Red and Gray Bathroom – 21 Ideas that You’ll Fall in Love With

If you're tired of seeing the same old bathroom ideas and always wondered what a red and gray bathroom would look like, we've got some inspiration! While blue and white (or white and white) bathrooms are undeniably good-looking, some people want to go in a different direction with their bathroom interior design.

And by different direction, I absolutely do not mean “beach theme”! Red and Gray are two colors that make a stunning, glamorous match- even in a bathroom! Just take a look at all the red and gray bathroom ideas below – there's something incredibly luxurious and relaxing about them all!

Red and Gray are calm, understated, almost “brooding” colors. If you want your bathroom to have a sense of tranquility and boldness at the same time, a red and gray color scheme should be on your mind!

Check out our list of red and gray bathroom ideas, and get inspired for your own renovation!

Red and Gray Bathroom – 21 Ideas that You'll Fall in Love With

1. Gray Marble, Red Tile

This super-sleek bathroom uses gray marble floors and red tile walls to create an extremely relaxing bathroom atmosphere. The dark colors absorb lots of light, which keeps things peaceful and calming.

I like, though, that the sink and mirror have a lot of white; this keeps that reflective, bright light you need to get ready in the morning and see your face/body clearly. Put it all together and you've got a bathroom you'll struggle to leave!

2. A Touch of Gold

Two walls, the floor, and the ceiling are gray- the rest of this bathroom is completed by one red and one gold accent wall. The presence of the gold over the tub makes everything so much more luxurious; it also keeps things lighter and cheerier.

I really enjoy the simplicity and depth of all the colors; they aren't highly textured or stylized. They're just rich, deep colors that all work together really well. It looks like you're showering in a $100K sportscar!

3. Creative Wall Patterns and Accents

Each wall in this red and gray bathroom has something different going on. It has a wonderful visual texture that makes you feel like no two pieces are exactly the same, even though they all fit together.

This is the type of bathroom I'd expect a professional athlete or downtown businessperson to have- it's luxurious, modern, and very, very sleek!

4. Gray Shower, Red Carpet

Example of a mid-sized mid-century modern master black and white tile dark wood floor bathroom design in Other with flat-panel cabinets, white cabinets, white walls and quartz countertops
Image: Houzz

This is an incredibly luxurious bathroom- it has a massive gray shower made of what looks like stone, and a modern porcelain tub to go along with it! I mean, the floor space alone is bigger than a studio apartment!

The thick red carpet really brings the room together and lets you know who lives here: somebody who can afford to spend hours at a time pampering themselves in their stellar red and gray bathroom!

5. Moody Bathroom

If you like to live with a bit of edge, this bathroom is for you. Even though it feels dark, brooding and kind of serious, it still has this way of making me feel relaxed when I look at it.

The colors just absorb a lot- a lot of light, and a lot of tension- and that makes this bathroom feel quiet and stoic. If you live a high-speed life and you want a bathroom that is modern, but still helps you wind down), this could be it!

6. Light and Contemporary

Drop-in bathtub - contemporary gray tile drop-in bathtub idea in Miami with flat-panel cabinets and red cabinets
Image: Houzz

So far, most of the bathroom ideas we've seen have been pretty dark- this concept flips things around a bit. The gray is very light and warm, and the red is limited to just a few accents for intense pops of color.

This design is much more closely related to the traditional white bathroom, so it's perfect for a more casual upgrade. If you like the color red but don't want to go completely overboard with your bathroom remodel, take this example as your inspiration!

7. Luxurious Red Sink and Mirror

Looking for a luxurious design that would fit in even the most expensive apartment buildings? Here's one of them! This blazing red sink and mirror bring the charcoal vanity and walls to life.

Add to that the bright, targeted lighting and you've got yourself a sink/mirror that is truly one-of-a-kind. It's futuristic, upscale, and totally unique!

8. Stone Shower, Red Accents

Bathroom - small modern 3/4 mosaic tile and red tile porcelain tile and gray floor bathroom idea in San Francisco with a vessel sink, open cabinets, a two-piece toilet, white walls, a hinged shower door, light wood cabinets, quartz countertops and a niche
Image: Houzz

There's nothing quite as luxurious as a stone shower. The stones are cool to the touch (and to the eye), and they warm up gently while showering for total comfort!

Having a stone floor and shower, with some tasteful red accents, adds that pop of color your eyes will love. If I lived in this home, I might find it hard to make it to work on time because I'd be spending too long enjoying the luxury and comfort of this amazing bathroom!

9. Red Walls, Gray Accents

We've seen a lot of bathrooms up to this point where gray is the dominant color in the design. What if we flipped it, and red took center stage? This bathroom design does a great job of just that.

The bright wood colors on the wall help tone down the intensity of the red tiles that surround it. The cool, light gray sink adds a touch of nature and texture to the bathroom, and it all combines in a way that's aesthetically pleasing.

This is a relaxing, understated type of luxury, one that anybody would feel comfortable and at home with!

10. Contemporary Bathroom Retreat

Inspiration for a contemporary freestanding bathtub remodel in Miami
Image: Houzz

I don't typically use the term “Feng shui”, but if any bathroom idea on this list has it, it's this one! It seems like every part of the bathroom, both in terms of color and space, flows effortlessly into the next.

Showering, shaving, and personal care can either feel like a rushed task or a luxurious routine, and this bathroom will lead you into feeling the latter. The deep gray floor meshes very well with the red wall, and the bright white tub comes right into the middle to balance everything out.

It's just a stunning bathroom, what more can I say?

11. Open Concept Bathroom

Sometimes, maximizing your space means leaving it pretty empty. This colorful minimalist bathroom has only what you need, in very luxurious forms. The solid gray bathtub sits nicely next to the soft red wall, and the rest of the bathroom is simply open!

This would be the best place to take a long bath, full of meditating and thinking, where nothing can prevent you from centering and clearing your mind!

12. Suburban Bathroom in Burgundy

We've seen pretty much exclusively bathrooms that you'd have to be a millionaire to own so far. While it's really fun to daydream, let's get a little more realistic for a moment!

This bathroom design could fit well in just about any middle-class home, and the rich burgundy color looks very sophisticated. This is the perfect inspiration for anybody who wants to do a nice renovation on their current bathroom.

13. Simple Bathroom Style Upgrade

Again here, we have an everyday bathroom that's been tastefully upgraded with red and gray. The shower curtain matches with the gray walls that make things look just a bit more sophisticated. To finish off the upgrade, all the homeowners did was buy some nice red towels!

The style is very easy to see, and this should be proof that anybody, regardless of their space or budget, can upgrade their bathroom's atmosphere!

14. Red and Gray Bungalow Bathroom

Bathroom - mid-sized transitional orange tile and ceramic tile ceramic tile, multicolored floor and single-sink bathroom idea in San Francisco with flat-panel cabinets, gray cabinets, a two-piece toilet, gray walls, an undermount sink, marble countertops, white countertops and a freestanding vanity
Image: Houzz

Bungalow style homes will forever be popular due to their quaint, relaxed style. This bathroom is exactly that- it uses a light gray vanity and red tile shower to create a pleasing color palette that isn't trying too hard.

If you like the homey feeling that a bungalow home gives, this bathroom idea is perfect for you!

15. Contemporary Suburban Bathroom

This is a little more upscale than many suburban bathrooms, which is one of the reasons I like it! It's nice, comfortable, and just a tiny bit luxurious- but it doesn't go overboard into the realm of the extravagant and nauseating.

Bathrooms are supposed to be relaxing and feel a bit cozy, and for some people, that means simple, high-quality materials and well-chosen colors!

16. Sleek and Sophisticated

My favorite thing about this bathroom is all that counter and storage space! The sleek, shiny red twin vanities each have their own sink, mirror, and drawers- and they each take up an entire wall!

The red gives a lot of vibrance and life to the cool gray that dominates most of the room. This is a place of peace, pampering, and bliss- exactly what you want from a bathroom!

17. Modern Open Concept

This artistically designed bathroom features an open concept that still gives a bit of privacy and seclusion where you need it (a.k.a., the toilet). The tiny tiles make the red wall seem vibrant and textured.

The gray floor is nothing special, although it does seem to be made of some pretty high-quality stone tiles. The real treat of this bathroom is the sink and gorgeous chandelier– it's art that has function, and it's a great centerpiece for this bathroom!

18. Make a Statement with Stone

This bathtub is almost monolithic- the stone is so deep and strong that it feels like one massive block, rather than an expertly cut bathtub. Toss in a luxurious red towel and you've got the color palette you're looking for!

This bathtub reminds me a bit of brutalist architecture, where dark, strong shapes were all the rage. It's definitely a statement, and it makes me think about what bathrooms would look like if people were building medieval castles with modern design trends!

19. Red and Gray Royalty

There is a lot of intricate design work at play with this stunning bathroom design. It seems as though every tiny detail has been thought of, and artful patterns and textures have been included everywhere.

If you've got a taste for the finer things, but you still want to have a modern-feeling red and gray bathroom, take a look at this design, and then take some notes!

20. Light, Minimal Design

Example of a mid-sized trendy 3/4 multicolored tile and mosaic tile porcelain tile and gray floor walk-in shower design in Atlanta with flat-panel cabinets, white cabinets, white walls, a vessel sink, quartz countertops, a hinged shower door, a one-piece toilet and red countertops
Image: Houzz

This bathroom design has tons of minimalist feel to it- everything is simply designed, with boxy, thin shapes and a lack of excess or ornamentation.

It does, however, have a great red mosaic made of tiny square tiles. It keeps to the minimalist theme because it doesn't take up any space or add clutter, while still looking very stylish and creative!

21. Modern and Playful

This red and gray bathroom is pretty much the exact opposite of minimalism; it goes wild with different patterns and shapes, and feels like a real treat for the eyes! I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at all the little details.

It's a great use of a bold, deep red with different shades of gray, too. It's lavish, playful, and a really fun way to end this list of red and gray bathroom ideas!