Decor Tips: What Color Rug With Grey Couch? – 36 Trendy Ideas

36 trendy rug that go with grey couches 1

Hmm… what color rug with grey couch? If that's your question too, you're not alone! You have finally invested in that super chic grey couch you have been looking at for weeks. You set the couch up in your living room and… Hmm… Something seems to be missing.

Looking around the room, you just can't seem to figure out what it is, but with a quick glance to the floor beneath the sofa, you realize. An area rug! An extra layer to add between your hardwood floors and your couch. Besides, you definitely don't want to worry about scratching the floors if it gets bumped or moved.

Just one question though, what color rug goes with a grey couch? The answer? Many. So, let's take a look at some examples of how people have styled different colored rugs to go with their grey couch.

Decor Tips: What Color Rug With Grey Couch? – 36 Trendy Ideas

1. Watercolor Grey

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 1
Image: Pinterest

When looking for a rug to go with your grey sofa, you can't go wrong with sticking to the same tones. Bring in some depth with artistic designs like watercolor so you can see an array of shades.

2. Turkish Rug

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 2
Image: Pinterest

Turkish rugs have to be my favorite! Even though the authentic ones can sometimes be pricey, they are totally worth it in my opinion. The attention to detail and the artistry is captivating.

3. Shag and Stepping Stones

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 3
Image: Pinterest

This carpet sort-of reminds me of an untamed grassy lawn covered with stepping stone tiles. The shag is fun and you will love feeling it's softness with bare feet. Overall, this type of creative carpet in grey tones is a big yes for style.

4. Creamy White

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 4
Image: Pinterest

Keep it simple, subtle, and soft. Even though white may seem like a boring option, it could be the perfect look for your design. Especially if you have accent colors popping out and want to keep the feel of the room neutral.

5. Farmhouse Cowhide

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 5
Image: Pinterest

Yee-haw! Now isn't this just the most perfect rug for a farmhouse interior design? Don't worry, if you don't like the idea of having real cowhide in the house, there are very convincing faux ones that will do the trick.

6. Bold Blue

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 6
Image: Pinterest

Since the couches themselves are a light neutral grey, my eyes are grabbed by the bold color of the vibrant blue rug. A rug can be a great place to bring in the accent colors of your room.

7. Black and Fluffy

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 7
Image: Pinterest

Are you trying to create a sleek and sophisticated vibe? In that case, consider a daring black shag rug with a cool and classy appeal. The darker tones contrast nice with the light grey couches and white walls.

8. Contrast Layering

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 8
Image: Pinterest

In this living room design, they have gone for the best of both worlds and included two unique looks into one room. Underneath the grey couch is a monochromatic rug, then, layered beside it is an artistically vibrant rug. As you can see, this makes the room feel creative and unique.

9. Daring Rainbow

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 9
Image: Pinterest

Speaking of artistic and colorful, when you have a very neutral room, you can really make a statement on the rug. Vibrant colors create a charming chevron pattern which helps the other accents in the room really pop.

10. Moody Charcoal

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 10
Image: Pinterest

I must say, this is a cool and modern look that I am surprisingly on board with! I only say surprisingly because personally I am all about bright colors and bold patterns, so I'm intrigued with how much I like such a dark and moody color scheme.

11. Rusty Browns

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 11
Image: Pinterest

Okay, bohemian wanderers and gypsy adventurers, I have the rug idea for you! These rusty brown tones are totally trendy and pair awesomely with the brown leather decor pieces. An insta-worthy look.

12. Shades of Blue

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 12
Image: Pinterest

Great for a nautical themed room or a coastal beach house design. As the shades of the ocean and blue sky above, you can feature these calming tones in your area rug. Rest assured that they will go soundly with your grey sofa.

13. Dusty Gold

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 13
Image: Pinterest

Do you have accents of gold in your living room decor, like in the lamps, the hardware, or the coffee table? In that case, make them pop even more by highlighting them with a dusty gold rug.

14. Deep Teal

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 14
Image: Pinterest

As you may remember from the “Teal Bedrooms” article, I am all about the color teal. There is something so gorgeous yet mysterious, warm yet cool, and sexy yet sophisticated about it. So it goes to show that it matches finely with a grey couch.

15. Bold Zig Zags

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 15
Image: Pinterest

Now here is a captivating look that will definitely grab some attention. A bold zig zag patterns lights up the floor with a bright pumpkin orange that isn't just for the fall season. Orange and grey have a nice vibe together that feels fun and happy.

16. Aqua Blue

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 16
Image: Pinterest

Calling all fans of aqua, we've got the inspiration you are looking for. That soft aqua tone is so beautiful and pairs nicely with the grey couch. Accents of aqua are spread around the room for a complete look.

17. Bohemian Chic

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 17
Image: Pinterest

Light, airy, and pretty, the design for this living room shouts bohemian chic. Find a rug that works for you first, and then buy the decor to match afterward so you can be sure that you get the right tones.

18. Faded Purple

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 18
Image: Pinterest

To get that vintage look, go for a faded area rug. A regal purple is sophisticated and classy and will pair nicely with a soft light grey couch. However, if you are wanting a darker shade in the couch I would also look for a deeper and bolder purple in the rug.

19. Greek Blue

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 19
Image: Pinterest

Remember that romantic trip to Greece you took? Well, maybe it was just a dream… So bring that dream to life with a Greek-style rug decorated with meanders and painted with a chill blue combines with the grey couch to give off a fantastical look.

20. Pink and Fluffy

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 20
Image: Pinterest

Absolutely dreamy, the soft blush and the cool concrete grey are the only colors needed in this room to get a fabulous look. Even if you like a bit of a darker pink, it will still work with the room.

21. Pink, Green, and Blue

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 21
Image: Pinterest

Wow! I don't know about you, but these color tones remind me of gemstones. Sapphire Blue, Turquoise Green, and Rose Quartz accented in geometrical shapes with thin lines of gold. The grey is the perfect neutral tone to let the colors really make a statement.

22. Handwoven Wool

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 22
Image: Pinterest

Handwoven rugs can sometimes have really attractive patterns and unique shades. I am in love with handmade items like this that have such precision and detail because it is truly an artistic sight to behold.

23. Colorful Geometry

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 23
Image: Pinterest

Cool shapes give off quirky and fun vibes and the rainbow colors only accentuate that happy vibe. To really make that rug a statement piece, however, your couch should be neutral and just seamlessly blend into the room.

24. Blue, Yellow, and Grey

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 24
Image: Pinterest

Sunshine yellow has just always seemed like the perfect color to go with grey in my opinion. While grey can feel cold and neutral, yellow is happy and bright. Definitely, that is why they pair so nicely.

25. Stripes of Grey

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 25
Image: Pinterest

Sort of like the watercolor grey rug we saw at the very beginning of the article, this rug remains grey like the couch but features an array of shades. Each stripe has a different fabric and a different tone, bringing extra texture to the room.

26. Abstract Pattern

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 26
Image: Pinterest

Really have fun when picking out your rug. There is nothing stopping you for going for something unique, bold, or abstract. The grey couch really allows you to go wild or stay reserved, depending on what tickles your fancy.

27. Faded Grey

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 27
Image: Pinterest

It's cool how the faded rug really gives an antique and mysterious vibe. Almost like the rug has been there a lot longer than you have, and so it probably has a lot of stories to tell. The soft splashes of grey flow with the plush grey sofa.

28. Blue and White

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 28
Image: Pinterest

Have you ever seen those blue and white pottery dishes from the Netherlands? I believe it's called Delftware. That's what this rug reminds me of. White and blue and delicately elegant. A nice match for your new couch.

29. Black and White

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 29
Image: Pinterest

Complete the three main shades by adding in a grey couch with a black and white rug. Having these three neutral tones act as the base for your room, really allows you freedom when picking out accent colors.

30. Artistic and Bold

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 30
Image: Pinterest

Absolutely gorgeous! Firey reds, bold oranges, and subtle hints of blue embellish this woven rug. I must say that it works just stunningly beneath the grey sofa with black legs.

31. Soft Brown

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 31
Image: Pinterest

Similar to the color of bamboo or wet sand, using a soft brown on the floor has a natural look. It doesn't contrast poorly against grey, and it helps the wooden features in the furniture flow nicely with the room.

32. Pinks and Blues

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 32
Image: Pinterest

Baby pink and baby blue are the tones used in this living room look. The bright happy tones match charmingly with the throw pillows and bring out the blue of the blue-grey sofa.

33. Reds and Oranges

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 33
Image: Pinterest

For a couch with a darker grey tone, you will want a bolder rug when bringing in color. This type of extravagant rug will do just the trick and will have your guests asking you where you got it.

34. Bold Grey Pattern

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 34
Image: Pinterest

To make the grey of the couch melt more into the scheme of the room, you can bring in a rug that features a pattern in the same tone. They will highlight each other and make the design flow more smoothly.

35. White with Black

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 35
Image: Pinterest

Alright, have you been checking out the Scandinavian or Nordic interior design looks? Well, this monochromatic rug idea fits right in with that trendy vibe. A shaggy white carpet with thin black lines crisscrossing in style.

36. Subtle Reds

36 rug grey couch trendy ideas 36
Image: Pinterest

So, what color rug goes with a grey couch? Pretty much any color, when the room is designed properly. If you can find a grey rug that matches your couch, no matter the accent color that it has faded into it, it can always potentially work.