5 Best Porthole Mirrors for a Nautical Home Makeover

A nautical theme can be a beautiful stylistic choice for a home. Whether you want to deck out your entire house or just a few rooms, there are plenty of thematic decorations and nautical furnishings available.

One of those items that you may need is a mirror, and what's more nautical than porthole mirrors? Designed to look like windows on a ship, they add a great touch to any room.

Here are my picks for the 5 best porthole mirrors!

What To Consider When Choosing A Porthole Mirror

1. Material and Finish

The material of a mirror's frame is crucial to ensuring durability and sturdiness that supports the fragility of glass. Overly flimsy materials are a disaster waiting to happen.

The material used can also totally transform the look and feel of a room. Wooden frames bring a bit of a rustic charm, while metallic ones add a touch of modern or industrial styles.

In addition, the finish of the mirror should be able to protect the integrity of its frame's material. Nautical themes are fairly common in rooms and spaces that are associated with water, such as bathrooms.

This means that a frame would have to be able to withstand regular contact with moisture without sustaining damage. As such, a wooden frame will need a protective layer to avoid deformation and a metal frame will need rust protection.

2. Size

The listed dimensions of a porthole mirror can be deceiving! In order to create the appearance of a porthole, a considerable amount of the diameter of this kind of mirror is made up of its frame.

A porthole mirror with a diameter of 15″ could have an actual reflective diameter of as little as 8″, for example, because of 7 inches of porthole detail. Keep that in mind when making your selection!

3. Functionality

Some mirrors, especially themed ones, are more decorative than they are functional. If you want something more practical, make sure the design elements of the porthole mirror don't get in the way of what it needs to do!

This also means that the glass should be clear and provide a non-distorted image.

4. Mounting

Porthole mirrors are almost unanimously wall mirrors. This means they will need to be mounted onto a wall securely. Before you hang up your mirror, you'll need to ensure it's the right weight for the material of your wall. As a general rule:

  • Wood and plasterboard walls can take about 11 lbs of weight.
  • Plasterboard walls can take about 30 lbs of weight.
  • Brick walls can take about 45 lbs of weight.
  • Brick and wood walls can take just under 90 lbs of weight.

Do note that drywall and plaster walls are often not strong enough to support a heavy mirror on their own. If you have walls like these, you'll need to attach your mirror to a support beam behind the top layer of the wall.

As an additional feature, it's a good idea to seek porthole mirrors that are easy to hang. Most good wall mirrors come with some form of fastening already included on the back, so you don't need to attach any yourself.

Top 5 Best Porthole Mirrors

1. Nagina International Nautical Nickel Plated Premium Ship's Porthole Mirror


  • Heavy frame made from high-quality materials.
  • Numerous available sizes.
  • Low price compared to similar products.
  • Mirror can swing open for more functionality.


  • Finish is not very shiny and may look dull next to other silver items.
  • Finish may easily scratch or chip off.
  • Needs to be assembled with tools and drilled upon arrival.
  • Poor quality control means some mirrors arrive with parts that don't fit well.

The Nagina International Nautical Nickel Plated Premium Ship's Porthole Mirror is made from high-grade silver-lined aluminum. It achieves its sleek, steel-like finish through a silvery nickel coating that protects it from moisture.

Though designed as a primarily decorative item, this mirror has good functionality as a more practical piece. It comes in a huge array of sizes that range from 8 inches to 30 inches in diameter so you can pick the perfect one.

Its mirror portion can even swing open as an interesting additional feature! The company that manufactures this mirror also offers the exact same design for a clear window and a working clock.

I love when products have matching items, as they can be used for a more unifying look throughout a nautical-themed space!

2. Stonebriar SB-5389A Wrapped Rope Mirror


  • High-quality, sturdy frame with good workmanship.
  • Very durable mirror surface that doesn't crack easily.
  • Easy to hang up with a simple hanger.


  • May have some odor upon arrival.
  • Loop design on the rope may droop after some time.
  • Mirror may have distorted images from certain angles.

The Stonebriar SB-5389A Wrapped Rope Mirror is made with a mix of natural braided hemp rope and clear, sturdy glass. The rope is securely wrapped to create a solid frame that is very durable.

This mirror has a little loop on the top that you can hang it from, but if you need something more reliable, it also has a simple sawtooth mount on the back. Personally, I appreciate the mounting fixture, as I'm always a little nervous about the security of weight-bearing features!

This mirror's round porthole variation measures 16.9″ in diameter. The mirror space itself has a diameter of about 12.8″. If you're not keen on the circular shape, it also has oval, rectangular, and square varieties.

3. Creative Co-Op Distressed Metal Port Hole Reflective Framed Mirror


  • Lightweight but durable.
  • Clear and strong mirror that doesn't scratch easily.
  • Easy to hang up with a simple hanger.


  • Parts of the frame are made from very light plastic instead of metal.
  • High price compared to similar products.
  • Poor quality control means some mirrors may have uneven paint.

The Creative Co-Op Distressed Metal Port Hole Reflective Framed Mirror is made to look like a genuine, rusting porthole on an old ship. It achieves this look with a simple paint coating over a frame made with a mix of iron and plastic.

An addition of rivet detailing makes it more authentic-looking. As someone who likes vintage items but prefers modern reliability, I love this faux-antique appearance!

With a beveled shape, this round mirror measures 22″ in diameter and is 3″ thick. Despite its size, it's quite lightweight, weighing in at almost 4 pounds. This makes it easy to carry, move, and adjust as desired.

Plus, a simple key hook mounting on the back allows it to be extra easy to hang up. You can opt for a gold finish or a more distressed “rusted” look.

4. Hind Handicrafts Wall Mounted Vintage Nautical Ship Porthole Mirror


  • Sturdy, durable frame.
  • Numerous available sizes.
  • Mirror opens up to clear space and can double as a cover for a genuine window.


  • High price compared to similar products.
  • Poor quality control means some plating may oxidize over time.

The Hind Handicrafts Wall Mounted Vintage Nautical Ship Porthole Mirror is made from aluminum. Designed as a blend between a functional and decorative piece, it features thematic details with two dog ears, nine metal rivets, and a hinge.

It can be easily mounted and comes with everything you might need to set it up. This mirror has a feature that means you can even use it over a real porthole-like window. Basically, the mirror section can swing open, revealing a clear space behind it.

I'm a sucker for items that mix novelty with practicality, and this sort of cool detail could be a good conversation starter! This mirror comes in several sizes, ranging from 8 inches to 20 inches. It also has various color options, with each color dictated by the type of plating used.

You can opt for brass, coke copper, nickel-chrome, and even matte gray steel. This may give you the opportunity to buy a mirror that is more specific to your personal preferences than others on the market!

5. SeaTeak 62540 Porthole Mirror


  • Made with excellent workmanship for a very durable and solid frame.
  • Materials are harvested responsibly.
  • Extremely lightweight.


  • Doesn't come with a way to hang it.
  • Colour may arrive lighter than desired due to the natural inconsistencies of wood.

The SeaTeak 62540 Porthole Mirror is made from pure solid teak wood that has been responsibly sourced and harvested. It is finished with oil to protect it against damage and maintain a nice, smooth appearance. With a diameter of 10.5″, it maintains a nice and lightweight of 1.8 pounds.

For the most part, this mirror prioritizes simplicity and streamlined workmanship over bells and whistles. It may be a good choice for those who want something more subtle. Since it's made from wood, it could also blend in well with normal furnishings for a more unified theme.

Which One's Our Top Pick?

The best porthole mirrors are a delightful touch to any nautical theme. They can also hold their own just fine as a standalone statement piece. We've looked at a fair few options today, but one stands out to me.

That winner is the Hind Handicrafts Wall Mounted Vintage Nautical Ship Porthole Mirror.

It was a close contest, but this mirror's features ultimately won me over. It's made with a simple material, plated to protect its integrity, and is nice and sturdy for durability. It's also easy to hang up and comes complete with the fastening, screws, and hooks necessary for that task!

Finally, the classic mix of decorative and practical, plus its fully functional novelty features, are the cherry on top. It's fully thematic and looks like a genuine porthole while still functioning perfectly fine as a mirror.

Given its many options in terms of size and color, you even might find it extra easy to find a variation that suits your needs!