Navy Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas – 25 Ways To Go Bold and Beautiful

Looking for navy blue and gold bedroom ideas? We've got your back! You want your bedroom to be a calming place to rest your head, but you also want to choose colors that will feel chic and timeless.

Navy blue contrasts so well with gold to create a luxurious feel, even in a more casual setting. There's no wonder why it's a popular wedding color scheme and a staple in high-end home decor!

If you're looking to get inspired, take a look at these 25 navy blue and gold bedrooms that just screen elegance and contemporary style!

Quick Look

  1. Navy Blue Bed with Gold Chandelier
  2. Navy Blue Walls and Golden Decor
  3. Navy Blue Bedroom with Gold Elements
  4. Blue and Gold Bedroom with Red Walls
  5. Industrial Bedroom with Blue and Gold Decor
  6. Traditional Bedroom with Subtle Blue Touches
  7. Modern Bedroom with Navy and Gold Decor
  8. Classic Blue Bedroom with Gold Details
  9. Stylish Navy and Gold Bedroom
  10. Beautiful Blue, White, and Gold Nursery
  11. Cozy Blue and Gold Bedroom
  12. Chic Bedroom with Gold Decor
  13. Baroque-Inspired Blue and Gold Bedroom
  14. Tiny Bedroom with Navy and Gold Decor
  15. Chic and Minimal Luxury Bedroom
  16. Sophisticated Space-Themed Bedroom
  17. Sweet and Stylish Kid's Room
  18. Navy Blue And Yellow Bedding
  19. Soft Bedroom with Yellow Bedding
  20. Contemporary Blue And Yellow Bedding
  21. Navy Blue Headboard with Yellow Pillows
  22. Bright Geometric Bedroom Design
  23. Luxurious Bedroom with Navy and Gold Pieces
  24. Elegant Bedroom with Blue and Gold Bedding
  25. Blue Bedroom with Warm Headboard Lighting

Navy Blue and Gold Bedroom Ideas – 25 Ways To Go Bold and Beautiful

1. Elegant Navy Blue Bedroom with Gold Chandelier

A luxurious bedroom in a classic style with gold elements and a blue bed cloth and a wooden dresser and dressing table. 3d rendering

Looking for a take on traditional-style luxury? Check out this beautiful master bedroom that takes the navy and gold color scheme in a simple and elegant direction.

Choosing a subdued navy color and soft gold accents gives this room a less harsh vibe, perfect for a calming bedroom design!

2. Bedroom with Navy Blue Walls and Golden Decor Accents

White Alstroemeria, lily and gold candles in a gold vase and candlesticks in Art deco style on a trendy green background, a black table and in a stylish green interior

Sometimes simplicity is key. You can't go wrong with a beautiful navy blue wall while adding simple gold accents.

The gold decor will stand out against the darker wall and draw the eye and make the room feel more upscale, even if the touches are subtle and few. There's no need to go overboard when a few striking pieces are all you need to elevate a room!

3. Baroque Traditional Navy Blue Bedroom with Gold Elements

bedroom suite in the Baroque style. classic bedroom design. velvet back of the bed. there is a night light on the bedside table. Ideas for chic interior in blue and gold

If you're going full-on traditional with your design scheme, take a hint from this beautiful Baroque-inspired bedroom. Navy blue walls contrast with the pale blue bedding and gold accents to create a stunning and luxurious atmosphere.

It's a timeless and traditional take on the colors that still feels luxurious!

4. Blue and Gold Bedroom with Red Walls

Simple poster hanging above bed with many cushions and green blanket standing in bedroom interior with golden furniture

If you're looking for a really fresh and unique take on a blue and gold color scheme, look no further than this stunning bedroom! Cool-toned red walls contrast with the blue and gold bedding to create an elegant room that's full of energy and style.

It's an unexpected twist on an old classic that keeps this room feeling fresh and new!

5. Modern Industrial Bedroom with Blue and Gold Decor

Gold chair placed in dark bedroom interior with raw wall, green mattress bed with pillows and books on metal rack

Is industrial style your thing? navy and gold can make perfect accents against concrete gray and black. Use these colors as decor accents in bedding, like throw pillows and blankets, or a metallic accent like the gold chair.

This gives the room a much more casual and contemporary feel!

6. Classic Traditional Bedroom with Subtle Blue Touches

Luxury elegant gold bedroom interior with white bedding and hardwood floor.

While most blue and gold room schemes tend to rely heavily on the blue color and use gold as a subtle accent, this beautiful traditional bedroom takes the opposite approach.

With golden walls and white bedding, the blue throw pillow on the bed immediately draws your eye to the bed!

7. Modern Bedroom with Navy and Gold Decor

Bedroom corner navy blue velvet bed with soft pillows setting decorated with gold circular stainless and navy blue paint wall in the background / cozy interior design

I love this super contemporary blue and gold bedroom! The minimal gold wall decor accent immediately brightens up the room and softens the scheme by contrasting with the sharp stripes on the wall behind it.

Getting creative with shapes can immediately make the bedroom feel more upscale!

8. Classic Blue Bedroom with Gold Details

Narrow blue and gray bedroom with double bed and upholstered wall

Navy and gold can sometimes feel a bit harsh for a bedroom, especially if you want a soft and calm atmosphere to help you sleep!

Altering the color scheme is easy, just soften up the blue color to a little bit paler shade and the bedroom immediately feels less severe. I also love the blue headboard that reaches up all the way to the ceiling!

9. Stylish Contemporary Navy and Gold Bedroom

Stylish interior of contemporary room with comfortable bed Fragment of bedroom interior. Headboard is decorated and pillows. Soft evening lighting

Blue and gold are beautiful colors on their own, but adding some darker gold and copper accents can really take the design to the next level!

This bedroom beautifully contrasts a bronze-colored wall with a soft blue headboard and bright yellow throw accents, making for a fresh new take on a classic palette!

10. Beautiful Blue, White, and Gold Nursery

A classic blue bedroom with a gold crib. A arm chair and rocking horse sit at its side.

Navy and gold can be an excellent color combination for nurseries, too! I love the way the focus was put on the navy and white to create a calming atmosphere, with subtle golden details throughout the room to dress it up.

This is a beautiful, contemporary room that the baby can grow into!

11. Cozy and Casual Blue and Gold Bedroom

Royal blue bedroom interior with a touch of gold

Navy blue makes a beautiful and dynamic color for a bedroom! It's dark enough that it won't mess with your sleep but light enough that it brings energy to a space rather than bringing the energy down.

In this fun and upbeat bedroom, the gold accents work well with the blue, but they also contrast with the wooden headboard and other furniture to create an eclectic and casual feel.

12. Chic and Contemporary Bedroom with Gold Decor

Vintage bedroom interior with retro chair, blue and grey blankets, cushions, plants, white carpet and modern paintings

This lovely bedroom utilizes texture and a variety of colors to create a chic and upscale bedroom. The colors are softened and muted, while the decor accents show off a variety of shades.

Subtle gold detailing contrasts beautifully against the dark wall. The effect is timeless and elegant!

13. Classical Baroque-Inspired Blue and Gold Bedroom

luxury posh bed room interior indeep blue color with antique expensive furniture and gold elements in baroque style

If you're looking to really bump up the drama, a Baroque-inspired design might be just what you need! Ornate detailing and luxurious colors and fabrics all work together to create a truly impressive bedroom design.

I love this example because the dark blue walls feel fresh and contemporary against the ornate classical detailing.

14. Tiny Bedroom with Chic Navy and Gold Decor

Fragment of modern master bedroom in minimalist white and blue interior design style. Bed with pillows duvet illumination lamps in spacious airy room

Simplicity is key when it comes to small bedrooms that don't have much space for extra details. A striking blue headboard immediately draws your eye into the room, while two side tables on either side create a mirror image.

The effect is simple, sweet and classic, while still having that contemporary edge!

15. Chic and Minimal Luxury Bedroom

Stylish Bedroom corner with wooden headboard and bed with soft pillows setting with navy blue and yellow painted wall on the background / cozy interior design / modern interior

The designer of this beautiful upscale room chose a deep navy blue that's almost black to contrast boldly with the gold detailing on the bedding and decor accents.

The warm lighting keeps this room from feeling too dark or cold. Overall the room is warm and inviting yet still luxurious.

16. Sophisticated Space-Themed Bedroom

Yellow stars cushions on bed against dark wall with stickers in astronaut's bedroom interior with telescope

This fun space-themed bedroom has so much personality and charm! Navy blue is the perfect color to go with for a teen or dorm bedroom because it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

To really brighten up the space, the bold yellow throw pillows make a fun statement!

17. Sweet and Stylish Kid's Room

Fragment of a child room with large blinded window, radiator underneath, covered bed and desk with chair beside it

For a kid's room, gold might be a little too dressed-up. Why not go with navy blue and bright, cheery yellow?

This adorable kid's bedroom is simple yet sophisticated, with all the fun a kid wants in a stylish package. Keeping all the accents yellow makes the space brighter and more energetic, contrasted with the navy blue bedding.

18. Cozy and Casual Bedroom with Navy Blue And Yellow Bedding

Modern interior - blue and yellow bedroom design

A variety of textures and colors all work together to create a cozy and casual bedroom that's perfect for a teen, or someone who loves to inject a bit of color into their room!

This example is bold and fun, yet classic and casual enough to still feel welcoming. The room has a smart balance of both blue and yellow, with a dark grey helping to balance the scheme out.

19. Soft And Simple Bedroom with Yellow Bedding

pastel bedroom

Usually, in a blue and yellow color scheme, the focus is on blue, since it tends to be a more versatile color scheme. But there's nothing wrong with flipping the script and embracing gold and yellow as the focal point of your bedroom!

Yellow is generally a bright and energetic color, so make sure it's balanced out by soft and soothing colors.

20. Small Bedroom with Clean and Contemporary Blue And Yellow Bedding

Double bed with blue throw, yellow cushions and white beding

Small spaces mean every piece needs to make a statement! Navy blue curtains and a throw blanket at the end of the bed contrast nicely against the stark white walls and bedding, giving the room a bit more visual interest.

But the real star on this bedding are the gorgeous gold-colored throw pillows that inject some lively personality into the room!

navy and gold bedroom ideas

When you're working with colors as bright as yellow, sometimes it's best to hide it away into the design scheme.

This cozy bedroom highlights a simple and symmetrical design scheme, with soft navy blue bedding contrasted nicely with yellow sheets. The main star of this bedroom is the large headboard that frames the bed!

22. Bold and Bright Geometric Bedroom Design

Modern bedroom interior in blue and yellow tones. Large bed with pillows, cozy interior

Bright and bold geometric patterns are the way to go when you want to inject some life and personality into your bedroom design! I love the bright graphic wall art and the contrasting geometric-print bedding!

The design is balanced out and toned down by a simple grey headboard that gives the room a cozy and comfortable vibe.

23. Luxurious Bedroom with Bright Navy and Gold Pieces

Interior photography, large bedroom in a modern loft style, with a double bed and a yellow sofa

This beautiful bedroom uses incredibly bright and bold shades of navy and gold, but the effect is not overwhelming.

By matching shades and intensities, the headboard and couches are not fighting for attention, but blend in with one another. I also love the matching lighting fixture and wall art that make this room feel upscale and classic!

24. Classic and Elegant Bedroom with Blue and Gold Bedding

Vertical view of elegant blue, grey, gold and orange bedroom

When decorating with bold, bright colors, it's easy to feel intimidated and worry about the scheme looking “too much”. But balance is key and can make or break your design scheme!

I love how this bedroom tones down the bright blue and yellow tones in the bedding by contrasting them with a soft, warm gray paint color!

25. Blue Bedroom with Warm Golden Headboard Lighting

Stylish Bedroom with gray and blue pillows setting on bed, cozy interior design , modern interior

A blue and gold color scheme doesn't mean adding gold accents to a room with blue walls! Think outside of the box a little and you may discover fascinating decor ideas, like this example.

Rather than traditional gold decor accents, there's a golden light accent in the headboard of this navy blue bedroom!