28 Peacock Bedroom Decor Ideas to Tickle Your Fancy

“I shall always remember how the peacocks’ tails shimmered when the moon rose amongst the tall trees, and on the shady bank the emerging mermaids gleamed fresh and silvery amongst the rocks…” ― Hermann Hesse, The Journey to the East

There is something truly majestic about the peacock that it almost seems fictitious. The colors it displays are impressively beautiful and the whole bird itself has such a cool and graceful air to it. Deep blues, rich purples, vibrant greens, and brilliant golds delight anyone so lucky to lay eyes upon its feathery display.

So, to capture its regal essence in our everyday life, and more specifically in our place of rest, we turn to these 28 peacock bedroom decor ideas for inspiration. The perfect way to bring the peacock's beauty into your bedroom design.

28 Peacock Bedroom Decor Ideas to Tickle Your Fancy

1. Deep Blues and Pops of Purple

There it is, that famous peacock blue, coating the walls with its deep rich color. The pops of purple really compliment the look and the whole thing has a very regal feeling to it. I especially love how the bedframe is painted to match, letting it all seamlessly blend together.

2. Tail Feather Headboard

The head of the bed, but the tail of the bird. An ornamental way to incorporate peacocks into your bedframe. Beautiful metalwork made to form the tall detailed feathers of a peacock's tail. A peacock duvet is added to match and unite the whole look.

3. Throw Pillows

You can throw in hints of peacock imagery here and there in your bedroom design. Maybe a simple item such as a throw pillow can show off the gorgeous tones of a peacock and display lovely images of its patterns and feathers.

4. Jungle Mural

Now, this is a peacock bedroom! Sink into your cozy bed and snuggle up in your own private jungle oasis. Two magnificent peacocks watch over you as you sleep and greet you in the daylight of the morning. Wallpapers are a fun way to add that special theme to your bedroom.

5. Detailed Curtains

Silky curtains with vibrant displays of blues should be added to your list of peacock bedroom decor. Open up the curtains to greet the day and let the sun pour into your newly redesigned bedroom.

6. Funky Mirror

Keep your eyes out for funky furniture pieces and decor items that can add extra peacock vibes to your peacock bedroom. Mirrors, lamps, curtains, rugs, they can all have elements of the dignified bird.

7. Hidden On The Wall

Another example of a peacock wall however this one is handpainted! Although not as extravagant as the other mural we saw, it still has those spectacular vibes, and even a hidden peacock by the curtain rod. Plus, the artistry that has gone into the wall is truly stunning.

8. Accent Wall

This bedroom doesn't have any images of peacocks from what I can see, but the accent wall flaunts the rich peacock blue proudly. A more minimalistic way to still be inspired by the beautiful bird and apply it to your design.

9. Peacock Chair

Made from rattan, the peacock chair has played an important role in history and especially pop culture. Becoming the chair for the famous. The peacock-like chair exhibits an extra-large backrest like the impressive tail display of the majestic bird.

10. Detail in Hardware

Special touches in the details of your bedroom design can range from an entire wall of peacock paintings to something as small as a brass hook to hold back your curtains. Keep your eyes peeled when antique shopping or at the local thrift store for unique hardware items such as this.

11. Pops of Gold

If you have ever looked closely at a peacock feather you will notice that amongst the shades of blues, greens, and purples, there are incredible hints of gold. Get the same flashy look in your bedroom design.

12. Vintage Items

There was a time that peacock was very “in” so you can sometimes find cool vintage items with elements of peacocks on them. Try your luck and check stores like Etsy, local antique shops, or garage sales.

13. Bright and Colorful

If there is one thing we can all agree on is that peacocks are bright, bold, and colorful! Capture that essence in your bedroom design by using bright blues, pinks, purples, and greens. I especially love the framed portrait of the peacock above the night table.

14. Simple Details

The velvet peacock-blue Chaise Lounge is there for you to relax into. Beside you is a display of peacock feathers in a vase. Above you is a dangling light with shapes of the eye from the peacock feather. It's the perfect corner to your newly redesigned room.

15. Other Color Schemes

Just because you want peacock bedroom decor doesn't mean you have to choose peacock colors as your color scheme. You can choose whatever palette you desire for your bedroom and add pops of peacocks in frames or amongst your decor.

16. Search and Find

At first glance, you may not even notice the lovely little peacocks in the bedroom. Hidden amongst the precise detail in the carved headboard are two curious birds. Even though peacocks have the bold wow-factor, your bedroom can stay modest and still feature their beauty.

17. Peacock Bouquet

Forget about bouquets of flowers for your dresser, how about a bouquet of gorgeous peacock feathers! A great way to show off your love of peacocks and their captivating colors.

18. More Wallpaper Looks

Here I just wanted to show you guys another look that you can get when wallpaper hunting. We saw the large mural, and the handpainted scene, now this is a charming patterned paper. Repetitions of the enchanting feather in blues and greens create a great backdrop for your room.

19. Framed Feather

A minimalistic peacock bedroom decor that flaunts well with your simple design. A single feather framed unambiguously in a black frame and hung up on the wall for all to see. Keep it simple, keep it chic.

20. Fit for a Queen

Just a sec, I have to pick my jaw up from off the floor, because wow! This peacock themed bedroom left me in complete awe when I saw it. The fantastic image of the peacock in-motion with the brilliant golds and subtle blues is absolutely epic!

21. Fairytale Bedroom

In a magical bedroom like this, you will be the one who feels like the wild peacock. Amongst a mural of jungle scenes and a sea of silky blankets, you can spot pops of gold that glimmer against the deep blues. Make your personal habitat a one-of-a-kind.

22. Neutrals

Check out how this bedroom succeeded at getting that peacock look without the blues, purples, or greens. The rattan headboard displays a peacock feather in its design that will be a standout in your room.

23. The Right Duvet

Transform your bedroom from drab to fab with the right duvet! A gorgeous peacock shows its beauty across the canvas on your bed, bringing color to your room and a smile to your face.

24. Wall Stencil

If you want a hands-on project this weekend then grab your stencil and get to work on your new bedroom design. Here is a fun way where you can take charge of how your walls turn out. Choose your own colors and stencil to your liking.

25. Gold Duvet Set

Now here is a cool idea. They have highlighted the bed with the golden tones of the peacock feather which glows against the deep blue wall. In the doorframe and sheets, there are hints of purple to really finish off the peacock look.

26. Statement Light

Add a statement light for a real wow-worthy feature. A chandelier dressed with peacock feathers, a hanging light with a painted shade, or dangling gems in peacock blues. The right lighting can really transform a room.

27. Trinket Tray

Let your new peacock friend help you out with your rings, earrings, and other trinkets. A golden peacock jewelry holder might be the last piece missing from your peacock bedroom decor.

28. Side Table

How's this for a bedroom side table? The brass peacock stands elegantly upon the branch and will be the perfect companion. A great place to charge your phone, put down your reading book, or set up an alarm clock.

I think it would look awesome with a peacock blue table runner going across the top.