49 Teal Bedroom Ideas that are Luxuriously Alluring

Are you looking for a new color scheme for your bedroom? Tired of the same old boring beige walls? Well, I think we have got that trendy new color for you! Teal bedrooms!

After seeing all of the inspirational photos of teal bedrooms I have a feeling your mind will be made up of what paint to buy. It is a color that is calming yet eye-catching, subtle yet luxurious, and peaceful yet regal that you will soon fall in love with.

49 Teal Bedroom Ideas that are Luxuriously Alluring

1. Wooden Floors

Example of a beach style master dark wood floor bedroom design in Los Angeles with green walls and no fireplace
Image: Houzz

Teal is a great color to use to connect your rich wooden floors with your white shiplap ceiling. It's a gorgeous calming color that looks sleek with white and warm with wood.

2. Teal Nightstand

Safavieh Estelle Nightstand, Steel Teal
Image: Houzz

A stylish teal nightstand with classy gold accents to match your new teal bedroom. A very sleek design and functional too. Paint your old nightstand or shop for something new!

3. Wall, Bed, Rug

This bohemian chic bedroom is fit for the curious wanderer. The gorgeous teal featured on the wall is accented in the bedding as well as the rug beneath the bed. A bamboo bedframe pairs charmingly with the tones.

4. Throw Pillow to Match

Something as simple as one throw pillow wrapped in the same teal tone as the wall beside it could be just the thing to tie the whole room together. The whites and woods also pair nicely in this teal bedroom.

5. A Backdrop for Nature

I absolutely adore the pressed flowers and leaves framed perfectly up on the wall. The teal makes for a great backdrop for the bright yellows, reds, and greens.

6. White Floors

In this bedroom, the teal is painted on all of the walls making the room feel cozy. However, the white floors and ceiling create length and give the illusion of taller ceilings.

7. Purple and Teal

Like the colors of a peacock, a deep teal and a royal purple have a majestic and regal feeling. It is a totally fun way to decorate a bedroom with bright shades.

8. Two-Tone Wall

Instead of painting the entire wall teal, do a simple strip at the bottom and contrast it with white. The two-tone color block effect is artsy and fun. A great and unique way to paint the walls in your bedroom.

9. White Bedding

To make the teal really pop and grab your attention, keep everything else in the room simple. Plain white bedding, minimalistic decor and detailing, and a simple plant for a breath of fresh air.

10. Teal and Pink

Now isn't this romantic? That gorgeous shade of pink on the bedframe is to die for and contrasts so beautifully against the deep teal. I especially love how even the bouquet of roses matches the design.

11. Teal Drapes

Dark teal drapes create a backdrop for the regal wooden bed frame. They blend in seamlessly with the walls but add in an extra layer of texture and dimension. A great alternative to a framed picture above the headboard.

12. Teal Wall Paint

Check out this idea for matching the walls with the bed. Instead of painting the entire wall, have fun designing a mural or some simple shapes in your favorite shade of teal.

13. Shades of Teals

Talking about shades of teal, this bedroom uses different shades to add extra layers of depth. A lighter blue on the pillowcases pops against the navy blue sheets which creates a space for the teal on the throw blanket to tie in the look with the walls.

14. Neutral Blush and Teal

This bedroom is absolutely Instagram-worthy. Such soft and beautiful tones make the whole look very appealing. I think if this was my bedroom I would be spending a lot of time there enjoying the relaxing colors.

15. Teal and Gold Bedding

Having gold accent the teal color on the bedding actually makes it pop even more. It also looks great to decorate with metallic gold pieces around the room, harmonizing the whole look.

16. Vibrant Colors

This example shows you what teal can bring to the table when blended in with other bright colors. The red curtains are an excellent feature against the teal wall, and the bright colorful painting on the wall just seems to work.

17. White and Teal

We already talked a little bit about letting the teal do its thing without a lot of extra colorful noise. Using white to act like a blank canvas, the teal can really shine. So here is just one more example of that very style and how chic it can be.

18. Green, Yellow, Teal

This must be one of my favorite color combinations. It sort of reminds me of a Wes Anderson movie with those interesting colors. If it works, it works, and this room definitely works!

19. Sunshine Yellow Highlights

Bring a bit of happiness to your bedroom with a sunshine yellow accent. It's so much fun seeing how people can make all of these color combinations work with the beautiful color of teal.

20. Deep Golden Yellow

Here we can see that even a different shade of yellow will still work. A deep golden yellow chair blends bewitchingly with the walls and really makes a fashionable statement.

21. Teal Curtains

Pull back the curtains and let the sun shine into your teal bedroom. If you want to keep the walls simple and white, then go for teal features like velvety curtains. This way, if you want to change your color scheme one day, you won't have to repaint.

22. Pops in the Dresser

Bedroom furniture can also boast your new teal color choice. This could be a fun DIY project as well by finding a dresser at the local thrift shop and painting the drawers to match the bedroom.

23. Deep Purples

This bedroom makes me want to just jump in and take a deep relaxing nap. Careful though, it might be hard to get out of bed with the calming and soothing tones of the regal teals and purples.

24. Black, White, Teal

The teal seems to blend in a little bit more by adding black accents with the white walls. The three tones give off a sophisticated look and make for a wonderful atmosphere.

25. Soft Pink, Teal, and Gray

The gray headboard is a really nice additional touch that acts as a sort-of divider between the teal and soft pink. It gives an extra neutral tone into the bedroom to add some extra layers of style.

26. Yellow, Orange, and Cream

We saw this bedroom earlier from a different angle and talked about the two-tone wall idea. Now we are going to look at its color scheme. Like the shades of sunray, we can find dazzling yellows, dreamy oranges, soft creams, and even a brilliant Fuschia.

27. Feature Rug

Maybe you just want a small feature of teal in your bedroom, in this case, keep on the look out for a Moroccan or perhaps a Turkish rug with your desired tone.

28. Soft Teals

Here you can find soft appearances of teal throughout the bedding as well as the pictures hung above the bed. They have chosen a rosey pink to pair with the teals and blues which makes it look very pretty.

29. Teal and Gold

Now, this color combination is totally chic. The metallic gold and the deep teal blue just seem to compliment each other perfectly and have a super modern and sleek appeal.

30. Teal and Silver

Teal and silver on the other hand feel much more elegant and delicate than the teal and gold. This bedroom feel more sophisticated and subtle however the pop of orange in the bedding is a bold touch.

31. Accent Wall

The only teal here is on that eye-catching accent wall. It acts as a great backdrop for the white bedding and the wicker details. Takes away the need to hang any images above the bed, although, it it definitely still an option.

32. Metallic Detailing

Check out cool wallpapers that have teal and other accents like metallic detailing. This a fun option when planning how to do the walls in your teal bedroom.

33. Contemporary Design

I am absolutely in love with the contemporary and unique features in this bedroom design. That teal and gold vanity with curious curves is perfect to place against a deeper blue wall.

34. Watercolor Mural

Watercolor is just one of those things that will always be trending in my opinion. It's just a really cool way to display color in a non-harsh way. It allows a display of various soft and deeper tones all in the same mural which is pleasing to the eyes.

35. Teal Furniture Pieces

When you have decided that teal is the way to go for your bedroom, you have to always be on the lookout in case you find that perfect teal furniture piece. Having the furniture blend in with the walls is a great design trick that makes the room feel seamless and classy.

36. Teal Headboard

In this lovely bedroom, the teal in the bedroom acts like the pop of color. Pinks and whites dance about the room prettily while the teal makes a delightful statement.

37. Teal and Black

We have seen a lot of teal making appearances in white bedrooms however we haven't seen it displayed much with black. Black makes just as great of background and will really give you a deep sleep having the tones of the room dark.

38. Teal and Wood

Rustic wood compliments teal in all the right ways. This bedroom design looks great for a farmhouse-style home. Those deep wooden tones and the chevron design make for a great option as a headboard to your teal bedroom.

39. Teal Bedframe

This is so cool, the whole bedframe being teal just looks and feels so modern and trendy. It makes such a statement that decorating the rest of the room can be kept to a minimum.

40. Burnt Orange and Teal

Burnt orange is my personal favorite color so I was really excited to see how it looks with the gorgeous teal. I must say I wasn't too surprised when I saw how perfectly it blended. A great color scheme for a room.

41. A Bright Print

I am obsessed with how incredible this print looks against the teal wall. Having a teal background in the actual picture itself makes the image seem surreal like it's jumping right out of the frame.

42. Blush Furniture

When looking for a vanity to stick into your teal bedroom, blush pink might be the color you're looking for. I think I would actually start wearing more makeup if I had a place like that to sit down to do it.

43. Quirky Gold Details

Gold metallic decorations are very trendy with teal. Shop online and try and find some quirky golden items to embellish your bedroom with.

44. Fuschia, Navy, Teal

These color tones remind me of brightly colored gems. A bright pink Tourmaline, a deep blue Sapphire, and the teals from a Turquoise stone. A very fun color scheme for a bold bedroom.

45. Teal, Navy, Green

Now isn't this cool! Although the bedroom is loaded with beautiful colors it doesn't look tacky. The colors are deep tones that feel rich and luxurious and compliment each other charmingly.

46. Pops of Burgandy

We haven't seen much of our wine-colored friend burgandy in these photos so far. I'm not sure why since it is a perfect elegant match for the teal tones.

47. Dusty Teal

A sweet dusty teal painted on the dresser is a lovely accent piece to have in your bedroom. In the mirror, you can see that the throw pillows on the bed are the same color and make for a wonderful blend in the room.

48. Lots of Plants

Fill your teal bedroom with as many plants as you can get your hands on! The green and teal combine alluringly to make for a happy and wholesome bedroom design.

49. Mixed in with the Pillows

Look for an array of throw pillows in assorted colors, and throw your teal tone in the mix. When your walls are painted teal then that one pillow will pop amongst the others.