25 Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Ideas to Keep You Smiling

Do you dare to dazzle like the renowned Marilyn Monroe? So much so that you would design your bedroom with her in mind? Well, you aren't the first! I was surprised (sort of) to see how many inspirational photos I could find of Marilyn Monroe bedroom looks!

When I say “sort of”, I just mean that she is so iconic I'm not actually that surprised that her beauty, grace, and lure have transformed into an essence that people continue to capture.

And, let me tell you, it's been really fun seeing how that captured essence gets turned into an interior design. Her glitz, her glam, her elegance, can all be an inspiration when looking to create your space. So if you want your own Marilyn Monroe bedroom, scroll down for some much-needed inspiration!

25 Marilyn Monroe Bedroom Ideas to Keep You Smiling

1. Marilyn Decals

Decorate the wall with removable decals of her lovely facial features. I absolutely adore the signature at the bottom as well. A very classy way to represent Marilyn Monroe in your bedroom.

2. On the Dresser

Don't worry, Marilyn won't tell anyone what you hide in there. But feel free to confide in her when you are getting ready for a night out in town. Look for furniture pieces like this dresser to complement your Marilyn Monroe bedroom.

3. Elegant in White

Marilyn Monroe is famous for her beautiful white gowns. Look for retro furniture with white furs, beaded lamps, and cream-colored silks. It will take you right back to the '60s when things were swinging.

4. Vanity

Apply your blushes and shadows in your Hollywood vanity. Inspirational pictures of Marilyn herself are built into the surface and lights surround you as you get ready for your big movie premier. Or, you know… Drinks at the local pub?

5. Old Time Hollywood

Old-time Hollywood when films were black and white and the living was easy. Well, I don't know about easy, but it sure appeared that way in the vintage films. Swing dancing on weekends, tuning into the radio, and picking out what dress to wear to the Spring fling.

When planning your Marilyn Monroe bedroom try going for an achromatic design.

6. Marilyn Mural

Check out Marilyn looking all cool up on the wall. Instead of going for prints or paintings, maybe you want to go for something on the larger-scale. A Marilyn Monroe mural is a totally awesome way to represent the idol.

7. Bedding

With the help of the internet, it is easy to find Marilyn Monroe bedding and for reasonable prices. I couldn't believe the variety of styles and designs with beautiful portraits of Marilyn. It may take a bit of looking to find the right one but it's definitely out there!

8. Glitz and Glam

Old Hollywood was all about the glitz and the glamour and the stars knew how to wear it and rock it. Large feathers, diamonds, gemstones, and anything that could grab your attention and make you say “wow!” A little bit like how this lamp makes me feel.

9. Pearls and Pink

Like the pearls she often has strewn across her neck, pearls are a sign of elegance and luxury. Find places to add details of pearls and dashes of soft pink in your bedroom to keep the design in tune with Marilyn.

10. Vintage Decor

Decorate your Marilyn Monroe bedroom with vintage items to really take a step back in time. Forget that you are in the 21st century and go back a few generations as you dream of Frank Sinatra picking you up in his vintage car to take you to the drive-in cinema.

11. Ostrich Feathers

Like that famous image of Marilyn curled up on the pink leather couch covered up by nothing but white fluffy feathers. Ostrich feathers were (and still are) a thing of luxury and were commonly used by showgirls for impressive dance routines.

12. Round Bed

Round beds were popular back in the '60s when Marilyn was at the top of her fame. You may remember the rotating bed scene from Austin Powers? Well, they give off quite the statement, and with the large picture of Marilyn behind, it is a truly fabulous look.

13. Bright Red Lips

Was there anyone known quite so famously for their red lips like Marilyn Monroe? Not to my knowledge! Her pouty red lips are iconic and can be a great representation of the star herself in your bedroom decor.


One of my favorite quotes from Marilyn Monroe might have to be, “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” Well said Marilyn, well said. Find a place here or there to add one of your favorite quotes to your bedroom design.

15. Use Different Iconic Pictures

Now of course Marilyn is known for her absolutely iconic “flying skirt” picture but there are a lot of other favorites out there. Switch it up and use unique images in different parts of the bedroom design. There are so many good ones to choose from, so good luck!

16. Chandelier

A brilliant chandelier to pull the whole look together. Going over the top is what Hollywood is all about and so the bigger, the brighter, and the more glamorous, the better!

17. Pamper Yourself

A little vanity here and there never hurt anyone. Marilyn knew how to take care of herself and keep her appearance looking flawless. Decorate with scented candles, get a good night's rest, and take care of yourself.

18. Custom Furniture

Look out for custom furniture pieces that you can connect to your Marilyn Monroe bedroom design. This comfy chair that you can sit on when putting on your panty hoes or trying on high heels is absolutely to die for. I adore the image of Marilyn and how playful she looks.

19. Made to Dazzle

Glitz? Check. Glam? Check. Marilyn Monroe? You bet! A fun side table that you can enjoy in your bedroom. It has all the fun characteristics of flashy Hollywood and since you are doing a Marilyn Monroe bedroom design, you may as well go all out and get the whole room representing her essence.

20. Creative Touches

Here we have a faded image of the brilliant woman softly gracing you with her presence. You can delicately add images of Marilyn Monroe into different features of your bedroom, and this is one of the more smooth additions I have seen.

21. Old Hollywood Wallpaper

If you don't want to have an image of Marilyn Monroe up on the wall, but you still want that Marilyn flavor, here's an option for you. Old Hollywood wallpaper that will add a special pizazz to your room that I think Marilyn herself would be proud of.

22. Vintage Headboard

Get yourself a glamorous vintage headboard that looks luxurious and beautiful. Tufted fabric, carved details, and a starch white is a perfect look for a headboard to fit into your new Marilyn Monroe bedroom.

23. Fringe

It's just darling isn't it? The pastel pinks and silky textures, the attention to detail, and the delicate fringe. I love the vintage look and daydreaming of what things were like in another time. No better place to daydream than snuggled up in bed in a vintage themed bedroom.

24. Chaise Longue

This upholstered sofa is an absolute must in your new glamorous Marilyn Monroe bedroom. It's that special place where you will talk with your girlfriends on the rotary phone for hours. Or maybe it's the place where you will dramatically cry over that movie part you didn't get.

25. Mirrors

Last but not least, essential items to look for when designing a Marilyn Monroe bedroom, are mirrors. Lots of them, different shapes and sizes but the bigger the better. Vintage frames painted a glistening gold or a brassy tone to fill up your walls with.

Soon enough you will feel the essence of Marilyn Monroe all around you.