Masculine Curtains – 24 Designs You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Buy


Are you a person with rugged sensibilities looking for masculine curtains? We've got you covered! Curtains, for most of history, just haven't had much machismo. It's not their fault; rather, I think we should blame interior designers for not thinking of people with more rugged sensibilities!

Since masculine curtains can be pretty hard to find, and I get tired of the same old-same old, I decided to peek around the web and find the most masculine curtain ideas I could! Take a look at my findings, and let me know what you think!

What Makes Curtains “Masculine”?

As any refined man would tell you, masculinity is more of an attitude and state of mind than it is a look or action. It definitely isn't chest-beating, shouting at a TV screen when your sports team loses, or road rage. I'd prefer to call that “macho fragility”.

But, we're not here to talk sociology, we're here for curtains! So, what makes a curtain “masculine?”

Well, it's a lot like what makes a person masculine. It's got a sense of boldness and stoicism, and a bit of confidence. That confidence says “I may or may not appeal to everybody, but I like who I am”.

Curtains that are masculine tend to use bold, darker colors, thicker fabrics and are fixed to the walls with natural, rough materials.

Masculine Curtains – 24 Designs You Won't Be Embarrassed to Buy

1. Bold Colored Print Curtains

The deep, dark blue and the fiery red and orange combine to make a visually interesting, bold curtain design. It's definitely masculine in the way that it uses color, and it doesn't easily conform to other decor styles, which is a plus for many people!

2. Abstract Painting Curtain Design

Again, this curtain design bucks the trend of symmetrical patterned designs in favor of an abstract painting. The colors remind me of marble, brass, and cool stone, all very manly materials. If you're looking for a masculine curtain, but still want a bit of artistic flair, these might just do the trick!

3. Olive Green, Simple Design

Olive/forest green is a color that fits really well with any rugged decorating theme. It doesn't call attention to itself, it feels natural, and has a great feel to it. It won't clash with anything, it's a calming color, and the material is thick and avoids flash. What more could you want?

4. Thick, Brown, Velvety

I chose this curtain because it reminds me of an old leather jacket or reading chair. It's not the same material, I know, but it has that type of vibe to it. It feels like the kind of curtain owned by someone with multiple degrees who teaches history at a prestigious university.

It's a more refined masculinity, and I'm digging it!

5. DIY Wood Valance

This one is less about the curtain itself and more the design of the valance that covers the top of it. The homemade, dark stained wood is the type of home decor anyone could make in their garage. That's why it makes the list, it has a rugged, DIY appearance that is very manly and still pretty tasteful!

6. Bold, Thick Striped Curtain

Two things about this curtain design that I like: one, the thickness of the stripes and the boldness of the colors. They're a very stylish way to choose curtains that won't upset your manly atmosphere. Plus, the colors/stripes kind of seem like what you'd see on a sailor in World War II, which is definitely a masculine look!

7. Marvel Superheroes Curtain Design

It's a classic feature of man caves and bachelor pads to include your favorite bits of pop culture into the decor. For any fan of comic books or the Avengers movies, these curtains are sure to please. Personally, I prefer to keep my characters on screen, but I didn't choose this for myself.

I chose it because it's a great example of a masculine curtain design that can display what you love!

8. Pokemon Printed Curtain

Another pop culture design, this one will make fans of Pokemon really happy. On top of the pop culture appeal, I also really like the combination of red, white, and black. It's a cool, brooding color combo that will also block out all the pesky sunlight that ruins movie marathons and gaming sessions!

9. Dark Knight Print

To round out the pop culture trifecta, I chose a really cool-looking Batman printed curtain. I love the vibrant colors and the 3D effect that the bat-symbol has. If you're a Batman superfan, you've just found your curtains!

Perfect for a man cave, home theater room, or just to let guests know how much you love Gotham's favorite hero.

10. Military Camo Curtains

Got any military pride in your life? These camo curtains are going to fit right in. Camo, while it may not top the list of “most stylish design”, is undeniably masculine. It's not for everyone, but if it fits your personality, it can be a great addition to your home decorating theme!

11. Hunter's Camo Print

If you'd rather be in a deer stand than in your home, these curtains will help to bridge the gap. While I'm not much of a hunter myself, I did grow up around a lot of them, and curtains like this would definitely be a big hit with a hunting fanatic!

They have a lot of obvious manliness, but in the image, they aren't as overwhelming as they could be; a job well done by the homeowners.

12. Baseball Stitch Curtains

Next up, it's time to get into the sports aesthetic. If you wake up every day wishing you were on the diamond, these baseball window curtains will be a sight for sore eyes.

They're pretty on-the-nose, so they might not be perfect for the living room if you've got a partner or spouse who'd object. However, in your man cave or bachelor bad, it's a great tribute to “America's Pastime”!

13.  Baseball Curtain Tieback

A much more subtle way to incorporate baseball into your window treatments, this curtain tieback looks like it's literally just a baseball screwed into the wall. It's simple, it's manly, and it stands a much higher chance of not getting voted down by your significant other for being “too much”.

14. NFL Team Logo Curtains

A simple way to show your support for any team. I like the laid-back nature of these curtains, and the Green Bay Packers colors, at least, aren't so flashy that they'll risk being an eyesore. If you love football (I think it's America's real pastime, not baseball), why not display it with some team curtains?

15. Log Cabin Plaid

There are few things more classically masculine than a log cabin. these things were built by hand and could withstand even the most fierce winter. If you've got a lumberjack somewhere in your soul, aching to be out in the pines, these curtains are for you.

While they may not seem very manly on the surface, it's the way they contribute to the rugged log cabin appearance that makes them worthy of being on the list!

16. Burlap Window Panels

I really like these curtains. Burlap is a rough, raw-feeling material that blocks out a lot of light and has a lot of rugged style. If you want to add some homemade curtains to your home, and you don't want to lose the masculine vibe you work hard to maintain, burlap could become a go-to window treatment.

I really like the way it reminds me of pre-industrial homes- handmade, unrefined, yet still somewhat appealing to look at!

17. Coffee Sack Curtains

I've got a pretty strong bias towards burlap coffee sacks in home decor. I'm a hopeless caffeine addict, and coffee-themed decoration always appeals to me. This window curtain has the same type of vibe as the burlap we just saw, but with the added coolness of the coffee company logo.

If you're a bit of a cafe-rat, this could be a great way to use a rugged, natural curtain design!

18. Imposing Red Velvet

These are the type of curtains you get when you want people to feel a bit intimidated. They remind me of old movies where kings and generals lived in imposing, luxurious castles that had similar curtains. With these, you'll definitely be making a statement.

That statement is something along the lines of “tread lightly”.

19. Sophisticated Silk Curtains

Who said manly had to be rough around the edges? There's plenty of masculinity to go around in this silk curtain. It's got a bold, sophisticated color and texture, but still has a bit of bravado.

It makes me think of the kind of curtains you might find in the home of a nineteenth-century shipping merchant. What that means is, it's both lavish and manly, a delicate balance to find!

20. Medieval Style Silk Curtains

A few centuries ago, the manliest of men were into fine clothes and luxury living. Think of the dressing style that was popular in Europe at the time. These men fought wars, built empires, and sailed across oceans- wearing colorful silk and wool all the way. Were they not manly?

So, these stylish and elegant curtains make the list as an homage to that era of masculinity, and to prove that manliness is an attitude, not a look!

21. Rugged Reclaimed Wood

Here we have another example of curtain hardware that has classic, rugged manliness to it. Using reclaimed wood to make anything in your home is always a cool idea, and this curtain rod/wall mount is no different.

If you want to have a many window curtain, but don't want to go overboard, this reclaimed wood idea might be right up your alley!

22. Nautical Themed Curtains

There are few things quite as manly as sailing, in my opinion. Especially in the days when maps were only beginning to become accurate and complete, sailing took guts, courage, and a bit of crazy.

So, if you want to have a cool-looking curtain that retains some masculinity, you can take this sailing-inspired curtain design for inspiration! The pulley has a cool look, as does the frayed canvas cloth that is used for the actual curtain.

23. Monolithic Curtain Panels

I chose the word “monolithic” to describe these curtain panels because they are one uniform color and texture in a very boxy shape. All of those things reflect the quiet simplicity that is characteristic of the classic man. Just like an old school hero, these curtain panels are stoic and free of excess.

24. Fisherman's Net Curtain Design

Heading back to the sailing theme to finish off the list, these masculine curtains are literally made from vintage fisherman's net. If you're an angler at heart, or you just want to recreate the feeling of one of the most masculine professions of all time, this is a cool curtain idea you might want to try out.

They won't do a great job at blocking out light, but hey, sometimes it's more about the style!