22 Gothic Living Room Ideas For A Luxuriously Spooky Makeover

gothic living room ideas

If you’re craving that luxuriously spooky feel, you need these gothic living room ideas for an inspirational makeover! Do you have a dark side that you want to express through your home design? Gothic style is all about bold, dramatic colors, luxurious fabrics, wood and stone details, and tall windows. …

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18 Soothing Meditation Room Colors And Ideas To Improve Your Mood

meditation room color ideas

Looking for the best meditation room colors? Devoting a space to meditation is a wonderful investment in your personal well-being. But designing the ideal atmosphere for meditation is a challenge in and of itself. There is no right or wrong way to create a meditative space. Instead, you must decide which …

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18 Different Types Of Couches to Style Your Living Room

types of couches

Looking for different types of couches? Before you buy one, know that there are 18 different types you can use to style your living room! Buying a new couch is no small investment. So finding a couch that fits your needs is a must. If you believe that all couches are …

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5 Best Octopus Rugs to Transform Your Home Into a Coastal Oasis

Octopus Rugs for Home

If you want to transform your home into a coastal oasis, you need the best octopus rug to elevate your living space! If your home design features nautical accents and beach-themed decor and you’re looking for a stylish rug to match, we’ve got you covered. The marine world is full …

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5 Best Coastal Desks to Bring a Beachy Feel to Your Office Space

coastal desks

When designing a room with a beach theme in mind, no detail is too small. This is especially true for your home office since you’re designing a space that needs to be functional but calming and distraction-free. Since your desk is the main focus of any home office space, you’ll …

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7 Best Whale Rugs to Invite the Sea to Your Living Space

best whale rugs

If you’re looking for whale rugs for your home, we’ve got you covered! Area rugs are a stylish piece of decor that can fit into any room in your home. They are great for adding a bit of color to your living space, and can help keep your feet warm …

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The 7 Best Surfboard Wall Decorations for a Nautical Home Makeover

best surfboard wall decorations

Ever wondered why some people are constantly looking for the best surfboard wall decoration? We’ll tell you why! Nothing brings the feel of the ocean to your home like surfing bedding and surfboard wall decorations. Surfing is an extremely popular and very energetic sport that instantly brings to mind bright …

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5 Best Nautical Console Tables to Liven Up Your Home

best nautical console tables

Ever wonder why nautical console tables are always in demand? There’s nothing like the calm and cozy atmosphere of a nautical home design with its natural textures and soft, muted colors. Read on for a round-up of the best nautical-themed console tables to get inspired and upgrade your living room …

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5 Best Beachy TV Stands to Infuse A Deep-Sea Vibe to Your Media Room

best beachy tv stand

A beachy, coastal aesthetic is light, airy, and fun. If you want that relaxed style to stand out against big, modern electronics like televisions, that takes some shopping around! Luckily, there are many options out there that fit the bill. Here are my picks for the 5 best beachy TV …

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25 Living Room With Bay Window Decorating Ideas

high ceiling bay window

Nothing lights a room up quite like a beautiful bay window. If you’re lucky enough to have this kind of window of your own, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the benefit it has on the lighting in a room. However, you may be unsure about how to decorate your bay window space. …

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18 Farmhouse Living Room Colors Ideas

farmhouse living room colors ideas

Farmhouse-style living rooms have a quaint, welcoming feel. While there is a ton of variation in the color schemes you can try, they tend to lean towards earthy, neutral tones and shades. It’s also important to use colors that go well with everything. It gives you a ton of freedom …

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25+ Living Room Color Combination Ideas

living room color combination ideas

We all are aware of the transformative power of paint, how it can evoke our mood and make our space look larger or brighter. color indeed is one of the best ways to show off your design style and bring more life to your living space. There are endless possibilities …

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