Vintage Farmhouse Decorating Ideas – 26 Tips For A Fab Makeover

If you're looking for vintage farmhouse decorating ideas, you'll love the list we've put together for you!

The farmhouse has a quaint quality that’s welcoming and sort of majestic. Decorating your home with a farmhouse approach will echo rough-hewn living while lacking its inconveniences.

This style benefits from a type of eclecticism, so think over how you’ll mix and match the decor. You also have to figure out what shabby or archaic furniture is worth buying because the effect can be ugly if you aren’t careful.

It’s worth the effort to make the old into the new. You’ll earn a canny den with a bold classic appearance, its domesticity representing simpler niceties in life.

Indeed, the farmhouse atmosphere can feel like a call of the past, not as it was, but as we remember it. To answer a yearning for days of yore, here are some vintage farmhouse decorating ideas.

Vintage Farmhouse Decorating Ideas – 26 Tips For A Fab Makeover

Quick Look

  1. Wooden bench
  2. Tufted armchair
  3. Galvanized planter
  4. Shiplap wallpaper
  5. Rattan chair
  6. Entry table
  7. Barnwood end table
  8. Sideboard
  9. Armoire
  10. Prefab ceiling beams
  11. Butcher block counter
  12. Apron sink
  13. Slipcover
  14. Exposed brick
  15. Wire baskets
  16. Tie-up shades
  17. Picnic blanket
  18. Wall lantern
  19. Open shelving
  20. Flannel pillow
  21. Shiplap table
  22. Glass bell pendant light
  23. Pallet wood
  24. Rugged textiles
  25. Burlap rug
  26. Floral centerpiece

1. Wooden Bench

26 tips for fab makeover 1

One of the most popular vintage farmhouse decorating ideas is wooden benches. A wooden bench isn’t just a place to sit, it’s a quintessential farmhouse decoration.

An armless bench saves space indoors, while an open-back bench with armrests is good for the front porch. Glazed wood in honey or mahogany shades captures a modern rural flavor.

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It’s a stable antique-style bench made from various woods put together by worn, authentic craftsmanship.

2. Tufted Armchair

26 tips for fab makeover 2

It’ll feel like a farmhouse if you can bask in a comfortable chair by the fireplace. A tufted armchair is an easeful accent to any room, where the elderly can rest and kids can settle on your lap.

Get it in soft corduroy or a leather finish, with a dark color to supply a rich snugness. The color should also be similar to any nearby carpet for continuity.

3. Galvanized Planter

26 tips for fab makeover 3

Use galvanized planters to make the place pop with greenery that symbolizes agrarian life. Bucket or cylinder-shaped planters can pretty up your porch and patio. Hang bowl planters around the house near windows, or put them on stools against the wall.

Clasp rectangular planters to railings or windowsills, or use a large planter box as an accent piece on your deck.

4. Shiplap Wallpaper

26 tips for fab makeover 4

There’s no need to install shiplap panels when you could get the same farmhouse texture with shiplap wallpaper. It’s the right shot of personality for your walls, vaguely nautical and enduringly simple.

The seamless lines have a relaxing simplicity suited to rural life, easily paired with different decorative approaches. A horizontal pattern could illusorily increase a space’s wideness, while a vertical pattern could do the same for height.

5. Rattan Chair

26 tips for fab makeover 5

A rattan chair woven from climbing palms is just the naturalistic flair your farm-style home could use, able to drop some low-key character into most rooms. The material has a sunbaked coarseness that heartily complements wood and elicits a tone that’s shabby as chic.

Whether or not you intend to sit on it, apply its decorative worth: it could be a nice focal point or a useful space-filler.

6. Entry Table

26 tips for fab makeover 6

You’ve got to have an entry table, a spot that neatly spruces up the foyer while letting you grab essential items. Bring the countryside energy with slanted beams, dainty drawers, a slotted bottom shelf, and an ample walnut top finish.

A fully black or white coat of paint could do well. Complete the look by resting a lamp or flowerpot on it and hanging a painting right above.

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7. Barnwood End Table

26 tips for fab makeover 7

A barn wood end table adds an unmistakable ruggedness you’ll want for vintage farmhouse decoration. Here you can rest a coffee mug and book while gaining a touch of nostalgic charm, a statement piece that shouldn’t stick out too much.

If the end table is of the distressed reclaimed wood variety, paint it a dark color, while a modern one could benefit from a bright color.

8. Sideboard

26 tips for fab makeover 8

The sideboard is somewhat ungainly but worth the chunk of country vanity that it suggests. They’ve tended to be in the dining room to store serving platters, but they also make good work tables.

You’ll want one in the mid-century modern style, nothing too garish, something you wouldn’t mind taking up a section of the wall. There are lots of aspects to think of, like hutches, veneered doors, and peg legs.

9. Armoire26 tips for fab makeover 9g-path-1900877836

The armoire is an imposing wardrobe evoking old gilded days. It’s a throwback to the pomp of the country gentry, carrying a stylish sophistication.

The armoire’s retro trappings work best in shades of deep brown, and when the doors have rectangular paneling. The size can make it a little cumbersome, but it can really complete space if positioned well.

10. Prefab Ceiling Beams

26 tips for fab makeover 10

Exposed ceiling beams can make the farmhouse theme more pronounced but balance the setting between past and present. Beams made of fiberglass or polyurethane are lightweight and can be installed without an engineer’s approval, so this is a DIY project you’ll want to take on.

They’ll look good in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings, and can be painted to suit your tastes.

11. Butcher Block Counter

26 tips for fab makeover 11

One of the most talked-about vintage farmhouse decorating ideas is butcher blocks. Butcher block countertops, which look like they’re ready to have hard work done upon them, are an affordable option for a countryside vibe.

Customize the hue and pattern when you choose from hardwoods and wood grains, leaning toward mildly dark browns. It’s folksy to an extent, the natural coloring is warm and reassuring. It requires effort to maintain though, especially in dryness and humidity.

12. Apron Sink

26 tips for fab makeover 12

The apron sink, also known as a farmhouse sink, prevents excessive leaning and juts from the counter to prevent dripping water from damaging cabinet wood.

The practicality is matched by the streamlined look that’ll improve your kitchen’s style. The sink will thrive with the right color, like slate grey, ash marble, or leather brown, and you could try it in the same color as the countertop.

13. Slipcover

26 tips for fab makeover 13

Make your furniture invitingly old-school by throwing on a slipcover. Casually enchanting, the rustic covering lends a relaxed and soft feeling helpful for the farmhouse theme.

A big boring sofa is automatically made better by a slipcover with the right pattern, and you can put it on wood dining chairs for added comfort. Choose colors and designs that blend in nicely with the home, avoiding anything too busy-looking.

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14. Exposed Brick

26 tips for fab makeover 14

Bricks don’t have to be ugly, and they’re what you want if you’re chasing that unrefined Old World look. Use it sparingly so as not to overwhelm the aesthetic, suitable for hallways or areas leading to the backyard.

Bricks of less intense whites, greys, and browns are easier on the eyes, and you might paint them a mild color for a stark uniformity.

15. Wire Baskets

26 tips for fab makeover 15

One of the most underrated vintage farmhouse decorating ideas is baskets! The versatile wire basket is an endearing farmhouse choice for ornamentation and utility. You might place them in various parts of the house with no purpose in mind.

They make good containers for pottery, and you can mount long baskets to shelves or the wall as repositories for various items. Hang them around to store what you need, particularly at your patio or around your backdoor.

16. Tie-up Shades

26 tips for fab makeover 16

Tie-up shades can grant you the right old-fashioned charm if you get a pastoral design. A checkered pattern can work if the curtain isn’t too large. A thick coffee-colored curtain will add a woodland coziness.

Thermal insulated blackout curtains have just the right heaviness for farmhouse style. The effect of these shades is also quite eye-catching when the ends are tied into pleasant ribbons.

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17. Picnic Blanket

26 tips for fab makeover 17

The picnic blanket, an old classic, can effortlessly enhance a vintage house. Black or a subdued red will likely work best. Spread one as a hallway rug or toss it on dull furniture that needs personality.

The less adventurous but perfectly acceptable choice is to use it as a table covering.

18. Wall Lantern

26 tips for fab makeover 18

Not only will wall lanterns provide much-needed light around the house, but they’ll also ensure a real vintage presence. You can find some fairly ornate styles with curled protrusions, and they come in different shapes from bulb-like to boxy.

Certain combinations of traits can look Victorian, or like they belong in a garden. These will have a good effect on a foyer or backyard but are also helpful along a staircase.

19. Open Shelving

26 tips for fab makeover 19

While it may not seem like much, open shelving is pleasing to the eyes and emphasizes the sort of practicality needed in a farmhouse. Skipping the cabinet doors gives you quick access to what you need and looks cool from afar.

It’s certainly good for when guests are over and can see everything at once so they don't have to ask around. The organization is much faster, and it can make a small kitchen feel bigger.

20. Flannel Pillow

26 tips for fab makeover 20

Flannel pillows are odd, but add some retro panache that everyone will enjoy. These pillows, bursting with personality, come in a wide variety of color combinations that’ll dizzy you, so choose carefully.

They’re fine for the bedroom, but don’t stop there. Sometimes a flannel pillow on a chair is the right dash of fun for a boring room. Experiment with this unusual decoration to see how it compares and contrasts with your furniture.

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21. Shiplap Table

26 tips for fab makeover 21

The olden vigor of shiplap is what you want for your vintage farmhouse theme. This hefty type of table provides an interesting sense of order with its strict parallel lines. You can get it polished and unblemished, easily navigable among other decors.

Or you can try a weathered look to emphasize rustic sensibility. It’ll definitely work as a living room coffee table and will flourish in your backyard.

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22. Glass Bell Pendant Light

26 tips for fab makeover 22

The glass bell pendant light is elegant in its simplicity, recalling a more stripped-back time. The otherworldly glow is almost eerie, though not troublingly so.

It’s probably intended to illuminate a kitchen island, though there are other possibilities to toy with. They look very good in a closet, in the foyer hall, or at the center of the living room ceiling.

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23. Pallet Wood

26 tips for fab makeover 23

One of the most popular vintage farmhouse decorating ideas is wood. Pallet wood should get more recognition, given its versatility. It stylishly emphasizes the raw nature of country ways, laying bare a more seat-of-your-pants lifestyle.

With a few panels and legs, a pallet becomes a coffee table. Pressure wash two pallets to create a bed headboard. Remove a side of the boards so that the pallet can cover up a radiator that you don’t want cramping your style.

24. Rugged Textiles

26 tips for fab makeover 24

Textiles are great for decoration but can look a bit modern, so get them in the rugged style. They can be folded and hung from various pieces of furniture to add some bucolic aura here and there.

A large rugged textile would look great at the center of the living room floor. Drape them on the backs of chairs to provide a tad more comfortable.

25. Burlap Rug

26 tips for fab makeover 25

The woven appearance of a burlap rug works in a wide variety of settings, whether in front of a backyard sliding door or by a window in your room. The airy texture is fairly relaxing and couples well with pottery and lounge chairs.

Burlap is a good complement adjacent to furniture, or you might place furniture on top of it.

26. Floral Centerpiece

26 tips for fab makeover 26

Sometimes an area needs something to tie it all together, so throw in a floral centerpiece and freshen the atmosphere. Consider a plethora of plants, like bursting hydrangeas, sprigs of lavender, and olive branches. Sage and basil in terracotta pottery are a particularly good combination.

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