31 Types Of Tables – Find The Perfect One For Your Home


If you are anything like me, you didn't even know that there was more than one kind of desk! Don't worry, you're definitely not the only one who may not have their table lingo up to date.

There is an incredible quantity of different types of tables and each one provides a unique purpose. So today we are going to look at 30+ types of tables serving support for our daily lives.

1. Writing Desk

Writing desks traditionally were used for handwriting letters. Typically they are lightweight and quite simple. A few narrow drawers decorate the desk ideal for storing different kinds of paper. They should fit easily into most spaces, but due to their small stature are not the best for computers.

2. Nightstand

As you can probably imagine, a nightstand is a small table that goes beside your bed. Some qualities of a proper nightstand will be the height (reaching to the level of your bed) and the storage space like a shelf or drawer. There are so many cool nightstands out there nowadays that will bring style and function.

3. Computer Desk

Originally the computer desk had a shelf below for a monitor, a hole in the desk for routing cables, and a keyboard tray that would slide in and out. Nowadays with the miracle of new computers and laptops, things are a lot more compact. As long as you have a sturdy top that will support a good amount of weight, and lots of drawers to store your work material then you're good to go!

4. Workbench

This is that creative space where you do your crafting, building, and unique projects. The kind of workbench that you'll definitely want to have some wheels. This way you can easily transport completed projects or make more space in the workshop when needed. Don't worry about getting the top dirty, cut-up, or painted on, that's what workbenches are for!

5. End Table

A side table and end table are essentially the same things, however different from a nightstand. A side table will reach the height of your sofa or lounge chair and work as a surface for your drink or book. Commonly side tables have a lower shelf where magazines or perhaps an extra throw blanket might be stored.

6. Dining Table

*Cue dinner bell ringing* “Dinnertime!” It's that familiar place you go to sit down and enjoy a meal with your family. The dining table, in my opinion, is the center of the house. You'll traditionally see it combined with matching chairs, made out of strong and sturdy wood, and sometimes with a sleeve that can insert to enlarge the table.

7. Dressing Table

A dressing table, or vanity, is that quiet place you sit down to apply your makeup, try on some earrings, or curl your hair. They are always at a comfortable height where when seated you can clearly see yourself in the mirror. Crimp those eyelashes and smile at your reflection to start the day off right.

8. Patio Table

Even if your patio is covered, I would still say the most important aspect of a patio table is that it's weatherproof. Whether it be plastic or a waterproof finish on wood, you gotta look out for your patio furniture! Patio tables can be used for an outdoor dining experience, arts and crafts in the sunshine, or how about a friendly game of beer pong at night?

9. Bar/Pub Table

Pull up a stool and grab yourself a beer. The pub table doesn't have a lot of surface area because all you really need it for is a couple of pints and a bowl of popcorn. You will see these tables at taller heights and most often paired with high stools.

10. Picnic Table

Made out of wooden planks, the picnic table has wooden benches typically attached to the table itself. Sometimes you may see the benches separate but made with a similar wood plank design. Its design is for sporadic moments when the weather is kind and you wish to enjoy your meal under the stars or with the heat of the sun.

11. Round Table

Although it seems pretty straightforward, I mean, it's a table… That's round… Surprisingly there is a cool historical reason as to why. Because there is no “head of the table” and no sides, therefore the privileged spot has been removed making all those sitting there equals. This idea comes from the famous legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

12. Drop Leaf Table

Have fun switching between a round table and a square table, a large table, and a small table! Drop leaf tables are innovatively cool. They make storage a heck of a lot easier and can be transformed to fit whatever occasion you need it for. A simple maneuver keeps the leaf up and intact.

13. Nesting Table

A series of 2 or 3 small tables that fit quaintly one into another. These dainty tables are perfect for tea time. When you have a few guests over and each one has a cup of tea, it's kind to offer them each a place to rest their hot drink.

14. Butlers Table

This is a style of table that a butler would use when serving. A foldable bass with a tray that can be placed on top. Now (since butlers are totally overrated) they make for wonderful liquor tray tables.

15. TV Table

When the big game is on TV you can't expect a guy to miss it! TV tray tables were invented when TV dinners became popular. It is a convenient and lightweight table that came to the perfect height for you to sit on the couch and watch some sports while digging into some hot nachos.

16. Trestle Table

Sturdy wooden trestles below the tabletop are what makes a trestle table a trestle table (say that three times fast.) These tables often have sliding tops with removable leaves which makes hosting an extra special treat!

17. Acrylic Peekaboo Table

I spy with my little eye… An acrylic peekaboo table! Almost didn't notice it, did ya? An acrylic peekaboo table is about as simple as it gets. A “C” shape that disappears into the room and somehow even though you can barely see it, still manages to be stylish.

18. Pedestal Table

A tabletop so perfect we'll put it on a pedestal. That's pretty much what's going on here. Designed in the late 1700s the pedestal table had a goal of taking up less room while still dazzling in elegance. I think we can all agree it succeeded at its goal.

19. Harvest Table

Harvest tables were mostly used as sturdy worktops for farmers to do their sorting and prepping on. These days, people display them in their homes and use them as dining tables. I love the multifunctional purposes a beautiful table like this can have.

20. Coffee Table

Coffee tables can always be determined by their short stature bringing them to the same height as the sofa. A simple table where you can put down your coffee (or beer) that will often have a shelf or drawer for storage. There are so many fun coffee table designs out there now you can truly find one in every shape, size, color, and material.

21. Chess Table

Nothing like a good ol' game of chess. I mean, if you have the patience. These intricate types of tables have a chessboard built right into the tabletop. Making an opportunity to win a game of chess available every time you sit down.

22. Cocktail Table

You see these types of tables at weddings all the time. I don't know about you, but I have begun to notice that somehow when I stand next to one someone always seems to bring me a cocktail. Do you think if I got one for the dining room that it would work at home too?

23. Console Table

These long narrow tables are always there for you when you least expect it. You kick open the front door with a handful of mail about to spill all over the floor and there's your trusty console table ready to help!

24. Hanging Desk

Is it hanging? Is it floating? Well whatever is going on here, it looks pretty awesome. These tables don't even have legs, which will give your legs a whole lot of extra room. There are some cool ways to suspend wood in a sturdy enough manor that you can use it as a desk.

25. Nook Desk

People just continue to impress me. The nook desk must be a modern thing because it seems pretty innovative. This idea takes a nook that could be used for a closet or pantry and transforms it into an office desk space. Suspending the desk between the walls takes away the need for desk legs.

26. Pembroke Table

These types of tables were made for occasional use and therefore are lightweight. Named after the Earl and Countess of Pembroke, they had commissioned this type of table to be made for them. One drawer for writing material, coasters, or linens, and a drop-leaf style tabletop.

27. Tulip Table

Although invented in the 50s you may remember these tables as seen in the popular Austin Powers movies! Shagadelic baby! A circular base that stems upwards like a tulip and then supports a circular thin tabletop. A great versatile table that is easy to move around.

28. Pool Table

Ever played billiards? Or more specifically pool? Well, pool tables date back to the 1600s and sure have come a long way. You can even find pool tables that do a 180 flip to become a dining table. Pretty amazing if you ask me!

29. Kang Table

These tables can be found going all the way back to the Ming dynasty of the 1300s. Small in stature because they are not to be sat at with chairs, but instead with cushions, cross-legged on the floor. A charming way to enjoy a cup of Chinese tea.

30. Conference Table

This is that place you sit when in a board meeting or conference. A large table that can fit any number of people. Must be made from sturdy wood to support the length of the table. Meeting adjourned!

31. Refectory Table

A long narrow table from medieval times makes a magical place to dine. A definite conversation starter when bringing up the age and history of such a table. The drawer at the end can be especially useful when you are hosting. Keep extra napkins or cutlery in there for quick access.

32. Bistro Table

Don't these delicate tables just remind you of a romantic scene in Paris? The protagonist sipping her steaming coffee, staring off in a daze, dreaming of the countryside. Small in stature but efficient in functionality, a bistro table is just one of those types of tables that you can't not adore.