Luxury Masculine Bedding – 21 Designs to Feeling Tough and Snuggly


Finding luxury masculine bedding or masculine home decor items is a chore. Most interior design trends don't really have men in mind. Other than man caves, decks, and patios, a lot of manufacturers tend to focus on the feminine in their designs.

And, for the most part, that's totally fine- those trends are often comfortable and welcoming.

Sometimes, though, you want decor that reflects your own rugged manliness. So, with that in mind, I put together a list of masculine bedding designs that you'll love to snuggle up in- with extra toughness.

What Makes it Masculine?

Bedding isn't one of those things you'd typically include in the category of “masculine”. Many people think of masculinity as being rugged, cold, and adventurous. Sure, those things are woven into the fabric of masculinity, but so are things like class, sophistication, and quiet confidence.

So, not all masculine traits are the opposite of what makes great bedding.

Masculine bedding uses strong, deep colors. It also focuses on fabrics that are thick and sturdy. Lastly, luxury masculine bedding designs are often simple and geometric or reflect things you see in nature. Natural colors and textures are a perfect fit for a manly bedroom theme, and you'll see a lot of those in this list!

Now, let's get to it! Here are 21 luxury masculine bedding designs that each reflect different parts of the true spirit of manliness!

Luxury Masculine Bedding – 21 Designs to Feeling Tough and Snuggly

1. Simple Brown Quilted Design

Bedroom - small transitional master carpeted bedroom idea in Atlanta with white walls
Image: Houzz

Perhaps the thing that men tend to hate most about bedding they didn't choose is the number of pillows and blankets that are involved. I feel that way too- I need one blanket and one pillow, nothing more! This bedding design is the bare essentials- a comforter and just enough pillows.

Yet, it still has a decent amount of style to it, making it a great way to kick off this list!

2. Luxury Striped Bedding

Bedroom - mid-sized mediterranean master carpeted and beige floor bedroom idea in Phoenix with beige walls, a standard fireplace and a stone fireplace
Image: Houzz

If you've got a taste for the finer things, as I do, you'll love this bedroom design! The comforter is soft and the striped design uses simple colors that don't betray the masculine spirit of the room. This is the bedroom and bedding set of a mogul, and it could be yours!

3. Laid Back Beach Feel

Mid-sized elegant bedroom photo in Orange County with white walls
Image: Houzz

No frills here, just a simple, soft bed with a calm blue/grey color for a deep-sea sleep. It's laid-back and provides everything you want in bedding without making a big deal out of it.

After all, what we really want at the end of a long day is to fall asleep; any bedding that doesn't make that as easy as possible is doing a bad job. So, keep it simple, and keep it comfortable!

4. Contemporary Luxury Design

Example of a mid-sized trendy master light wood floor and brown floor bedroom design in New York with black walls and no fireplace
Image: Houzz

The bedding in this space keeps things easy-going, but still has a lot of contemporary style. It features a thick, boldly-designed comforter and a dark grey throw blanket that sits at the foot of the bed.

If you want to have a modern-looking, sophisticated bed that still feels masculine, take this design as inspiration!

5. Upscale Bachelor Pad

Inspiration for a modern master bedroom remodel in San Francisco with white walls
Image: Houzz

This bedroom perfectly strikes the delicate balance between having too much and not enough. The bedding is soft, warm, and high-quality, but it doesn't take up too much space or look like it could be impossible to sleep on without throwing half of it on the floor.

I feel like, in this room, I could wake up, check my stock portfolio (which are obviously doing well considering the home that I live in), and fall right back to sleep. Of course, that isn't my house. But, one can dream…

6. Deep Black Comforter

Want to have a really soft bed that's somehow very intimidating? Get a deep black comforter like this one! It's both imposing and luxurious, and it feels like the type of bed you can pass out on after a long day of being the alpha dog in your pack.

What a great way to sleep in manly style!

7. Classic Green Plaid Design

You can't really go wrong with patterns that remind you of a hunting cabin or a flannel you'd wear while harvesting your wheat. This design is quintessentially masculine because it reflects so much of that old-school manly type of living.

If you make your money with your hands, and can't wait to retire so you can spend more time tinkering in the garage, this is the luxury masculine bedding for you!

8. Gray Minimalist Bedding

While the minimalist aesthetic typically expresses itself in a feminine way, this is definitely a masculine way to do it. The cool gray color matches pretty much everything else in the room. It all contributes to a very serene atmosphere that is perfect for falling asleep in.

9. Neutral Colored Stripes

This comforter design would be perfect for any young bachelor, moving into their first “post-university” apartment. It's got a nice, calm design and texture, and is just stylish enough to not be boring and still simple enough to be masculine.

It's a nice balance of color, softness, and simplicity that would be great for any young man's bedroom!

10. Simple Sheets and Fur

Earlier, I mentioned how natural colors and textures are perfect for a masculine bedding design. The faux fur blanket at the foot of the bed, combined with the soft white sheets makes me think of a field after snow in the wintertime. It has all the tranquility of the outdoors, but it's a bed!

How could you not be on board with that?

11. Rustic Cabin Vibes

Perfect for the hunter, fisherman, or trailblazer, this bedding is really manly even if it is way plusher than some of the others on this list. It's got dark brown colors, fur textures, and a simple color scheme that reminds me of the outdoors.

It's like a nice combination of a plush hotel room and a bed in a sportsman's lodge!

12. Relaxed Blue Stripes

Blue is one of the most calming colors there is, and that makes this bedding design well-equipped to do its job: help you sleep. The stripes add a bit of visual texture and style without going overboard, which preserves the overall masculinity and simplicity we crave.

Plus, I've always loved beds that are low to the ground. They take up less space and they're just less fussy than a bed that's four feet in the air!

13. Moody Artist's Den

Some of the manliest men of all time were artists, poets, and intellectuals; this bedroom design combines the stoicism and mystery of a classic man's man with a good bit of artistic flair. If you've got that artistic fire within you, this bedding might appeal to you.

I really like that the blanket seems like it's made out of very heavy fabric. It comes across as being both understated and of very high quality. Overall, this is one of my favorites on the list, even though it's literally just a giant grey blanket!

14. Forest Green Comforter

Forest green is a great color for any masculine aesthetic. This thick, plush comforter looks great in rooms that are both brightly and darkly lit. Forest green has a way of being complementary to almost any color scheme, and as the name suggests, it has its roots in nature.

That connection to nature is right at home with any desire to be manly; after all, don't we all just wish we could be outside more?

15. Blue/White Dots Print

This is another classic, understated design that fits with any modern man's tastes. It looks good, but it doesn't try to make itself anything more than just a good place to sleep.

What I like about this bedding is the overall sense of neatness, which goes against the overly plush, messy bedding designs that seem to be popular today. Here, things are clean and tidy, and that makes for a very nice spot to put the day behind you and fall asleep!

16. Luxurious but Simple

This bedding set is made from some very nice cotton, which is just as breathable as it is soft. The washed-out look of the colors also helps give the feeling of a fine, vintage quality, which is another factor that I really like in bedding.

This is a great example of bedding that would fit nicely into both a man's tastes, like a bachelor pad, just as well as it would in a farmhouse chic theme.

17. White Bedding, Leather Pillows

Leather, perhaps more than any other material, screams masculinity. From the leather saddles used by cowboys to the jackets popularized in mid-century macho men, leather is rugged and sophisticated all at once.

I really like the white cotton bedding, which we all know is going to be super soft, combined with the rich chocolatey leather pillows. It might not work for every man, but I think it has a lot of minimalistic and intellectual character that really appeals to me.

18. Charcoal Quilt

Charcoal is another great color that blends seamlessly with just about any decorating style. It's also a color that gives a sense of depth and brooding, two words that any man should take as a compliment.

The silky material is undeniably soft and should provide for a great nights' sleep in a room that feels very, very manly!

19. White Minimalistic Bedding

Bedroom - large contemporary master carpeted and beige floor bedroom idea in New York with white walls and no fireplace
Image: Houzz

I really like this one, because it eschews a lot of what we commonly think should go into stylish bedding. It's literally just bright, clean white- all the way through. It makes the list for two reasons.

One, that simplicity is right at home in a masculine theme- no excess, no pretentiousness, just a nice, soft bed. Two, I think that it reflects a sort of openness and tranquility that many great men have had; it's a sort of peaceful, quiet strength that doesn't need to show off.

20. Contemporary Coolness

Mid-sized trendy guest black floor bedroom photo in Phoenix with gray walls
Image: Houzz

I really like contemporary designs for luxury masculine bedding. The colors and shapes that are common in contemporary interior design do a lot to convey a sort of strength that really appeals to me.

I like this bedding because it feels like a wealthy urban professional's bedroom, the type of guy who's just as comfortable in an exec meeting as he is on a mountain cliff. Personally, I'm comfortable in neither of those places, but I like to tell myself I've got what it takes!

21. Southwestern Patterns, Neutral Colors

[iframe src=”″ height=”829″ width=”600″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no

To close out the list, I chose a bedding design that reflects one of the most iconically masculine places in the world: the American Southwest. It's a rugged, harsh place that has inspired countless stories of adventure, violence, chivalry, and survival. And, Southwestern patterns just look really cool.

Something that I think sets this bedding apart from other Southwestern designs is that it uses neutral colors rather than the bright blues and oranges that are common. Using those neutral tones gives everything that subtle look that is more truly masculine, in my opinion.

Overall, it's a great choice for any man who loves the outdoors but doesn't love to be flashy!