13 Pros and Cons of Granite Floor Tile – Could It Be The Right Flooring For You?

Granite flooring is perfect for many homes but far from ideal for others. Here’s everything you need to know about installing this material in your own house, including 13 pros and cons of granite floor tile…

Countless homeowners are drawn to granite for its beauty and durability. But this material isn’t just used to make countertops.

Unlike many natural stones, granite can be sourced in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit any interior decor. Once installed, the granite floor tile will hold up to nearly any type of wear and tear.

If that all sounds too good to be true, it might be. You won’t find many bargains on high-quality granite (and that’s not accounting for the steep installation costs!). And, when it comes to walking on granite floor tile every day, many people find that slick, cold surface to be disenchanting.

13 Pros and Cons of Granite Floor Tile

What Are the Pros of Granite Floor Tile?

pros of granite floor tile

Very Durable

Granite is one of the hardest natural stones used in home design. Pet claws won’t scratch a granite surface. Neither will hard shoes.

If you’re looking for a new floor that will stand up to everything you (literally and figuratively) throw at it, granite is an excellent choice.

Luxury Appearance

Perhaps the biggest reason homeowners turn to granite floors is the luxury appearance. There’s no denying how elegant — and, yes, expensive — granite flooring looks compared to most other types of tile.

Comes in Many Styles

comes in many styles

Black and dark grey granite are quite ubiquitous. Yet these colors are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what shades granite naturally comes in.

Granite is available in countless shades and patterns. You can even mix and match different styles of granite to create a unique pattern on your new floor.

Resists Moisture and Stains

No matter how careful you are, your household floors are sure to experience a few spills. Fortunately, granite tile is very resistant to staining (hence why granite is so popular for countertops).

Plus, the fact that granite is so water-resistant is great news for anyone looking to install this material in a kitchen, bathroom, or mudroom.

It's Heatproof

Granite does not conduct heat well. During summertime, granite floors will help keep your living spaces cool and comfortable. You may even save money on household cooling costs!

Won’t Fade in the Sun

Many common flooring materials, even the most durable ones, are vulnerable to sun exposure. Meanwhile, natural granite does not fade or discolor in sunlight.

Granite can be used in places where avoiding the sun is nearly impossible, such as in a sunroom or covered porch.

Easy to Clean

Routine cleaning is quick and easy when you have granite floor tile in your home. A simple broom and mop will keep your granite looking great while keeping potential allergens out of your living space.

What Are the Cons of Granite Floor Tile?

cons of granite floor tile

Difficult Installation Process

Even with a professional’s help, installing granite floor tiles is no easy task. On average, installing granite tile takes longer and costs more money than other flooring materials.

The length of the installation process doesn’t just add up financially. It can also mean needing to vacate your home for several days until installation is complete.

It’s Extremely Heavy

This might not seem like a big issue when it comes to using granite tile as flooring. However, it can play a role in both the expense of granite floors and whether or not your home can even support them.

The sheer weight of granite tile means more money spent on time and labor during the installation process. It also means that DIY granite flooring is nearly impossible to achieve.

Before you can start the installation process, it’s important to confirm that your home is able to support the granite’s weight. This tends to be of greater concern when installing granite flooring on the second floor or above.

Granite Is Expensive

Like most luxury flooring options, granite tile does not come cheap. The cost is 100% justified by the durability and visual appeal of this stone. But granite floor tile will not be in every homeowners’ budget.

Can Be Slippery

can be slippery

Granite flooring has a tendency to be extremely slippery, especially immediately after being polished. If a fall does occur, granite doesn’t offer anything in terms of safe cushioning.

Many households will fare just fine with granite floors. However, those containing children, older residents, or pets may want to reconsider such a slippery surface.

Cold to the Touch

All tile is somewhat cold to the touch. Granite is especially so.

Granite tiles are compatible with in-floor heating systems (though the stone is not particularly heat-conductive). But those unable or unwilling to install one of these systems will be left with cold feet most of the year.

Must Be Professionally Maintained

While day-to-day cleaning is straightforward, granite floor tile requires professional resealing to maintain its durability and finish.

Resealing should be performed every 1 to 2 years for the best results. Scheduling these services can be time-consuming and expensive.

Final Thoughts

Granite is undeniably beautiful. But, for many homeowners, this luxury stone might be best used for making countertops.

You won’t find many tiles that are stronger than granite. On top of its physical hardness, granite is practically impervious to moisture and household spills. And if you’re looking to cut down on your weekly cleaning, granite floor tile is an attractive option!

Despite all of the benefits of granite floor tile, there are quite a few drawbacks. Granite is difficult and expensive to install. Even after installation, it takes time and money to keep this stone looking its best. When you consider the fact that granite flooring is slippery and cold, spending a small fortune might not seem worth it.

Do you have granite in your home? Would you consider using this luxury material for your kitchen or bathroom flooring? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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