Tuscany Bedrooms – 25 Decor Ideas For Rustically Charming Bedrooms


If you have always dreamed about Tuscany bedrooms, here are some ideas to help you transform your room into one!

While I have visited quite a lot of places on this beautiful Earth of ours, I haven't yet made it to Italy. You better believe that when I do get the chance to visit, my first stop will be Tuscany.

Known for its incredible landscapes, the renowned artistic legacies, and its unique history, Tuscany has a definite intrigue and romantic mystery that is easy to dream about.

So, if you are wanting some of that romance and artistic charm in your home, I suggest redecorating your bedroom. Tuscany bedrooms will help you drift away in a slumber amongst warm earthy tones, natural materials crumbling purposely around you, and extravagantly detailed decor.

You can rest assured that you will awake with a wondrous smile each and every morning, however, it might be difficult to get out of bed. Those cozy feels are all too real!

Tuscany Bedrooms – 25 Decor Ideas For Rustically Charming Bedrooms

1. Warm Walls and Ceilings

One of the best ways to achieve a Tuscany style is by making the walls and ceilings warm earthy tones. This luscious orangey-brown has a sort-of muddy appearance that feels homely and natural.

2. Floors

Tiling in terracotta, crumbled stone, or laid brick makes for an authentic Tuscan style. Just as the walls and ceilings can play a principal role in adding Italian beauty to a bedroom, the floors can also make or break a design.

3. Wood Oak Features

Transport to an Italian villa in Tuscany in your elegantly designed bedroom. Wood oak features give off a sophisticated and organic vibe that makes you feel cozy and at ease. These earthy tones are what give that innate Tuscan feel.

4. Budget-Friendly

Since Tuscany bedrooms have such an elegant allure to them, they come off as lavish and expensive. However, you can recreate a Tuscan style in a minimalistic way. The wrought-iron bedframe works perfectly with the natural tile floor and raw walls.

5. Arched Doorways

An arched doorway is a common sight in an Italian image. The curves at the top feel inviting and contemporary, plus, they add just one extra element of European dazzle to a design.

6. Crumbling Walls

Here we have another example of how you can design the walls of Tuscany bedrooms. Once again, we want natural vibes that are simple yet display a sort of drama to them. As if they have an unknown history that we are curious to find out about.

7. Ornate Carvings

Wooden pieces, like old chests, embellished with ornate carvings (or painting) really fall into that Tuscan style. As well as that, the curved wrought-iron adds just one extra element to the overall look.

8. Pictures of Lavender

Prancing in lavender fields in Tuscany is a perfect way to spend a vacation. Or, you can bring the vacation to your bedroom with a Tuscan style design decorated with pretty framed pictures of delicate lavender.

Even better would be to have fresh lavender placed around the room adding delicious fragrances to your life.

9. Stone Wall

A stone wall can really go along way in a bedroom design. Imagine this same room with a typical and plain white wall and you may think nothing of it. However, the stone adds warmth and a romantic feel that reminds me of Tuscany.

10. Natural Light

To really add an extra touch of warmth and whim to your Tuscany bedroom then make sure there is plenty of natural light entering the room. Shimmering sunlight will warm the stone walls and brighten your day.

11.Venetian Plaster

White Venetian plaster is a great way to add some rustic vibes to your Tuscany bedroom. It is a very soft look that has just enough texture to create an intriguing dimension and a curious style.

12. Wrought-Iron Bedframe

We have already seen a few wrought-iron bedframes in the pictures so far, and it is definitely a desirable feature for a Tuscan style bedroom. When trying to create a Tuscan look you should go for natural material like brick, stone, and of course wrought-iron!

13. Earthy Tones

Rusty reds, terracotta oranges, soil-like browns, and natural greens are the tones you will want to stick with when shopping for your bedroom. These earthy tones represent the beautiful natural vibes of a dreamy Italian home.

14. Ornate Bedding

Look for bedding with ornate patterns, designs, and color tones. Elegant details, even in the sheets, can really add an extra lavish layer of design to your bedroom.

15. Regal Furniture Pieces

Although the Tuscany style has a sort-of simplicity to it due to its use of natural materials, there is still a regal and dramatic feel that comes. Old European furniture pieces like these seats will fit right in with the overall design.

16. Wooden Shutters

Affix some pleasantly rustic wooden shutters to your bedroom windows for a functional and stylish addition. Being able to open the windows to let in the fall breeze will be a breath of fresh air (literally.)

17. Worn and Faded Rugs

To fit in with the venerable feel, pick out a rug that has a worn or distressed look. The faded look of a rug will make it feel authentically antique which will add a dash of mystery and charm to your bedroom design.

18. Wood Beams

If you have the possibility and the budget to add faux (or real) wooden beams to the ceiling, it would be an excellent option. The natural dark wood tones will add warmth to the bedroom and make the whole space feel cozier.

19. Subtle Details

Maybe you have completed the desired Tuscan look for your bedroom but you are scouting out small details that you haven't thought of. Well, I'm not sure what luxurious Italian bedroom wouldn't be complete without wrought-iron candle holders and a breakfast-in-bed tray.

Now that's luxury!

20. Thick Wooden Doors

To really get those country vibes you will want rustic and simple wooden doors. It will really make the room feel like it's a movie set for an old Italian romance filmed on a grand vineyard. Who's the protagonist? You are of course!

21. Creams and Browns

Soft romantic tones like creams and browns can also be a very alluring color scheme for a peaceful sleep in your Tuscany room. It keeps the room feeling light and tranquil and allows the black wrought-iron bedframe to make more of an eye-catching statement.

22. Antique Lighting

It's time to add some lighting to your Italian sleeping chamber. I suggest visiting your local antique shops and keeping your eyes open for rustic antique pieces such as ornate chandeliers displaying twists and curves of metal.

You can also look for charming candle holders so you can bring in some natural light at night.

23. Drapes and Curtains

Use drapes and curtains to accent specific places of the bedroom. Here they use curtains to mark the natural corners of the wall as well as the corners around the window. On top of that, they have hung drapes around the bed to add in some extra flow.

24. Rustic Wood

Using wooden elements in your bedroom, especially when you have other natural materials such as stone, is a great idea to create organic contrast. The homely wooden chair is a simple incorporation as a functional decor piece, and pairs well with the wooden beams and window frame.

25. Brick, Wood, and Stone

As I am sure you have noticed, I have mentioned the use of brick, wood, and stone quite a lot throughout the post. These natural materials are essential in really replicating that Tuscan vibe. Check out how this bedroom has used all three elements for an especially authentic room.