37 Wine Themed Kitchen Ideas for the True Wine Lover

Looking for ways to upgrade your traditional kitchen to a wine themed kitchen? You're not alone!

Wine lovers unite for this very noble renovation cause! Kitchens, whether indoors or outdoors, everywhere are thirsting for change and a new look. They share your love for wine and do their part by storing your bottles, glasses, decanters, and corkscrews. So let them be a part of the fun by giving them a stylish new update.

There are a lot of fun ways to decorate so you can accomplish a beautiful wine themed kitchen. Let's take a look at some of those ideas now.

37 Wine Themed Kitchen Ideas for the True Wine Lover

1. Vino Decor

All of these decorations are just perfect for a wine themed kitchen. The giant letters spelling vino, cleverly use a wine barrel top as the “o”. Other wine barrels decorate the wall above the wine bar holding the soon to be used glasses.

2. Wine Shrine

Framed in like the works of art they are, your wine bottles are at an easy arms reach. This is a totally cool idea that you can be inspired by and do in your own kitchen. It's a simple project with great results.

3. Vineyard Details

Illuminated by the natural light of the window are falling grapes, vintage decanters, and delicious bread. Great decor ideas for a wine themed kitchen that reminds me of the vineyards in France.

4. Metalwork and Grapes

Metalwork has a cool industrial feel to it which reminds me of the industrial look of a wine cellar. This delightful dishrack also features brightly colored images of grapes to go with the theme.

5. Appliance Decals

Now here is a cool way to add some wine-tastic art to your kitchen. Decals that can cover the fridge or dishwasher to add an extra touch of creativity and color.

6. Tasting Bar

Every wine enthusiast needs a wine tasting bar! Dedicate a space in your kitchen to bring your guests so they can taste your array of wine flavors before picking their poison.

7. Floor Mats

Lush grape leaves framing full glasses of red wine and the bottle to match. The floormat near your kitchen sink can also enjoy jumping in on the design fun.

8. Side Table

A mid-century modern side table as an extra surface in your wine themed kitchen. It also has a cork catcher that adds an extra functional element to the whole design.

9. Crates and Barrels

Wine crates and wine barrels should be your go to when looking for rustic decorative pieces that you can use. They can become great surfaces and storage and are delightful to the eyes.

10. Flower Wall Vases

Beautifully tinted glass bottles sustained on the wall with simple brackets to become the perfect place to put the flowers that your niece and nephew brought over.

11. Corner Shelf

Don't waste a good corner when it can be participating in the wine enthusiasm! Put that corner to work as yet another place for extra bottles and wine glasses. I adore the lovely text added onto the shelf as well.

12. Cork Holder Shelf

What would have been thrown away now has a purpose. Those wine corks can be collected to create a delightful frame for your wine shelf.

13. Cork Hot Plates

Now here is a fun craft you can do with the girlfriends on ladies' night this week. However, first, you are all going to have to do your part in bringing enough corks. You know what that means!

14. Cork Vase

Okay, so if it just so happens that you and your girlfriends still have extra corks after making your new cork hot plates, here comes round two of crafting. This time, you can make charming vases for Spring flowers.

15. Cork Catcher

However, if you aren't one for crafts, and prefer collecting then you are going to need a cork catcher. This is a fun way to save your corks for that one day that you learn to love crafting.

16. Bottle Pendants

I'm sure by now you have seen how people are turning beer, wine, and even old soda bottles into light pendants. This is a must in any wine themed kitchen. Try doing it yourself as a fun weekend project, or look online for pre-made options.

17. A Modern Shelf

There are a lot of unique ideas for trendy storage solutions for your wine bottles out there. This chevron design is chic, fun, and totally stylish. It gives plenty of space for all of your bottles and looks great in any kitchen.

18. Wine Prints

Big beautiful prints of wine, vineyards, or grapes to hang up on the walls around your kitchen will help get that look you desire. I especially love the placement of this photo that reminds you to put a splash (or two) of red wine in your cooking.

19. Trash Barrel

There are so many cool ways you can reuse old wine barrels and incorporate them into your kitchen design. Just this simple cover for your trash can is a clever beginning to more great ideas.

20. Ice Bar Counter

When guests are on their way to your holiday dinner party you are going to want to keep their favorite whites on ice. In your wine themed kitchen, you can have a designated spot for chill built right into your countertop. Talk about fancy!

21. Secret Stash

Everyone has a secret stash of their favorite treat. Don't they? Well, I know I do! I've got my chocolate stash hidden in the living room coffee table drawer. Stash away your favorite wines in a secret cupboard of your own.

22. Extra Storage

If you are a true wine lover then you will have copious amounts of wine all around the house. But, where are you going to store all of those bottles? Here is the storage solution design for you!

23. Artistic Vinyl

Decorate your wine themed kitchen with wine themed vinyls. Outlines of wine bottles, images of grapes, or silhouettes of your future wine shelf. Shop online for your favorite design.

24. Details of Grapes

When shopping online, garage sale-ing, or visiting your local thrift shop, keep on the lookout for kitchen items with images of grapes. This is a perfect way to add wine themed decor into the design.

25. The Whole Shebang

Go for the whole look with wooden tones to get that rustic farmhouse vineyard look. This kitchen not only has the right vibe but it has a lot of wine storage for all your favorite tastes.

26. Cork Countertop

The perfect countertop for your wine themed kitchen. Plus, do you know what this means? That you're going to have to start drinking so you can start saving up enough corks to do the whole countertop!

27. Vending Machine

Ladies and gentlemen, it is officially the future. Innovation has brought us to the point where can have a wine dispenser in our very own kitchen. Refill your glass with a simple push of a button and really impress your guests.

28. Wine Nook

When installing the cabinetry in your kitchen, make sure you leave a little nook for your new favorite place in the house. Your wine nook should have shelving for glasses and of course a wine fridge to keep certain bottles chilled.

29. Clever Ideas

This might be my favorite hack idea ever. The furniture piece is an old card catalog that has been updated to become a clever place to store your wine bottles. This will definitely become the most frequent conversation starter at dinner parties when you pull out that new bottle.

30. Barrel Post

Do you have a supportive post in your kitchen space? Well, turn that post into something eye-catching and functional too! An old wine barrel can become the base of a table around the post for a lovely place to sit with visiting company.

31. Wine Soaked

3 Sq. Ft. Reclaimed Wood Wall Panels, Wine Soaked
Image: Houzz

Reclaimed wood that has been soaked in wine! If there ever was a more perfect wall paneling for your future wine themed kitchen I would be shocked. I wonder if it smells like wine too?

32. Wine List

1000 Oaks Barrel Co. Wine List Sign
Image: Houzz

So it looks like we are out of Chardonnay… Oh, but there's no more Merlot either! Better start a list so I don't forget while enjoying the last glass of Rosé.

33. Wine Colored Curtains

Lined-Luxury 2 Wine Velvet Grommet Curtain Panels Drapes with 2 tiebacks-Pair
Image: Houzz

Keep the rich color of red wine in mind when picking out accent colors for your new kitchen update. A deep burgundy can be that perfect pop of color for your wine themed kitchen.

34. Contemporary Cellar

Large trendy porcelain tile and black floor wine cellar photo in Detroit with storage racks
Image: Houzz

It goes without saying, but, this image screams sophistication, luxury, and complete awesomeness. If you are a true wine lover then having your cellar just steps away from your kitchen is going to be your newest renovation plan.

35. Wine Fridge in the Island

Inspiration for a timeless u-shaped eat-in kitchen remodel in Seattle with an undermount sink, white cabinets, white backsplash and stainless steel appliances
Image: Houzz

Keep your whites crisp and chilly with a built-in wine fridge. A perfect place that is filling up some otherwise unneeded cupboard space in the kitchen island.

36. Wine Bar

Example of a trendy kitchen design in Miami
Image: Houzz

You know, some people build cute coffee bars, others build cocktail bars, but you, you're all about wine. So this is what that awkward nook in your kitchen can soon become. Lots of polished glasses, racks for red, and efficient cooling for white.

37. Wine Themed Curtains

The shape of the curtains reminds me of a little French restaurant on the streets of Paris. A very charming addition to your kitchen to bring in more wine vibes and happy times.