17 New York-Themed Room Decor Ideas To Inspire!

From the sights and sounds to the history, and people, there’s something truly special about New York City and that makes it difficult to replicate. So how do you bring that magic into your own home? Maybe you used to live in New York, or have always dreamed of seeing the dazzling city lights for yourself, or maybe you just love the fast-paced energy and sleek, urban style that New York embodies. If you're looking to inject a bit of that New York energy into your living space, check out these products that are sure to create a New York-themed room!

17 Ideas for a New York-Themed Room

1. Black and White New York Wall Mural 

One of the quickest and easiest ways to change up your room design is to add a mural. I love this black and white New York skyline decal from Etsy because of its sleek lines and retro feel- it almost feels like a comic book! It’s also super versatile and can work with just about any color scheme. Whether you decide to cover your room entirely or stick to an accent wall, your room is sure to impress. 

2. New York City View Decal

For a more subtle take on a New York-themed room, try a window-shaped decal like this one, that shows off an adorable hand-drawn New York City view. This decal has such a fun and whimsical style and it’s a bit more understated, perfect if you’re going for a calmer theme. Try placing the decal on a well-lit area of your wall and surround it with fairy lights, house plants, or even set your desk underneath it. 

3. Large NYC Letter Decor

If you’ve got a wall that needs filling or you’re looking for a statement piece, consider adding these giant letters spelling out NYC. The letters give an industrial, minimalist feel that’s perfect for a city apartment. The letters can also serve as a fun DIY project and give you a chance to add a personal touch to your space by using paper mache letters from a craft store and any kind of paint or decoupage you’d like.

4. New York Newspaper Font Throw Pillows

When decorating your room, you might not want your New York theme to be overly obvious, and maybe you’re just looking for a few subtle yet versatile elements. This throw pillow is a great example of paying tribute to the city in a subtle yet creative way by featuring fonts reminiscent of some of New York’s best-known newspapers. They’re fun and yet their classic shapes and colors make them a great addition to any room. 

5. New York Taxi Cab Art Print

Taxi cabs are one of those iconic symbols that come to mind when you think of New York, so why not include them in your home decor? The yellow adds a fun pop of color to any room but works particularly well if you’re going for a black and white scheme. I love this wall print because the watercolor art style softens up the look and the shade of yellow is bright and cheerful but not too severe. 

6. Statue of Liberty Wall Hanging

If you’re looking to add some unmistakable New York imagery to your home, look no further. There’s no other symbol more iconic or synonymous with New York than the Statue of Liberty. This wall hanging features Lady Liberty’s head and creates a striking statement in any room design. She works particularly well in rooms with softer and more muted, earthy color schemes that will bring out the greens and copper in the piece.  

7. City Street Signs Wall Decal

This street sign wall decal adds a fun element to any wall in your home where you’d like to make a statement. The decal is striking in black and features a silhouette of street signs from a New York intersection. What a great way to echo the hustle and bustle of New York in your decor! For an extra DIY tip, try handing black hooks on the decal to transform it into a 2d coat rack! 

8. New York Skyline Touch Lamp

If your tastes lean more towards clean lines and modern shapes, then your lighting should suit that style while also reflecting your love of New York. This lamp features a beautiful metallic finish as well as a subtle and classy silhouette of the New York skyline. It’s perfect for any minimalist home and its sleek shape is sure to impress. Not only that, but the base is touch-activated, so no need for cords!

9. Fire Escape Shelf

These fire escape shelves are such a unique and quirky way to bring a touch of the city into your decor! At first glance, they seem like any other industrial-style wall shelves, but a closer look reveals that their small-scale versions of fire escapes seen all over big cities, especially New York! If your design goals center around a classic city theme, these shelves will do the trick. They’d look especially great against exposed bricks!

10. New York Subway Sign

One of the most iconic things you will see when walking through just about any area of New York City is the subway signs indicating various routes to help locals and tourists alike get around the city. If you’re looking to add a strong statement element to your New York theme, you can’t do much better than a subway sign. Have a certain destination subway line or route in mind? These signs from Etsy can be made to include any destination you want. 

11. New York Themed Bedding Set

If your bedroom needs a punch of a modern, urban atmosphere, the easiest thing you can do for an instant upgrade is to switch out your bedding. Try updating your bedding with a set like this one, that features the New York skyline in black and white. It’s classic, versatile, and can fit into any urban design style, whether you’re specifically wanting to decorate for New York or just big cities in general. 

12. Graffiti Lamp Shade

Not every design choice has to be New York specific, and sometimes just the suggestion of city life is enough to carry your theme. One excellent example is this graffiti lamp shade. I love the variety of colors and shapes in this lamp that makes it a perfect choice for just about any New York or city-inspired home. This shade works perfectly with a pendant lamp over a dining room table or bedroom. 

13. Collage Wall of Broadway Posters

Source: (The New York Times)

What’s your favorite part of New York? For many, it’s the lights and music of Broadway. If you’re a musical theatre fan, a great way to show off your love for the Big White Way is to frame your posters, playbills, and programs to create a broadway tribute collage wall. It makes a colorful and eclectic accent feature in any room. Choose picture frames that are simple, with clean lines so as not to distract from the poster art, and fill the space as much as you can, like in the above example. 

14. New York City Skyline Wall Art 

If New York is calling you home, a subtle and classic way to pay tribute to the Big Apple is to add this skyline wall art to your room. This custom piece can be made in any color you like to match your existing color scheme, and also comes in multiple sizes. It’s versatile enough to fit into a variety of design styles, and the different size options mean you can make it a feature of your room or just a small accent. 

15. Colorful New York Throw Pillow

It can be easy to fall into the trap of black and white when it comes to New York-themed rooms so don’t be afraid to add some color or quirky items here and there. This throw pillow features a fun, painterly black and white depiction of the New York Skyline and comes in bright orange or turquoise. Both colors are excellent options to add a bright pop of color to any room. 

16. Fun and Quirky New York City Wallpaper

If you’ve got a more adventurous design style, you don’t want just any wallpaper. And if you want to highlight your love for New York, you’ll want to choose decor that makes a statement. I absolutely adore this one-of-a-kind wallpaper from Milton and King. Featuring a bright, cheery color scheme, a hand-drawn illustration style, and fun details like yellow taxis, hot dogs, pretzels, even King Kong and Godzilla, it’s the perfect addition to an eclectic or maximalist space. You don’t have to cover every wall – try using it as an accent wall and paint the other walls with a color from the color scheme.  

17. New York Scented Candle

Sometimes it’s not enough to be surrounded by images of your favorite place – sometimes you just want to smell it. This location-based soy candle claims to smell like New York, with notes of musk, rosewood, apple, woodsmoke, and more. It’s the perfect addition to your room if you’re looking to create ambiance and familiarity. But it also makes a perfect gift for someone else who may be homesick. It comes in a sleek, simple glass holder that will fit nicely into any room. 

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