Tropical Bedroom Decor – 40 Dreamy Ideas For The Ultimate Tropical Vibe

Looking for tropical bedroom decor ideas? I don't blame you, you're not alone! While I myself am in the process of moving, I am having a lot of fun looking at bedroom themes for my potential new room design.

While browsing the internet, I have checked out some peacock bedroom looks, some Tuscany styles, and I even saw some possibilities for a Marilyn Monroe bedroom! However, I must say, time and time again when I stumble upon a tropical bedroom design I feel a certain draw to it.

Maybe it's the nostalgia of my time in Mexico, or maybe it's just the trendy and chic vibes. Either way, I'm digging it. So, I have dug up some cool tropical bedroom decor ideas that will make decorating any new tropical bedroom easy and fun.

There are some really cool and clever ideas out there for recreating those oh so dreamy tropical vibes.

Tropical Bedroom Decor – 40 Dreamy Ideas For The Ultimate Tropical Vibe

1. Treasure Chest

When I think of a tropical scene in my head, I imagine a deserted beach filled with impressive palm trees, coconuts beneath them, and a pirate ship in the distance. He's probably hidden some buried treasure on that tropical beach! A chest makes for a fitting nightstand or storage unit.

2. Jungle Tapestry

Large banana leaves printed onto a tapestry can be hung behind the bed as an accent piece. A great alternative to a headboard when planning your tropical themed bedroom.

3. Epic Wallpaper

However, if you are willing to take that accent wall behind your bed to a whole new level then you have got to get yourself some epic wallpaper. Creating a scene such as this on your bedroom wall will really make you feel like you are cuddled into a lavish bed in the tropics.

4. Surfboards and Seashells

Another way you can go when decorating is by thinking of those surf vibes. A tropical playa with crashing waves so you can catch some killer surf. Seashells and surfboards make for awesome tropical bedroom decor.

5. Bamboo

Look for furniture pieces made out of natural materials that you can use in your bedroom. Bamboo is a suitable material for a natural tropical look. Therefore, a bamboo bed frame is a definite yes!

6. Pineapples

What else is more tropical than pineapples? Can't you picture it now? Laying back on a beachy lounge chair, sunglasses on, staring out at the ocean with dolphins playing in the waves, and a pineapple in your hand. This tropical bedroom decor has full vacation vibes.

7. Flamingos

Another fun idea to consider adding to your tropical bedroom decor is a bright pink flamingo! Such a unique and cool idea to have a flamingo head mounted on the wall as an artistic piece.

8. Palm Tree Bedding

There are a lot of directions you can go when choosing the perfect bedding for a tropical bedroom design. You could look for a beach sunset display, a banana leaf print, or how about tiny palm trees creating a cool pattern across the duvet?

9. Tropical Plants

Of course, the best tropical bedroom decor I can think of is real lush tropical plants! Filling your room with oxygen and fresh vibes that will make you feel like you've accidentally fallen asleep in the jungle.

10. Natural Decor Pieces

Check out that cool wall art made of, what looks like, plant fibers or possibly straw. Those types of decor pieces that have such a natural look to them are a great way to decorate a tropical room.

11. Tropical Throw Pillows

Look for accent pieces like throw pillows that have tropical designs on them. Agave plants, palm leaves, and ferns in that bold green tone can really make a room pop!

12. Swing Chair

Is it just me or when you picture yourself in the tropics, there is always this sort of swaying or relaxed rocking feeling. Like when you climb into a hammock tied between palm trees to take a nap. Anyway, a cool swinging chair in the corner by the window might be your new favorite reading nook.

13. Bird Prints

Nothing says tropical like colorful and pretty birds. You see them everywhere, conversing with one another between trees and displaying their incredible colors in flight. In conclusion, you should definitely hang up some lovely bird prints on the walls around the bedroom.

14. Seagrass headboard

A durable and renewable fiber that is used to weave impressive furniture pieces like a headboard for your bed, seagrass is a must. It's natural look and texture fits in perfectly with a tropical theme.

15. Banana Leaf Curtains

Don't leave your curtains out on your fun new design. Curtains can definitely get involved with the tropical looks by finding some with bold banana leaves or some beach themed curtains that have a sandy tone and texture.

16. Bird Murals

We are back at the tropical birds that are a must when decorating your new jungle bedroom. Large songbirds create a breathtaking image and an impressive look for any room. Your guests will be in awe of the beauty of your epic mural.

17. Pineapple Bedding

So we saw some banana leaf bedding already, now check out what your tropical bedroom could look like with exciting bright yellow pineapple bedding! You will have way too much fun in your happy and bright room when you go for this look.

18. Tropical Lampshade

Every element in your room can get in on the tropical fun. The lamp hanging in the center of your room may be plain and boring right now, but with the right lampshade, you can really transform the vibes.

19. Nightlight

Speaking of lighting, check out this totally tropical nightlight that you will fit perfectly on your treasure chest side table. Excellent addition to your tropical bedroom decor.

20. End of Bed Bench

As we have seen, banana leaf and palm leaf prints are not only definitely trending but for a good reason. They are just so enjoyable yet stylish and the deep green tone is a perfect color for a quiet bedroom.

21. Monstera Rug

Now how is this for a tropical rug? Monstera is one of my favorite plants for sure, so you can bet that I am totally on board with this design for a rug in the bedroom.

22. Wooden Pineapple Headboard

Are you impressed? Because I know that I am. Those gorgeously detailed wooden panels behind the bed are an absolute perfect contrast against the bright and colorful patterns on the wall and bedding. The abstract pineapple look makes them even more appropriate for the design.

23. Pineapple Details

While we are on the topic of pineapples, check this out. You can find special pieces like this to use as a decoration to fill the shelves and windowsills of your bedroom. Also try looking for coconuts, papayas, or other tropical fruit.

24. Surf and Sharks

Whether you like it or not, sharks definitely fall into the tropical vibe. As scary as they may seem, they are actually beautiful and majestic creatures that can add a quirky element to your bedroom.

25. Baskets

Woven baskets can be a really nice and natural way to decorate your bedroom. They are beautiful and artistic creations that can also be very useful. A great place to put a plant, hold your books, or even store your socks!

26. Pink and Green

I am really loving this color scheme for a tropical bedroom. The bright pink is fun and reminds me of a laidback flamingo chilling in the shallow water amongst a lush jungle forest. I have a feeling a bedroom like this makes you smile every time you wander in .

27. Tropical Dresser

Every bedroom needs a dresser to store clothes and accessories. So, here is one look you could go for when picking out a dresser for your tropical theme room. Another great idea is to update your existing dresser by pasting on a bold tropical wallpaper.

28. Raffia Mirror

This beautiful plant fiber is made from the Raffia Palm tree and has a very bohemian chic feel to it. You can update your mirror or create some wall art with this fiber for some extra spunk.

29. Bamboo Ladder

Have you seen those ladder towel racks? That's what I'm imagining for a tropical bedroom but instead of towels, you can hang extra blankets or store throw pillows. To really make it work with your tropical theme look for a ladder made out of bamboo.

30. Citrus Candles

Bring some tropical citrus aroma to your bedroom. A fresh way to wake up and get yourself out of bed and on the move. Plus, I love how this lemon candle looks so realistic!

31. Lemon Hamper

Now that we have seen how fun lemons can look in a tropical theme, you can start to add them to other elements of your room. That boring hamper you have in the corner? Get rid of it and replace it with some tropical citrusy fun!

32. Ocean Prints

You can't have a tropical bedroom without images of the big beautiful ocean and it's oh so lovely blues. If you are really wanting to chill and have some tranquil tropical bedroom decor then start looking for some ocean prints to hang on the wall.

33. Beach Theme Painting

Support a local artist by getting them to do you up a bold painting of a tropical beach scene. Once the painting is done, you can use the colors as your inspiration for decorating the rest of the room.

34. Tropical Mural

Or, another idea is to get the artist to paint right onto the walls. With a dense jungle background, large birds, and faded images of palm trees, it almost looks like there is a tropical storm happening right behind your bed.

35. Guitars

I don't know about you, but almost every time I go to the beach there is somebody playing their acoustic guitar or ukelele. I'm definitely not complaining as I love having a soft soundtrack as I gaze upon the crashing waves. Besides, having those guitars up on the wall may inspire you to learn a song or two yourself.

36. Earthy Shades

If you don't want to go with the classic tropical bold green in your color scheme, then stick to earthy tones. Natural materials in soft beiges and whites create a bright and organic vibe.

37. Monkey Light

I remember the first time I saw a monkey when I was traveling in Mexico. It was such a cool experience to see them leaping from tree to tree so effortlessly. Therefore, any type of monkey decor is more than welcome in my tropical bedroom!

38. Banana Rug

I don't think we have seen enough bananas in our tropical bedroom decor ideas. That bright yellow is way too enjoyable not to include when designing your room.

39. Pineapple Floor Basket

We saw how woven baskets can add a really stylish element to a tropical design, and we have also seen how pineapples can make their own statement in the room. So, it only makes sense to combine the two and create a pineapple floor basket!

40. Toucans and Monkeys

Hints of toucans and monkeys in your tropical bedroom decor will only add more spunk and pizzazz. These tropical animals are charming creatures that are great at adding exotic feels. Throw pillows, lamps, curtains, you name it, there are a lot of elements where you can add in tropical animals.