Safari Nursery Decor – 32 Ideas Perfect for your Wild Child!

When I was just a baby, I don't think my nursery had a theme, let alone a safari nursery decor! Maybe it wasn't as popular back then, but I'm pretty sure my nursery was the same as my two brothers before me. Probably had some hockey sticks and football posters around.

Nowadays, there are so many fun ideas out there for decorating a nursery, and with the help of the internet, we can continue to be inspired by theme after theme. So now it's your turn to decide on a theme for your own little one's nursery. There are a lot of directions you can go.

A deer themed nursery, an “under the sea” design, or what about a jungle safari? Oh! You liked that last idea did you? In that case, you are going to want to check out these 32 safari nursery decor ideas that are perfect for your soon-to-be wild child.

Safari Nursery Decor – 32 Ideas Perfect for your Wild Child!

1. Born to be Wild

Your adventurous little one will be born to be wild and free in their very own safari themed nursery. A green and white color scheme, with fun wall paint, animal stuffies, and fun paper foliage.

2. Neutral wallpaper

Create an accent wall in your baby nursery with a neutral safari themed wallpaper. Delicate palm leaf patterns decorate the wall like the thick foliage of the jungle trees. Then, add in some jungle animal prints, and why not some real plants for a breath of fresh air.

3. Decorate with Jungle Leaves

Find places to add extra green around the safari nursery to really turn it into a lush jungle. Hang vines and leaves amongst the nursery furniture, framing shelves, and wrapped around mirrors. Thus, taking your safari nursery decor to a whole new level.

4. Safari Mural

Just like when you take a safari ride in Africa, you will stumble upon a wide array of animals in enormous sizes and impressive colors. A wall mural is a great way to easily recreate that epic scene.

5. Elephant Rug

You don't necessarily have to use an elephant, any jungle animal will do when picking out a fun little rug for your nursery. Although I must say, the elephant is pretty dang cute!

6. Giraffes

Decorate your beautiful baby's nursery with giraffe decorations. Prints, stuffed animals, and small decor pieces can be added around the room to really bring some safari life to the room.

7. Safari Animal Prints

It's amazing how far some simple prints can go. You can completely transform a room and really put together a theme by adding in some prints that match said theme. An easy and effective decorating technique.

8. Texture

Combine two different techniques, by painting the walls with leaves and then adding in homemade 3D ones. Besides, making those leaves is a super fun craft project that you can do on the weekend with your friends.

9. Monkey Curtains

Get some help from your safari friends around the new nursery. A sweet monkey can help you do the job of pulling back the curtains so you can let the light in on your newborn's face.

10. Elephant Hamper

Another safari friend that can help out is the reliable elephant. He's great at helping you keep the nursery organized and clean. A fun woven hamper that you can use to throw anything dirty into.

11. Brown and White

I adore this neutral color scheme that is perfect for any gender baby. The deep browns and white work great together and give a bright and earthy feel. Also, the decorating is done perfectly! An elephant mounted on the wall surrounded by images of maps and animals.

12. Palm Leaf Bedding

You can find all sorts of ways in your decorating to add that safari feel. The bedding is an easy way to add some color and design into the nursery. Try to look for crib bedding with safari animals, African landscapes, or jungle leaves.

13. Bookends

Playful decor pieces like elephant and giraffe bookends make designing and furnishing your nursery a sitch. Keep your eyes peeled for items like this when shopping online or at local stores around town.

14. Banana Leaf Playmats

Like rolling around on the jungle floor (without all the dirt) a lushly decorated playmat is a wonderful accessory to look for. The fun green banana leaves are stylish and fit perfectly with the theme.

15. Green and Yellow

I think green and yellow make for a charming color scheme when picking out tones for your safari themed nursery. Yellow like the spots on a towering giraffe and green like the lush foliage of a jungle scene.

16. Animal Heads

What a fun idea! Unique styles of animal heads up on the wall watching over your little baby in their precious slumber. I really like how it looks on that banana leaf background which really makes the heads stand out.

17. Zebras and Antelopes

Happy dancing zebras prance in lines along the walls while antelope heads pop out to say hello. I adore how this room came together for a lovely mix of cute and trendy.

18. Safari Mobile

As your baby opens their eyes each morning they will be greeted with happy safari animals pirouetting above them. Definitely lookout for a cute mobile that matches the theme as the perfect safari nursery accessory.

19. Growth Chart

Yes, yes, and double yes! A super awesome idea for keeping track of the growth of your little one. Watch them grow taller and taller matching the height of the safari animals that have kept them company all this time.

20. Safari Animal Hardware

I remember having little animal friends that I would play with in the bathtub and I absolutely adored them! So, I'm definitely on board with this creative idea of adding animal toys to the furniture as hardware. A simple yet effective idea.

21. A Sophisticated Look

This safari themed nursery doesn't have that little kid feel as so many others do. This feels like a room that is adult-friendly as well. Besides, you as the adults will be spending just as much time in there as the children!

22. Figurines

Really have fun when picking out safari animal figurines. The look is definitely trending right now so it should be easy to find a variety of different styles and looks that you can use. In my opinion, the more safari nursery decor, the merrier!

23. Elephant Light

Look for a nightlight that will help you in the middle of the night when the crying starts, but that also fits the theme. Safari nursery decor should not only be stylish, but functional too.

24. Happy Lions

I am obsessed with this happy lion rug! I actually want one for my own room, let alone for any future safari nursery. The soft yellows and oranges make for a cheery, bright, and chic nursery.

25. Palm Leaves

As if your baby was dreaming away in a lush bush of jungle foliage. They are sure to have imaginative and happy dreams, and you as well are going to have happy nights watching them sleep.

26. Giraffe Hanger

Safari nursery decor pieces that are made out of natural material, such as woven bamboo or straw, is truly an extra. When you picture a safari, you probably imagine those open grasslands and dense jungles, all sprawling with flora and fauna. So, bring those natural elements to your decorating.

27. Elephant Rocker

I definitely remember falling asleep quite a few times on my horse rocker when I was a wee little one. Rockers are a great element to have in a nursery, and an elephant one really works with the safari vibes.

28. Safari Animal Clock

Maybe your baby will start telling time at an early age with such a fun little clock in their nursery. Or, you know, maybe they will just gaze and wonder about the interesting animals displayed.

29. Wall Vinyls

Painting a mural on the wall is fun and all, but an easier option is to buy some wall vinyl displaying fun safari scenes. The elephant and lion go happily marching amongst the foliage with a monkey friend keeping them (and your baby) in good company.

30. Stuffie Hammock

This is perfect! Instead of using your traditional ol' toy box to throw all the plush friends into, a corner hammock is a much more fitting idea. That way, these toys are still on display as fun safari nursery decor when not being played with.

31. Giraffe Bookshelf

People continue to impress me with their clever ideas. A giraffe makes a perfect bookshelf with their long necks! A great addition to the nursery so you can start to collect good night stories to read them into a deep slumber.

32. Sleep Safari Wallpaper

Sleepy safari animals are resting their tired eyes on this adorable wallpaper. I love the hints of yellow throughout the images making it a perfect accent color when planning the color scheme.