25+ Living Room Color Combination Ideas

We all are aware of the transformative power of paint, how it can evoke our mood and make our space look larger or brighter. color indeed is one of the best ways to show off your design style and bring more life to your living space.

There are endless possibilities for you, no matter if you love to mix and match bright shades or you like going in for a monochromatic look.

You have to think of the kind of vibe you want to exude in your living space. Pastels are known to offer a soothing invitation to rest, earthy green may assist in calming, floral wall-covering, and vibrant ruby shade can add a dramatic effect.

Find out which color combination is best for the living room. Get inspired by these standout hues that will transform your living space.

25+ Living Room Color Combination Ideas

Quick Look

  1. Unexpected Traditional Charcoal
  2. The upbeat shade of Lemon Yellow
  3. Vibrant Warm colors
  4. Get inspired by Nature
  5. Crisp white with a hint of Gold
  6. Off-white with Wooden Tones
  7. Mesmerizing Melon and pastel shades
  8. Relaxed Ocean Blue Shades
  9. Neutral inspired by Metallics
  10. Sophisticated gray with warm tones
  11. Fiery Hues color Palette
  12. Green Apple inspiration from Garden
  13. Reimagined Coral and Aqua mix
  14. Introducing a Rustic Theme
  15. Vibrant Leafy Green Hues
  16. Energizing Cornflower Blue with Lime
  17. Bright Raspberry and passionate Peach
  18. Rusty Red and Paper White American Palette
  19. Ocean-inspired muted neutrals
  20. Contemporary cool Gray and Bluebird
  21. Warm pastel Lavender tones
  22. Candy pink and Neutrals
  23. Unexpected Leather, Teal, and gray
  24. Soothing Aquamarine living room
  25. Vintage Kelly Green and Saffron Yellow
  26. Bohemian Earthy Browns

1. Unexpected Traditional Charcoal

traditional charcoal

The addition of a deep charcoal tone on the walls is a surprising choice for your living space that adds more personality. Placing traditional natural furniture creates a minimal visual impact so that the artwork, moody colors, light fixtures, and all other fancy accents can stand out. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a different color and add an evocative backdrop.

2. The Upbeat Shade of Lemon Yellow

shade of lemon yellow

Introduce some sunshine to your living room with this bright and cheerful shade of yellow. You can consider repeating the hue around the space on patterned upholstery fabric, window treatments, and accent furniture. Add more depth to the color scheme palette via light fixtures and gold finishes on metal furnishings.

3. Vibrant Warm Colors

warm colors

You can decorate your living room with these warm colors that involve scarlet accents that stand out among the red sofa and yellow walls. The right styling strategy ensures that the effect of bright colors is not too intense.

The warm ivory fireplace is complemented throughout the place by the yellow tones. A warm red and yellow scheme is tied together with upholstered chairs that feature rich patterns.

4. Get Inspired By Nature

radiant colors

Reenergize your living room with these radiant colors that have been pulled from nature to make your living space more relaxing and inviting. You can add various shades of green to the accent chair, pillows, and room’s mantel. The gray walls offer the perfect backdrop while black signifies sophistication, and the yellow complements the undertones of green.

5. Crisp White With a Hint of Gold

white with a hint of gold

You can maintain visual interest by incorporating layers of texture and wooden furniture in an all-white living room, as that palette never gets old. The color schemes need not include vibrant hues to add personality. A palette dominated by white and black gives a modern, sleek vibe. You can layer in metallic gold via accent furniture and accessories to brighten the overall look.

6. Off-White With Wooden Tones

off-white with wooden tones

Add a sophisticated foundation for your living room with these color schemes that involve variations of white and cream. You can make a neutral space more attractive by employing various textures and small doses of color throughout the living room. You can freshen up your space with warm beige walls, wooden accents on furniture, a built-in nook with firewood, and open shelves. Bring more personality to your sofa with navy blue throw pillows.

7. Mesmerizing Melon and Pastel Shades

melon and pastel shades

Make your living room wild and free by adding exuberant colors and patterns. Begin with one or two primary colors. Then you can add hues through fabrics and accessories. You can add more character to the room via pillows that supply a wide variety of pastel shades and patterned upholstery. Grass-green furniture and window treatments sum up for an eclectic look along with the antique and vintage furnishings.

8. Relaxed Ocean Blue Shades

ocean blue shades

Decorate your living room with powder blue walls to have a calmer and approachable feel. Glamorous geometrics assists in over scaling the room to make it feel more intimate. Create a playful look inspired by the sea by blending turquoise with hints of yellow and hot pink. The addition of beachy accents and oversize custom floor lamps take advantage of the high ceiling without sacrificing the sophistication of your living space.

9. Neutral Inspired by Metallics

neutrals inspired by metallics

Create a chic look using neutrals inspired by metallics. Using dark woodsy tones can anchor the graphic art series on the wall. The addition of golden yellow patterns on the window treatments and gray walls to envelop the space is a great idea. You can keep the walls and furniture classic and elegant with a monochromatic off-white look. It’s a smart step to bring the colors of your windows and walls to the rest of the space.

10. Sophisticated Gray With Warm Tones

gray with warm tones

Set an elegant and classic tone with a mix of neutrals and warm tones. A subdued shade of gray is an excellent choice with yellow for your living space. Gray is a grounding addition, while soft ecru tends to bring a glowing quality to your space. Add dimension with restrained use of yellow undertones on the throw pillows with gray.

11. Fiery Hues Color Palette

fiery hues color palette

Bring your space to life with a foundation of timeless neutrals. Cloak your walls with vivacious reds, coral orange, and aqua to add a punch to your layered color scheme.Classic Styling and refined composition sum up the traditional style of this living room. Chocolate brown tables, wood floor, and chair frames add more warmth and coziness. Maintain a formal air with a few neutrals and two colors to limit the traditional color palette.

12. Green Apple Inspiration From Garden

green apple inspiration

Emphasize the botanical accents of your room with an earthy palette that is drawn from the garden. Consider adding cooler tones to offer a refined approach to the earthy colors with garden stool, green wall, and green curtains. The brown wooden floor resembles the color of the rich soil and is repeated with the upholstery stripe to add warmth and coziness to space.

13. Reimagined Coral and Aqua Mix

coral and aqua mix

Breathe life to the living space with a foundation of timeless neutral tones and coral, aqua, and sunny yellow complementary color scheme. Traditional styling involves refined composition and classic styling—a well-curated chalkboard wall experiments with the unconventional aqua and milk chocolate shades.

You can use a hint of milk chocolate tone on the floor to bring extra zest. Have more fun by adding a punch of yellow throw pillows and a traditional yellow rug.

14. Introducing a Rustic Theme

rustic theme

You can use neutral shades for your living room and select specific complementary shades for a certain colorful quality. Adding a hint of soft purple on the rug and throw pillows guided with a choice of sophisticated gray on the armchairs and sofa bring light and class to the living space. You can warm up the room using linen-beige shade for the fireplace, coffee table top, and artwork frame. Off-white on the walls and trim work adds more personality.

15. Vibrant Leafy Green Hues

leafy green

If you’re up for a daring palette, then consider combining emerald with linen shade. Green will be able to pull out all the stops in the emerald jewel living space. Consider fresh sprinkling hues with accessories throughout the room. Play out a subtle contrast by painting the walls in shades of jade and emerald. You can calm the vibrant colors with the addition of a neutral accent armchair and a sofa.

16. Energizing Cornflower Blue with Lime

cornflower blue with lime

Liven up any space immediately by painting the walls with energizing cornflower blue. Blue walls are going to take a bold stand in your living room. To keep up with the energy level of blue, you can introduce strong citron and coral colors. Thanks to the large doses of the neutrals in the area rug and window treatments, the living room’s throw pillows, upholstery, and accents remain livable.

17. Bright Raspberry and Passionate Peach

raspberry and peach

Make your lounge shine with luminous peachy pink walls, and get inspired with bright raspberry throughout your living space to add more personality. You can pull off the raspberry shade with the addition of warm neutrals, including a medium latte on the rug and sofa, white walls, and brown on the wooden floor to bring more warmth and coziness.

18. Rusty Red and Paper White American Palette

rusty red and paper white

Add instant warmth to your living room with dark woodsy tones. You can add a pop of white and aqua to the detailed wall paneling. Capture an American style by introducing rusty red accessories without coming across as a color scheme. Keep the color palette relaxed by setting up a brown leather sofa. This way, the saturated colors will be able to balance the strength of the architecture.

19. Ocean-Inspired Muted Neutrals

patterned neutral wall

The Neutral design scheme benefits from the addition of a patterned neutral wall which is a brilliant conversation starter in a living room. Hints of navy on the throw pillows introduce a sophisticated color while the muted neutrals soothe the large-scale room.

Recall the stormy ocean waves with the primarily blue and gray color scheme palette. Shape and texture are crucial players with a monochromatic base of neutrals. The accent chair and all-white table bring more personality to the area.

20. Contemporary Cool Gray and Bluebird

cool gray and bluebird

Enhance the contemporary look of your space with modern furniture and accessories. You can capture a modern tone with cool gray walls with blue filling your space. You may also consider injecting more warmth with soft white other than the stark shades. For a grounding effect, set up a wood coffee table, cool gray armchair, and touch nature with indoor plants to freshen you up.

21. Warm Pastel Lavender Tones

warm pastel lavender tones

If you want to give an eclectic touch to your living room, adding a hint of lavender with soft colors like warm white can yield a strong style statement. The warm wood side tables mingle well with the sophisticated gray sofa. You can cover the ceilings, floor, and furniture with powder blue tones.

Light tones of lavender create a radiant contrast on the blue, sunny pillows and artwork. Add a finishing touch by calming the cool tones down with the warm creamy white walls.

22. Candy Pink and Neutrals

candy pink and neutrals

Give your living room a feminine vibe with pastels, a shade of pink and floral accents. Starting with a foundation neutral base and then adding a vibrant color pop is a savvy way to dive in color.

Cover the walls with a cool gray tone. Pull in some small doses of equally bright colors like coral and aqua throw pillows. The addition of Metallic gold accents ensures that the pink doesn't go over the top.

23. Unexpected Leather, Teal and Gray

leather, teal and gray

You can get striking results when colors are applied unexpectedly. Consider covering the fireplace mantel with a dark teal accent color in an otherwise neutral living space. Incorporate natural tones with a warm leather sofa, area rug, and gray walls.

24. Soothing Aquamarine Living Room

aquamarine color

A soft aquamarine color creates a calm and soothing effect in the living room. You can repeat the hue throughout the space with upholstered accent chairs and ottomans for a cohesive look. Cover the trim, fireplace, and cabinets with a light shade. Gray pillows give an accent color without distracting from the peaceful and quiet vibe.

25. Vintage Kelly Green and Saffron Yellow

kelly green and yellow

Create a vintage-style living room with bold subdued shades of kelly green and yellow. You can paint the walls green to make the wall art and furnishings stand out. Bring out the warm tones of wood pieces and leather with the subdued green drapings. Finish the look by keeping the sofa, trim, and ceiling white to maintain a classic look.

26. Bohemian Earthy Browns

bohemian earthy browns

Bring out a bold combination of colors to have a boho-style living room. Placing a spectacular artwork on the aqua wall adds a boost of color, giving the room its edge, and it also serves as a jumping-off point for the color scheme. Place animal print pillows on the dusty gray sofa to pull off an exotic look.