Shower Curtain Alternative – 15 Ideas For An Uplifting Bathroom Makeover

If you're looking for the best shower curtain alternative for your home, we've got you covered! For most households, shower curtains have long served as the most practical bathroom accessory. Made from vinyl, plastic, or fabric, hanging shower curtains prevent water from pooling on the floor, splashing onto walls or appliances, and providing privacy for those rinsing off.

Even though shower curtains still are incredibly popular today, the days of dull-looking shower curtains, backed with dirty plastic dividers, are long gone.

Now, shower curtains are more modern, and different ideas that give the same benefits that shower curtains do, are becoming increasingly popular. If you are looking for different ways to give your bathroom, and shower, an uplifting makeover, then these 15 shower curtain alternative ideas will be your saving grace!

Shower Curtain Alternative – 15 Ideas For An Uplifting Bathroom Makeover

1. Sliding Panel Doors

One of the most surprising alternatives to shower curtains is a sliding panel door. For those that have a small shower space within a tiny bathroom, this will be the best option. Due to the enclosed nature of a sliding door, all water will be contained within your space.

A sliding panel door will make getting in and getting out of your shower easy too! When working with glass doors, there sometimes isn’t much privacy that is offered to users, but it can be an easy fix.

If you are, in fact, wishing for an additional amount of privacy, adding in some patterns or shading to your glass doors will do wonders.

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2. A Wet Shower

For those of you that are unaware of what this alternative is, we will explain further. Just as the name suggests, a wet shower has no enclosure, and nothing standing in the way of water getting your whole bathroom wet.

Recently, wet showers are becoming a bit more popular in households and hotels. For some bathrooms, this is the best option. A wet shower will have no door, curtain, enclosure, or glass paneling to keep the water confined in a space.

This is helpful for those that have a small bathroom or don’t want to clean glass doors after every shower. The only downside to this alternative is that your whole bathroom floor, and maybe some appliances, will also stay wet, so be sure to have a way to mop up any excess water.

3. A Simple Shower Screen

If you are getting tired of having to move large glass doors, or push aside layers of shower curtain before entering and leaving your shower space, then a screen might be the perfect solution. Not only do screens give you the needed privacy when taking a shower, but they also roll away when they are not in use.

A show screen is an easy addition to your bathroom. With a fresh, yet modern appearance, shower screens are becoming increasingly popular because of their flexibility and efficiency they offer users.

4. A Tropical Getaway at Home, While Using Bamboo

Have you ever wished that instead of showering in the comfort of your own home, that you were somewhere on a tropical island, taking a nice rinse off after a long day of being in the sun? If so, bamboo might give your bathroom exactly the ambiance you’re looking for.

A bamboo covering can give your bathroom the look, and even the feel, of sustainability and eco-friendly living. The bamboo that will need to be used in your shower space must be treated in order to resist rot, rust, water damage, and fungal growth.

This way, you can allow the bamboo to shield the rest of your bathroom from the spraying water used when you shower. Sometimes you can get bamboo put on pre-made panels, or get it wired together to create its own door-like look.

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5. Repurposed Metal

By thinking outside the box, using repurposed metal as an alternative to the essential shower curtain might be the perfect solution. Most metal can be molded into any design, size, or shape that is needed to fit in your shower.

Additionally, by using this type of option, you are able to create the sort of door you are looking for. Metal can be used on hinges or can slide open and close, it simply depends on what style you are looking for.

You can purchase this type of metal from yard sales and thrift stores, online, or at a hardware store. All you must remember is that when purchasing repurposed metal that it is treated to be water-resistant and rust-resistant.

6. Natural Linen Curtains

Similar to window curtains, a natural linen curtain is a great option for your bathroom. These curtains can cover two sides of your shower and are more sustainable than other options. It adds a unique and creative look to your bathroom that is usually commonly found in most living rooms or bedrooms.

If your shower is squared or tiny, then this option is ideal for those types of spaces. By attaching these linen curtains to a shower rod or even to the ceiling, you can make your shower look more modern and feel more spacious.

7. Salvaged Wood

Just like using repurposed metal, salvaged wood is a cheap and efficient shower curtain alternative. This is a unique way to create the best type of statement in your bathroom. By using old wood to create a homey and cozy shower entrance, your bathroom will absolutely stand out.

While constructing, you can spruce up this design by adding metal details or different shades of wooden panels, all for the same feel. In order to get this type of door installed, you will need to find a large piece of salvaged wood to finish off the look.

8. An Eco-Friendly Hemp Shower Curtain

Hemp is a material that seems to be underused in the decorating world today. Not only is this material great for the environment, but it is also light and thin, allowing the most amounts of natural light in.

Most hemp curtains come in pale colors, which can be the perfect fit for bathrooms that are minimally designed, or for bathrooms with mostly earth tones.

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9. A DIY Macrame Cover

Macrame, in general, is becoming increasingly popular for not only children and teens to make, but also for sophisticated house decor. Macrame is a type of textile that is done through knotting techniques, also known as hitching.

Unlike knitting or weaving, this type of design can be purchased from almost all stores, online, or learned at home and done from there. Each design can also be made in any way you wish and can be attached to shower rods or hooks when bringing this unique element into your bathroom design!

By using this type of alternative to a shower curtain, you can bring in the bohemian vibe while giving yourself a more playful bathroom tone. This type of curtain can be used as a privacy screen or can be placed over a basic plastic curtain, allowing it to be used as a regular shower curtain is.

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10. The Typical Glass Shower Door

A glass shower door is a sleek and modern look for most showers. This is a very popular alternative to a simple shower curtain, but can do wonders for your bathroom space. Glass shower doors are completely clear, and offer your space a larger and brighter appearance.

Instead of having a curtain block the view of the inside of your shower, a glass door can add the element of view, making the room look more prominent and spotless.

These doors will need to be cleaned often to keep their smooth appearance. Your preferred glass cleaner along with a squeegee can do wonders to keeping the glass clean and spotless.

11. Hanging Plants Galore!

A simple alternative to a shower curtain can be as simple as plants on top of plants. Hanging plants are becoming incredibly popular for household decorations, balcony addons, or garden embellishments. The beauty of this solution is that plants can uplift your mood while adding more color and life to your bathroom.

The best part about using plants in place of a shower curtain is that you can design them in any which way, with any type of plant. By adding some paneling or shelving that you can hang plants on will be a great solution to your shower privacy needs.

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12. Framed but Doorless, Enclosures

This design is a popular alternative for some households' bathrooms, and instead of finding a plain old shower curtain, a framed enclosure is a low cost yet long term solution. Not only is this solution ideal, but it can also bring a very decorative look to your shower.

The only downside to this option is that your bathroom might need to get re-done, in order to frame your shower with a hanging ceiling and semi-enclosed walls. Each side of your framed shower can be detailed with bricks, stones, brass, or even with an added chrome finish.

This type of alternative is incredibly easy to maintain and allows homeowners the opportunity to make changes in the future.

13. A Partial Shower Door

This alternative is very popular in Europe, and will not only partially block all water and dew from your shower, but will also give you an opening into the rest of your space while in a small part of your bathroom.

A partial shower door and enclosure will work best if your bathroom has a tub or smaller shower area that is centralized in your bathroom. Partial shower doors are most commonly available as glass doors, but can also be found using materials such as aluminum, steel, and laminated or varnished wood.

These are ideal for some spaces and a great alternative to basic shower curtains.

14. Giving Your Shower Multiple Entrances

This may be something that you have never thought of before, but who says that there only needs to be one entrance into your shower or bath? Giving your shower more than one option for getting in and out is far more beneficial than the practicality it offers.

By opting for this alternative, it can create countless design options, allowing your bathroom to feel more suited for multiple users. When you are looking at your bathroom, try adding in only a sliver of covering, with both opposing sides of your shower left open.

This will allow you to only select areas of privacy, while still giving you the chance to show off your shower and tub. With two exposed sides, you will have an open feeling while enjoying your showers. This type of design works best for narrow and tall bathroom spaces.

Just make sure that you are installing it strategically, allowing your shower to be at the center of the enclosure, with two possible entrance ways.

15. A Beautiful Tile Enclosure

Similar to the shape and style of other enclosures, the name reveals all there is to know. This type of enclosure is made with tiles, similar to other types of shower doors.

When you use tile to surround your shower or bathing area, the space will feel large and allow the most amount of light to pour in. The best part about this solution is that titles can be placed in patterns, allowing users the option to make windows or openings among your enclosure.

Let Your Inner Designer Run Free When Looking For The Best Shower Curtain Alternative!

If you want a modern, elegant, or eco-friendly bathroom feel, but your traditional plastic shower curtain is bringing down the look, using any of the suggestions offered will be best for your space.

Your shower curtain alternative can do wonders in helping to improve the style of your bathroom. There are various options to choose from, all with different price points, and solely depend on your budget. No matter what you choose or prefer, skipping the traditional plastic shower curtains is easy to do!