagonal tiles with exotic Orange

hexagonal tiles with exotic orange

Give a warm ambiance to your kitchen with hexagonal terracotta tiles combined with exotic orange walls and teak wood slat for the ceiling.

Adding an emerald green finish on the wooden panels of the cabinets and topping it with white granite yields an appealing look. The calm tone of the cabinets will complement the warm coloured walls and make them stand out.

15. Authentic Stone Flooring

authentic stone flooring

Bring a warm, authentic period style to your kitchen with natural stone flooring and an arched ceiling. Emphasize the grains and knots of the dark wood using solid walnut with dark wood stain on the kitchen cabinets.

Add a modern touch to your traditional terracotta-style kitchen by making all the cabinets and drawers handle-free. That means you will be using push-to-open or touch-to-open mechanisms. Blend in some exotic style hues on the walls with muted shades of neutrals.

16. Spanish-inspired cooking space

spanish-inspired cooking space

The addition of a mixture of different styles in your Spanish-inspired kitchen will yield you a traditional vintage space. Choice of dark oak kitchen cabinets will assist in turning the wooden motifs along with the cornice details.

Introduce a warm color scheme with Spanish backsplash tiles in cream, orange, and green mixture. Add a finishing touch with a large kitsch island that has a marble top and ebony finish base.

17. Square tiles with teak wood beams

square tiles with teak wood beams

Natural elements and plenty of texture in furniture, cabinets, countertops, and floors define the terracotta look. Solid teak wood beams run along with the white ceiling, while square terracotta tiles can be used for the kitchen flooring to yield a rustic look.

For a bright, relaxed, and fresh look, you can add paneled cabinets in all-white along with beige granite countertops. Consider placing mahogany ladder-back barstools and painting a rustic accent wall to complete the look.

18. Elegant terracotta flooring

elegant terracotta flooring

Create a terracotta look with elegant walnut cabinets that have smooth matte finishing. Let your vintage kitchen demonstrate brilliant cabinetry craftsmanship.

Maintain a contemporary look with a minimalist neutral-toned scheme that mainly comprises white, wood finish, and terracotta for the floors. Painting a bold and catchy brick red wall with a vintage lamp can add a more exotic feel to space.

19. Mahogany vibes in the kitchen

mahogany vibes in the kitchen

Introduce an antique feel in your cooking space with detailed panelings on the wooden cabinets. Give a modern twist with cabinet lights on a massive cupboard that features intricate carvings and panel details.

With your mahogany-finished cupboard, add stained beechwood cabinets with gray countertops to liven up your space. Match the color of the floors and walls with subtly colored terracotta tiles in orange and cream.

20. Yellow and Masonry stone

yellow and masonry stone

Give your kitchen a warm and soft glow with a rustic feel by painting the walls yellow, placing masonry stone, brick cladding, and yellow-toned square ceramic terracotta tiles.

Use kitchen cabinets that are made of solid wood and painted with a vibrant shade of olive hue. Create an antique and rustic vibe for your kitchen by topping it with a cream-colored sandstone top.

21. Terracotta Contemporary Kitchen

terracotta contemporary kitchen

You can create a contemporary terracotta kitchen with traditional rustic boho elements and details. For the rustic and aged appeal, you can use terracotta tiles. Paint the walls in off-white tones so that the rest of the colors can stand out.

The addition of a massive teak wood beam can span the kitchen ceiling, which will pair perfectly with the finish and wood that is being used on the kitchen cabinets. You can consider using square terracotta tiles instead of stone counters for a boho appeal.

22. Period-style kitchen

period-style kitchen

Combine contemporary pieces and traditional elements with an open-plan and spacious kitchen. With the open layout, you can add a bright and spacious feel, while the oak-finished cabinets add an elegant touch to space.

The solid wooden beams add to the period-style feel and the terracotta floor tiles that bring warmth and coziness to the place. Add a finishing touch by placing leafy green foliage in a terracotta pot for a relaxing and calm look.

23. Mysterious Oatmeal tones

mysterious oatmeal tones

Illuminate the space with a soft and neutral background with oatmeal tones on the walls that perfectly match the stone floors. Even a small space could look bright and spacious with such color schemes due to its windows and high ceiling.

Set a mysterious mood around the place with chandeliers and wooden beams running across the ceiling. Add a finishing touch with solid walnut kitchen cabinets to blend well with the exotic look.

24. Maple wood Orange-tone scheme

maple wood orange-tone scheme

Instead of detailed paneling, you can go with simple panel designs using teak wood to interpret a stylish country kitchen. You can add maple wood beams that are running around the ceiling in place of dark wood to blend well with the bright orange color scheme. The addition of rectangular-shaped terracotta tiles in a chevron pattern gives a modern appeal.

25. Terracotta arabesque tiles

terracotta arabesque tiles

The interior involves subtle terracotta influences with minute detail and finishes. For a clean and elegant look, you can use traditional-inspired kitchen cabinets that have been painted and finished in white.

You can also use terracotta arabesque tiles as backsplash flooring with white ceramic tiles as countertop.

26. Warm ambiance with Mahogany wood

warm ambiance with mahogany wood

Give a traditional feeling to your kitchen for an overall warm ambiance. Painting your kitchen walls with rag-rolled cream paint finish and natural stone blocks for flooring gives it an outdoor feel. The use of natural mahogany wood for cabinets, owl bust accents, terracotta backsplash, and intricate panel details gives it a contemporary vintage feel.