Master Bedrooms with French Doors – 20 Ideas That’ll Have You Dreaming

French doors are one of the most timeless features a home could ever have and a master bedroom with French doors is a dream come true! They're effortlessly stylish, and they let a lot of natural light blanket your home in cheery warmth.

When they're part of your master bedroom, the effects are wondrous. Your master suite will feel instantly more open, cheerful, and sophisticated! I've always been a fan of French doors in master bedrooms; they make it feel more elegant and grown-up. It looks more like a bedroom than just a rectangle with a large bed in the center!

I put together this list of 20 master bedrooms with French doors, full of different ideas and inspiring images! Are you ready to daydream about the place where you… well, dream? Let's get started!

Master Bedrooms with French Doors – 20 Ideas To Inspire You

1. French Countryside Feels

This is a gorgeous master bedroom that looks like it belongs in a movie where two opposites fall in love in the French countryside! I love the simplicity of the French doors: black frames and large glass panes make for a rustic, charming set of French doors!

Note how the curtains match the openness and simplicity of the doors themselves- that's a sign of inspired decorating!

2. Tropical Vibes

This master bedroom has two sets of thin French doors that open up to an amazing tropical landscape. Obviously, you likely won't be able to get those mountains right outside your window, but having two sets of French doors, connected by a private patio, is pretty dreamy.

These doors create lots of warm natural light as well as form a natural air flow, keeping you cool at night! If you live in a particularly hot climate, this could be a great, environmentally-friendly way to combat the heat!

3. Contemporary French Doors to Backyard

These stylish black doors open up to a quaint little backyard. Could you imagine waking up and stepping foot right outside to take in a breath of crisp, refreshing morning air?

There's something about the idea of your bedroom being connected to a garden or courtyard that feels both elegant and laid-back. It's a wonderful, relaxing retreat, created by a set of modern French doors!

4. Simple White Doors

French doors don't need to be extremely stylized or embellished to do their job. These simple doors are amazing at letting in light and making the whole bedroom feel more open and free.

The doors connect to a private patio, expanding the amount of space you have to disconnect, relax, and recharge. This is an excellent example of a minimalist idea that doesn't try too hard to be “minimal”- it simply is what it is!

5. Focus on Glass

What does “focus on glass” mean? Simply, it means that the real strength of these French doors is that they have a very high ratio of glass to frame. There's so much clear space in the door, they would feel like they were open, even while closed!

This accomplishes a nice, airy vibe in the room. The outside and inside feel much more connected because these French doors help to remove boundaries, not create them!

6. Bedroom French Doors to Cozy Office

This is one of my favorite French door ideas on the list! Rather than leading you outside or to a patio, these French doors take you from your bedroom to a cute little office space bathed in plants and natural light!

It's the dream setup for work-from-home, or the artists at heart, spending long hours writing, drawing, and singing in their own private studio! It feels so effortlessly chic and makes me wonder why this isn't built into every apartment and home.

What an amazing bedroom/office this is!

7. Tall French Doors Connecting to Home

These tall, elegant doors connect directly to the rest of the home. This type of French door setup was popular in residential architecture during the turn of the 20th century. It looks very elegant and helps the entire home have more of an open concept.

What I really love about these doors is that they take advantage of the tall ceiling by being tall themselves. They're very stylish, even though the actual designs are rather basic!

8. Thin Glass Interior French Doors

These doors may not offer much in terms of privacy, but they do look really cool! If you're lucky enough to live alone, these doors will add a lot of value to your decor. They give that “open concept” vibe that helps people feel comfortable even in a tiny apartment!

I like the vintage frame, too- if you look closely, you can tell that it was made by a real person, not a factory machine!

9. Wall to Wall, Floor To Ceiling

The French doors in this master bedroom form the centerpiece to an entire wall made of glass and intricate framework. It has a more upscale, contemporary feeling than many of the examples we've seen so far.

This is the type of master bedroom that would be fit for a classy businessperson looking to relax and sleep in peace. The French doors open up to what I imagine to be at least a few acres of gorgeous land- you'd have complete privacy and serenity with this master bedroom!

It would be absolutely perfect to curl up and watch the snow falling or the leaves change, too! Oh, and did you notice the blinds? Just beautiful!

10. Vintage French Doors

There's so much to love about these vintage, pastel-colored French doors. They remind me of an old-school country house, the type of home where people enjoy the little things, care for each other, and take it easy.

If I were an artist or a painter, these are the type of French doors I'd like to have- they're gorgeous, even though they are pretty unsophisticated. It just has this rustic, happy feeling to it that I, and millions of other people, can never get enough of.

11. Modern French Doors, Rounded Tops

A lot of French doors will have a rounded window above them, but this particular set is rounded itself! It instantly makes the entire wall look much more elegant and upscale.

If you love the farmhouse look, but want something that looks a little more stately, these French doors could be exactly what you're looking for! I like the black iron rod and simple curtains that adorn the doors; it helps make it feel grounded and down-to-earth, rather than pretentious!

12. Bohemian Master Suite

This eclectic, laid-back master suite has incredible vaulted ceilings and a gorgeous set of French doors that lead out to the backyard. I really like the black metal frame; it's both simple and stylish and really helps connect the bedroom to the outside space beyond it.

If you're looking for a master bedroom idea that feels intellectual, natural, and open- take this as the perfect example!

13. Luxury and Relaxation

The French doors in this bedroom make it feel like a luxurious, upscale retreat. The high ceilings with artistic molding, chandelier, and light, neutral colors all create a sense of serenity.

The doors, leading to a lush, green backyard space, add to that feeling of serenity and privacy that make it a perfect place to rest, sleep, and be at peace!

14. Modern Master Suite

These large, wide doors lead to a private deck that the homeowners can enjoy without being interrupted by anyone! I really like the sense of symmetry in this image; the bed is centered in front of the doors, which are centered within the wall.

Everything feels like it is in its own perfect place. That creates a wonderfully balanced, peaceful vibe that helps you relax! On top of that, I really enjoy the simplicity of the doors themselves; once again, they let in lots of light and make me feel like nature isn't far from reach!

15. Chic, Rustic Vintage Doors

These French doors are absolutely gorgeous! They're very old, and lots of work has gone into letting them be old without looking like they're falling apart. If you've got a taste for the rustic, farmhouse, or bohemian decorating styles, French doors like this will fit in perfectly.

And, they will likely be less expensive than buying brand new French doors made by an expert craftsman.

16. Simple White Interior French Doors

These classy French doors are painted solid white; they feel very normal while still adding style to the home. They're an excellent way to add an old-school style to your home.

French doors used in the interior of the home were very popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries; if you own an older home, or just love that look, adding French doors to your master bedroom entrance is a wonderful way to accomplish that look!

It's a great example of what is known as the “arts and crafts” or “American Craftsman” architecture movements that were popular at the time!

17. Cloudy Glass Barn-Style Doors

French doors with glass panes look amazing, but they don't give you much privacy in your master bedroom. Unless you live alone on a fancy estate, that's a problem!

These barn-style French doors use cloudy glass; this gives the door a great visual texture and a bit of translucence while still preserving your privacy. Plus, the way the class combines with the dark, thick wood frame looks really amazing!

This is an excellent master bedroom French door idea for any modern/rustic interior design theme!

18. Imposing, Moody Master Suite

This is a real statement! The giant black doors are very striking and stylish. They have lots of contemporary charm to them while still being moody and almost imposing. I love the rounded tops of the doors, too.

They add that sense of luxury and craftsmanship that makes French doors in master bedrooms such a wonderful idea. If you want the entrance to your master suite to feel like you're walking into a separate world full of style and sophistication, this is a great way to do it!

19. French Doors Connected to Courtyard

This set of exterior French doors makes this master bedroom feel like it's in a New England resort rather than a normal person's home! You could wake up on a crisp fall morning, throw open the doors, and let the cool, refreshing air flow in .

It's also a completely perfect place to have a lazy morning, traveling all the way from your bed to the patio to read, reflect, and let time pass by!

20. Master Bedroom, Sleek Wood French Doors

If you're a fan of contemporary living but don't want to opt for a post-modern, cold vibe, these warm wood French doors are for you. They're huge, sleek, and sophisticated without looking too upscale for a suburban home.

This is the type of master bedroom with French doors for the average person who likes their things to be high-quality but not exactly high-society. It's a simple yet luxurious way to close out this list of master bedroom with French door ideas!