19 Types of Wood Paneling That’ll Inspire Your Renovation

Wood panel walls have come a long, long way since the seventies- haven't we all?

Now, there are many ways to design a room with wood-paneled walls, and they match different decor styles and tastes. We gathered up some great examples of 17 types of wood paneling that hold up to today's decor trends.

If you're looking for a way to redo a room or your whole house, and you're wondering how wood paneling might play a role in that, you're in the right place! Check out our list of wood paneling ideas, and get a little bit of interior design inspiration!

What is Wood Paneling?

Wood paneling refers to a category of material used to construct or decorate walls. The panels could be made from solid, real wood or from cheaper, wood-based materials like plywood. Sometimes, wood panels will be the entire substance of the wall, but more often, wood panels are placed over the wall in order to complement the aesthetic.

The thing that pops into most people's heads when they think about wood paneling is the classic, ugly faux wood panels from the seventies:

Now that is just straight up gross! The panels feel cheap and thin, and it's extremely obvious that it isn't real wood. if that's your idea of wood panels, then any distaste you have for them is well-placed.

In the twenty-first century, however, wood paneling has been brought up to speed with the rest of interior design and is pretty trendy when done right!

At its core, wood paneling is any wall or wall covering that is composed of thin pieces of wood that are arranged in a decorative fashion.

These wood panels can be painted, left bare, or stained to match the design of the room. Popular styles of wood paneling in 2020-2021 are shiplap, board, and batten, and reclaimed wood paneling.

19 Types of Wood Paneling: Image Gallery

There are many ways to use wood paneling in your home, and many of them are pretty stylish! Check out our list of examples, and see which ones you like best! For fun, we included the classic seventies wood paneling because it's such a memorable interior design staple. Let's get to it!

1. Classic Seventies Retro Wood Paneling

This is a lot like the wood paneling from the 1970s that so many of us have balked at, but a bit nicer. When paired with a mid-century modern chair, it's actually not that bad of a look! When done right, there is a lot to love about this old-school, *groovy* wood paneling!

2. Knotty Pine Cabin Feel

If you're a laid-back nature lover, a pine cabin near a lake or river might be your idea of a dream vacation home. If that dream of owning a cabin is pretty unrealistic for you, this knotty pine wood paneling can bring it a lot closer! the wood panels have a lot of great texture and variety, and the whole atmosphere feels welcoming to all.

3. Thin Vertical Wood Panels

This is a really stylish way of using wood to cover a wall. The thin, long vertical panels make the whole area look very futuristic, but because it's made of wood it helps it to feel grounded and natural. The color and texture of this room feels a lot like a concert hall, and it fits solidly into a Nordic modern type of aesthetic. While this might not belong in the average suburban home, there's a lot to love about it, and maybe a toned-down version could help shape a room in your house!

4. Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling

Reclaimed wood is a strong trend today, and has been for a few years now. Aside from being cheaper than other materials, reclaimed wood can really transform a room with its rustic, earthy textures and deep colors. Using reclaimed wood to cover all or even part of a wall is a great way to add a lot of value to your home without spending a fortune!

5. Shiplap

Ahh, shiplap. Made famous across the world by Joanna Gaines, shiplap has a ton of charm to it. The real magic of shiplap is that it has a rustic feel, but doesn't cross the lines into gimmicky antique territory. In other words, shiplap is true farmhouse aesthetic and avoids the “Hobby Lobby” tackiness.

6. Painted Wood Paneling

Sometimes, the only thing standing between a gross wood-paneled room and a gorgeous living space is a good paint job. Using a greyish, powdery blue paint, this room feels light, airy, and calming. It really is a great example of how wood paneling can go right- the lines in the panels give the wall a nice visual texture that is more interesting to look at than a flat, shapeless wall. Love this space!

7. Natural Real Wood Panels

Mid-century modern decorating is one of my all-time favorites. I love how it emphasizes simplicity, function, and comfort. All of that is present in this natural wood paneling. There isn't much to it beyond smooth, bare wood, but it has a great texture and a color that reflects natural light really well. It's uncomplicated and sophisticated at once!

8. Chevron-Style Wood Planks

The natural wood, arranged in a stunning chevron pattern, gives the wall so much to love. The different shades of grey in the planks add a lot to the overall feel of the room, even though it doesn't add much color. This is a stylish and chic way to redo a room with wood panels!

9. Tongue-and-Groove Wall

Tongue-and-groove panels fit snugly together, almost like puzzle pieces where each end is cut perfectly to snap together. This gives the wall a solid feeling, even though it is composed of many small pieces. It's a fun, simple DIY project that adds a lot of visual texture to a home!

10. Raised Panels

Raised panels are a type of wood paneling that adds texture and shape to a wall. It has a classic, elegant feel to it, and can make even the most boring room stylish in an instant. Raised panels are one of the simplest ways to add a touch of sophistication to a room.

11. Luxury-Style Raised Panels

If you're an old-school shipping merchant, this might be the type of vibe you want for your mansion. The deep brown color of the wood is highlighted by the raised paneling, giving the entire space a full, extravagant feel. It reminds me of the large New England estates seen in older movies, and there's a lot to love about it. It makes me want to write a 700-page novel, or run a global newspaper empire… or take a nap. Either way, I love it!

12. Board and Batten

Similar to raised panels, board and batten gives shape and definition to a wall without having to cover the entire surface. This bedroom, with a board and batten wall, has a deep blue paint job that feels calming and relaxing. the way the board and batten heightens the look is that it lets tiny little shadows be cast on the wall, adding shape and a new shade of color. The deep color and simple nature of the wall would help me feel at ease when it's bedtime- I love this wood panel bedroom idea!

13. Beadboard

Beadboard is similar to tongue-and-groove wood paneling, but the panels in beadboard are cut in a slightly different manner. It's a material that's commonly used in wainscoting, but it can also be a great option to cover an entire wall. It can be a nice replacement for tongue-and-groove walls when you don't have the time or means to assemble individual pieces.

14. Barn Wood Herringbone Pattern

The reclaimed wood, placed in a herringbone pattern, creates a dramatic and rustic wall that you might stare at more than your phone! This can make for a great DIY project that looks a lot nicer than most home improvement projects. All you need is the ability to cut clean angles into the wood and you'll have a wall that every guest in your home will compliment for years!

15. Wood Slats

Wood slats are a lot like tongue-and-groove walls, but the wood is raised rather than indented. Having a slat wall in your home will make it instantly unique, and the object of envy of many of your friends! It's not just about that, though; having a slat wall gives a room a lot of texture and style. Rather than looking old-school sophisticated like a tongue-and-groove wall, the slat wall has a rugged, modern feel unlike any other on this list.

16. Plank Wall

This plank wall capitalizes on the natural colors and feeling of the wood and creates a nice, rustic feeling for the whole office space. I'm always drawn to examples of craftsmanship that looks a bit effortless, and that's definitely the sense I get from this plank wall. It's simple, stylish, and warm, making the office feel more homey than it would with a plain white surface!

17. Natural Wood Planks

Inspiration for a contemporary dark wood floor living room remodel in Austin with a standard fireplace
Image: Houzz

These planks make up a wall that feels unpolished and earthy, giving the room a very cozy atmosphere. Getting this look in your home is actually rather simple; all you need to do is find the right wood and use a level often to ensure that each board is smooth and even and fits together nicely. This is a great DIY room upgrade for anyone to try! The end result looks so great that you may even have people asking you for help with their own renovations!

18. Simple Diagonal Slat Wall

Small farmhouse guest dark wood floor bedroom photo in Nashville with white walls and no fireplace
Image: Houzz

Slat walls look amazing when they're done right, and this is one example of when the homeowners did a phenomenal job. The diagonal direction of the slats is a treat for the eyes, and white paint keeps things simple and uncomplicated. White is a great color for a farmhouse bedroom; not only is it fitting to the style, but it also provides a sense of calm and spaciousness that'll help ease you to sleep. All things considered, this is a superb way to simply and creatively upgrade your walls!

19. Rich Vertical Panels

The color of these panels is a deep brown with a slight bit of red, and it reminds me of mahogany. It's rich, soothing, and sophisticated- three words you don't often hear when talking about wood paneling! I chose it for the final spot on the list because it brings wood paneling full circle, from a 70's shag carpet basement nightmare to a cool, modern wood-paneled home. The whole room feels like one unified, cozy collection!

Final Thoughts

Wood-paneled walls are anything but the interior design joke that is so easy to make. On the contrary, wood panels are an amazing way to upgrade your home without major renovations.

If your walls are lacking in style, texture, or shape, you can find some great inspiration from our list of choices and give your home a much-needed facelift!

If you have a wood-paneled wall in your home, or you have suggestions about different ways to incorporate wood panels into a stylish home, let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear what you've been able to do!