20+ Stylish Kitchen Curtain Ideas for Beautiful Kitchen Windows

If you're looking for stylish kitchen curtain ideas, here's what you need to keep in mind. When designing a kitchen scheme, choosing the right curtains can often be the last thing that comes to mind.

But they're a decor element that can truly make or break a kitchen design. A great window treatment is the difference between a dated and dark kitchen and a modern, welcoming cooking space.

When choosing the proper kitchen curtain it's important to take into consideration how much light your kitchen gets and the overall atmosphere you're going for. Check out this list below of beautiful kitchens with a variety of different curtains, and get inspired to update your own space!

Quick Look

  1. Tulle Curtain and Panorama Windows
  2. Sheer Patterned Curtains
  3. Bright Window Framed Curtains
  4. Antique and Natural Accents Curtains
  5. Gray and Black Curtains for Modern Luxury
  6. Barely-There Curtains for Rustic Look
  7. White Curtain on Wooden Windows
  8. Stylish Curtains for Large Windows
  9. White and Silver Statement Curtains
  10. Simple Sheer Patterned Curtains
  11. 70's Inspired Retro Curtains
  12. Traditional and Heavy Draped Curtains
  13. Retro Tropical Curtains for Contemporary Look
  14. Minimalist Curtains for Modern Kitchen
  15. Small, Subtle Curtains
  16. Traditional Curtains Framing the Dining Area
  17. Statement Gingham Curtains
  18. Sweet Floral Curtains for Open Kitchens
  19. Simple Pink Curtains and Large Glass Windows
  20. Bright Blue Curtains for Coastal Look
  21. Bright Green Curtains for Sleek Look
  22. Linen Roman Curtains for Luxurious Look
  23. Bright Curtains for Country Kitchen
  24. Simple Curtain for Floor-to-Ceiling Windows
  25. Lace Curtains for a Classic, Homey Kitchen

Upgrade Your Kitchen With These 20+ Stylish Kitchen Curtain Ideas:

1. Tulle Curtain and Panorama Windows in a Spacious Apartment

Modern brown interior of spacious apartment - Tulle curtain and panorama windows

There's nothing that brightens up the main living area in a house quite like a large wall of panoramic windows! But when it comes to privacy and light control, it can be difficult to find a solution that's not only practical but stylish as well.

I love these sheer curtains in this example that allow natural light to pour through, while the bottom and top brown panels give it a more substantial feel.

2. Sheer Patterned Curtains Over Door to Kitchen Balcony

View of the kitchen and exit to the balcony in the background

Choosing sheer curtains with a fun design can help liven up a kitchen that may not get a lot of natural light to begin with. Heavy curtains will make the room appear darker and smaller, but plain white sheer curtains will feel too delicate for most kitchens.

This curtain setup gets the best of both worlds with a fun, subtle pattern that feels modern and fresh while maintaining the bright and simple atmosphere of the kitchen!

3. Beautiful Dining Area with Window Framing a Large Table

White rectangular table with white high-backed chairs in the kitchen-living room of the laksheri cottage in classic style

What a great way to create a cozy and inviting dining experience! I love the way the corner windows in this example not only allow for lots of light to shine into the dining area but also act as a bit of a built-in frame to set the stage for the room design.

Adding larger drapes on either side of the windows helps complete this look, and I love that the drapes are still a lighter color so as not to appear too heavy.

4. Antique Country Kitchen with Traditional Natural Accents

Old kitchen with window, cats and light furniture

This gorgeous old country-style kitchen relies on a variety of natural textures and patterns to create interest and make the home feel more lived-in.

The curtains in this example serve the function of decoration mostly, but they're just the right touch to add to this room that's full of antique furniture and old-school accents.

5. Gray and Black Modern Luxury Kitchen

Modern interior of kitchen in luxury private house - Grey and wooden design

Sometimes it's difficult to incorporate large curtains or drapes into a more modern design scheme since they tend to give off a more old-fashioned feel.

Not so with this ultra-contemporary kitchen! The floor-to-ceiling curtains draw the eye upward to the high ceilings and modern lighting fixtures, while the simple and sleek layout of the kitchen is complemented by the curtains that feel like just another wall.

6. Rustic Kitchen with Barely-There Curtains

Rustic kitchen in a bright cabin.

This kitchen design is a great example of how curtains can be used for added privacy, but how they can also fade into the background and allow the rest of the room to shine.

You almost don't notice the set of curtains that serve as the door into the kitchen because the color of the light, sheer fabric blend into the overall design scheme so well.

7. White Curtain Wood Window Frame

White Curtain Wood Window Frame High key Background

Most times, kitchen curtains are merely decorative, so it's important to choose a decorative design that adds impact but doesn't distract from the overall scheme.

I think this example of white curtains pulled into the center of the window panels gives a fresh and fun look that could brighten up any kitchen! The simple button fastening means they can be easily pulled open for added privacy if needed.

8. Stylish Luxury Apartment with Amazing Large Windows

Stylish and luxury two-floor apartment with living room, dining room and kitchen in one room with amazing big windows

This incredible home has a variety of large windows all around the walls, allowing for tons of natural light to pour through. However, due to the placement of the windows, it could be incredibly tricky and expensive to have drapes for each set of windows.

The solution? One incredibly long panel of curtains that can be pulled across the walls, covering the windows as needed. When it's not in use, it makes a beautiful back panel for the TV!

9. Luxurious White and Silver Modern Baroque Kitchen with Statement Curtains

Modern design interior with white glossy kitchen in a luxurious apartment in gray and white tones.

For many kitchens, a large panel of heavy drapes might not work, since it would feel oppressive or appear to darken the room. It makes sense, however, for this fancy kitchen design with all-white elements and a modern-meets-baroque design scheme.

Baroque is all about large, heavy, luxurious elements, so including it in this scheme only feels natural. The heavy curtains are offset by the white lighting, making the room feel brighter!

10. Simple, Sunny Dining Area with Sheer Patterned Window Dressing

interior of kitchen

This cute, cozy, and traditional dining area uses a wide variety of shades from dark brown all the way up to white to create a soothing atmosphere.

Since this room is all about warm wood tones and simple furnishings, having large curtains would just feel like too much. These simple, semi-sheer panels are a charming addition to the room that adds fun patterns and texture to the scheme without distracting the eye.

11. 70's Inspired Kitchen with Classic Retro Touches

Small modern kitchen

There's nothing like a traditional cotton gingham curtain in a retro kitchen! This kitchen design screams 1970's and rather than try to update the scheme, the designer embraces the fun retro vibes completely!

These curtains are bright and eye-catching, but they don't feel too heavy or out of place. I also love the way the ruffles in the curtains contrast with the sleek and minimal cabinet design!

12. Traditional, Luxurious Kitchen with Heavy Draped Curtains

The interior of the kitchen

This kitchen design is all about elegant, traditional luxury. The beautiful window treatments framing the curved wall on the far end of the room accentuate the high-end feel of the kitchen while softening the more straight-edged elements like the checkered floor.

The way the curtains are pulled back between the windows is reminiscent of Greek columns, perfect for this hyper-traditional look.

13. Contemporary Kitchen with Retro Tropical Touches

Kitchen interior with wooden furniture, table and many utensils in warm tones

This fun modern take on a tropical kitchen is everything! While much of the kitchen is sleek, minimal, and contemporary, the curtains are the real show-stopper in this scheme!

Bright and cheery tropical floral print livens up the space and gives it a kick of energy. It also softens up the very hard-edged look of the cabinetry, introducing a little of that laid-back, retro-island vibe back into the room.

14. Chic, Modern Kitchen Design with Minimalist Window Dressings

Urban apartment - interior of a dining room, table

This dining area is all about combining classic shapes, and textures with modern sleek silhouettes. The curtains in such a space need to be unobtrusive and minimal, which is exactly what the designer did.

Having a row of white cotton panels along the floor-to-ceiling windows helps to brighten up the room without distracting from the many beautiful elements. It's so clever how the curtains are tied back low to the ground, allowing for lots of privacy even when they're open!

15. Small, Subtle Curtain Fixtures on Kitchen Window

red and white cat is looking through the window

Looking for a sweet yet subtle look in your kitchen? Sometimes you just want to add a special touch to a room, and these curtains certainly do that.

They're not the most functional design, but they add a certain charm to the small kitchen window without making it feel too dark. They're also pulled through curtain rods on both the top and the bottom, meaning that they won't get in the way when cooking or cleaning.

16. Luxury Traditional Kitchen with Drapes Framing the Dining Area

Kitchen interior with dining table and the window curtains

Talk about taking a traditional look to the next level! This gorgeous kitchen shows just how to incorporate color and pattern in a unique way, without distracting from beautiful features in the kitchen.

While the majority of the kitchen's built-in features are painted a soft blue, the curtains accentuate the far wall and frame the dining area. The look is completed with the rug separating out the dining area from the cooking area, creating an entirely different room within the kitchen itself!

17. Large Kitchen with Antique Features and Statement Gingham Curtains

Interior of an old mansion, wide modern kitchen

This kitchen is full of character and amazing statement pieces like the tiled floor, high ceilings, and metal-sided island. So when choosing window treatments it's important to choose colors and fabrics that accentuate the original character of the house without taking away from it.

The gingham feels like an unusual choice at first, but it compliments the retro feel of the rest of the kitchen, and the reds go with the tiles on the floor!

18. Large Open Kitchen Lined with Windows and Sweet Floral Curtains

Fragment of white kitchen with many windows

Sometimes it's important to look around your space, figure out what advantages you're working with and decide which features to highlight. With beautiful windows lining a bright, white kitchen, any window treatments are going to be the main focal point of the room.

Choosing a soft pastel fabric and barely-there valances adds a subtle charm to the kitchen design while allowing the natural light to shine through.

19. Grey Roman Shades and a Pink Curtain on Big, Glass Windows

Gray roman shades and a pink curtain on big, glass windows in a modern kitchen and dining room interior with a wooden table and white chairs

When designing your kitchen, make sure that your window treatments work in the context of the room.

This cool contemporary kitchen is all about soft, streamlined shapes and while the large pink panel adds color and vibrancy to the room, the drop-down shades have the more practical job of privacy and shade.

The solid colors and simple lines are the perfect matches for a modern and minimal kitchen.

20. Neutral Coastal Kitchen Design with Bright Blue Curtains

neutral coastal kitchen design with bright blue curtains

This kitchen is a great example of how to combine natural and contemporary elements, but an even better example of how color can make a big impact.

Since the kitchen's color scheme is made up of whites and light neutrals, the curtains add an energetic pop of color that cheers up the space. The brightly colored curtains draw the eye through the whole kitchen toward the back of the room, helping it feel bigger and more open!

21. Sleek, Modern Kitchen with Bright Green Accents

sleek, modern kitchen with bright green accents

I love the creative way the designer incorporated color into this kitchen design! Since the main features of the kitchen (the cabinets, backsplash, and furnishings) are all in white and browns, they're the perfect backdrop for a splash of intense color.

Just like the light shines through the bright green lighting fixtures in the center of the room, the natural sunlight shines through this sleek neon blind, giving the room a burst of energy.

22. Modern and Luxurious Kitchen with Linen Roman Curtains

modern and luxurious kitchen with linen roman curtains

When in doubt, classic clean lines and simple, straightforward elements always work out. At first glance, this kitchen seems ultra-modern. But looking closer, it embraces natural colors and textures to create a more organic look.

This linen window treatment makes quite the statement, while still feeling organic and traditional. It works because it pulls color from the beautiful marbled stone backsplash, while also integrating texture through the rough-woven linen fabric.

23. Cozy Country Kitchen with Bright Pops of Color

cozy country kitchen with bright pops of color

Kitchens are often the heart of the home, so it makes sense to make it the cheeriest, brightest area of your house. Yellow is a popular color choice for kitchens because it's bright, cheery, and energetic, and as this warm and welcoming kitchen shows, a little goes a long way.

The natural textures of the brick walls and wooden cabinets are complemented by the beautiful yellow shade in the tablecloth and matching window drapes, which help to brighten up the entire room and make it feel just a bit more modern.

24. Eclectic and Artsy Kitchen with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

eclectic and artsy kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows

When faced with a busy design, it's always a great idea to choose simplicity. This modern and artistic kitchen design wouldn't be complete without the giant curtains draped over the windows on the far wall.

The curtains are the perfect neutral so they can blend in while adding just the right touch of color. Since the kitchen already has several different competing styles, having the plain curtains helps tone down the look so it still feels welcoming and cozy.

25. Lace Curtains in a Classic, Homey Kitchen

lace curtains in a classic, homey kitchen

Modern window treatments are great, but there's nothing wrong with returning to the classics. This country kitchen has all the touches of home, especially the lovely view from the kitchen window!

Framed on both sides by gorgeous wood cabinets, this window is perfectly dressed with a sweet and subtle lace valance. It's a touch that feels familiar but not too dated, and the color helps bring out the natural light in a room that could become too dark without it.

Choosing the right curtain for your kitchen helps express your style and personality without the use of words. With the help of these kitchen curtain ideas, find your voice and style your kitchen for a fabulous kitchen makeover.