The Different Types Of Spatulas To Use In Your Kitchen

types of spatulas to use in your kitchen

The spatula is a surprisingly versatile utensil in the kitchen. Spatulas are typically used to flip burgers or sauté onions, but there are so many more uses depending on the type of spatula you’re using. Spatulas can be made with several different materials, including silicone, metal, plastic, and wood. Their …

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Can You Put Glass in the Freezer?

can you put glass in the freezer

Glass storage containers are versatile, durable, and sustainable. But can you put glass in the freezer without creating a mess? And, if so, is all glass freezer-safe? Can You Put Glass in the Freezer? Yes. In fact, glass is one of the best materials to use when storing leftovers or …

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Can You Microwave Glass?

can you microwave glass

While few of us love relying on the microwave for regular meals, it certainly comes in handy when you’re running late for work or craving midnight leftovers. Of course, not all containers are microwave-safe. So can you microwave glass? Or will it end in disaster? Can You Put Glass in …

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Can You Put a Crockpot in the Oven?

can you put a crock pot in the oven

Crockpots are some of the handiest kitchen gadgets around. Still, they can’t do everything, including reaching temperatures above 200°F or so. If you find yourself tight on time or need a little extra heat, you might be tempted to move your slow cooker meal to the regular oven for a …

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Can You Put a Plate in the Oven?

can you put a plate in the oven

Sticking a regular dinner plate in the oven might seem like an easy way to reheat lunch or keep a meal warm. Especially if you want to keep dirty dishes to a minimum! Can you put a plate in the oven without creating a culinary disaster? It all depends on …

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20 Pergola Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – For Cooking And Dining Alfresco!

pergola kitchen outdoor ideas

Today we’re taking a look at some pergola outdoor kitchen ideas. Adding an outdoor space to your home not only gives you more living space but it gives you plenty of access to fresh air. While many people think pergolas have to be free-standing, this isn’t always the case. Over …

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25+ Kitchen Color Combination Ideas – For The Wow Factor!

kitchen colour combination ideas

Transform your cooking space with these 25+ Kitchen Color Combination Ideas. The kitchen is high traffic, multifunctional space, and the heart of the house. It’s the central spot for entertaining family gatherings, so there’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t stand out. Punch up your cabinets with soothing grays or …

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25+ Barndominium Kitchen Ideas

barndominium kitchen ideas

Add warmth to your kitchen with these cozy 25+ Barndominium Kitchen Design Ideas for a grand style barn. A barndominium or barn home is a durable construction that combines a living quarter and a barn. In this article, we take a look at some incredible barndominium kitchen ideas that will …

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24 Victorian Kitchen Ideas to Get You Inspired

victorian kitchen ideas to get you inspired

Thinking of upgrading your kitchen to a modern Victorian style? Think of lots of decoration and ornamentation in ceiling, floors, walls, and wherever else you can imagine. Decorating in this style is your opportunity to think outside the box. Today we look at 24 Victorian Kitchen ideas to help jump-start …

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25+ Terracotta Kitchen Ideas – Add a Mediterranean Feel To Your Kitchen

terracotta kitchen ideas

Let charm and comfort collide when a rustic look is introduced in your cooking space without compromising present-day conveniences. Terracotta is known to be a versatile color that is rich, tactile, Orange, and warm. Terracotta adds a unique element to the room and seamlessly integrates the modern interiors to yield …

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25+ U-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

storage touches with personality

Having enough countertops in your kitchen is what quickly transforms any culinary task from stressful to absolute bliss. The U-shape kitchen layout not only provides plenty of space for work zones but also keeps appliances and surfaces within close reach while offering you more than enough freedom to move. Plus, …

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25+ Examples Of Dark Wood Kitchens – Home Inspiration!

dark wood kitchen examples

Using darker colors doesn’t have to make a room seem small. While balancing out a lot of dark colors in a room can be difficult, using mostly dark colors makes a room feel cozy. In fact, dark wood kitchens can have a sophisticated and warm feeling. If you want to …

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