36 Creative Rope Light Decorating Ideas

There are so many creative ways one can use rope lights to add charm to a space or area.  Lighting is always an important aspect of the design process that should never be overlooked.  Rope lights add a certain warmth and coziness that are unique to various types of lighting.  There are so many ways to be inspired.  Let’s jump right in so you can get started on your own space.

Creative Rope Light Decorating Ideas:

Quick Look

1. Create a Pendant Light

create a pendant light
Want a pendant light that has your mark on it?  Try wrapping string lights around an oversized branch hung from the ceiling and voila!  You’ve got a one-of-a-kind light.

2. Canopy Bed

canopy bed

If you’re looking to add a bit more pizazz to your room, how about adding some rope lights to the perimeter of your canopy bed.  This is a simple look that adds a romantic flare.

3. Decor Above Bed

decor above bed

Stuck on what to do above your bed?  Think outside the box and use rope lighting to create a feature wall.  Instead of a piece of art in this bedroom, lights are used to add some interest.

4. Create a Conversation Area

Create an outdoor conversation area by using hanging rope lights.  In this backyard, the lights are draped above to designate the space and provide some mood lighting.

5. Outdoor Overhang

If you have an outdoor overhang, try stringing lights above where light is likely limited.  This not only looks beautiful but also helps to brighten up the space.

6. Pergola

Here is an example of a pergola decked out with rope lights.  In this backyard, the lights are placed in lines to create order and symmetry.

7. Small Globe Lights

These small globe lights add a certain sophistication in this backyard oasis. They gently drape from the tall, slanted glass ceiling to create some softness.

8. Pathway

When you have a long pathway leading to your house, lighting it up is always a good idea.  In this picture, we see the outside edges of the pathway lined with rope lights to not only light up the path but naturally create visual interest.

9. Layered Lighting

In this example, several different rope lights are layered to create a cozy feel.  There are rope lights hung at the height of the fence to create height and dimension.  Then there are stringed lights placed in the shrubs to draw our attention.  There are also lit lanterns on the floor to create more ambiance.  Lastly, there are Christmas light accessories to further layer the lighting.

10. Privacy Screen

If your backyard has a privacy screen, try minimizing the starkness by adding some soft lights.  When you also rope the lights in nearby trees it creates a cohesive look.

11. Gardens

Gardens are another great way to take advantage of using rope lights.  In this example, a meandering pebble and stone garden is further highlighted by lights that extend along the outside edge.

12. Faux Fire

This faux fire is creativity at its best.  Don’t know how to light a fire or just don’t want to, this is a beautiful way to get the look and feel without the headache.  

13. Decked Out Arbor

Do you have an arbor in your backyard?  If so, take the look up a notch and put your stamp on it.  In this example, rope lights are wrapped around the arbor and greenery to create an elegant look.

14. Gazebo

Keeping things simple is always a good idea.  With this gazebo, rope lights are secured to the perimeter of the gazebo to create a uniform and streamlined lighting.  This is great for those nights when you want to sit under the gazebo chatting with friends.

15. Lights Hung From Trees

Nothing says elegance when you have lights draped from a tree.  This look not only lights up one’s backyard at night but creates a warmth and sophistication that just draws you in.

16. Lantern Rope Lights

The type of rope lighting you choose is as important as how you hang it.  Try incorporating lantern-style rope lights to create interest and fun.

17. Round Lantern Lights

These round, lantern-style lights create an air of romance.   Try hanging them at various levels to create dimension and softness.

18. Watering Can

Don’t forget that decorating with rope lighting does not always have to be for practical reasons.  Have fun with how you use it. Use your imagination like in this example and have the lighting mimic water coming from a watering can.

19. Decorative Floor Lanterns

Another way you can add interest with string lights is by bunching them up and arranging them inside decorative lanterns.  This gives the lanterns a magical feel while also making them practical.

20. Whimsical Look

Here we see string lights added to a billowing canopy bed that gives the room a sense of whimsy.

21. Create a Theme

Rope lights can also be used to create a theme.  In this kid's room, a cloudy night sky studded with star lights goes beyond any type of ordinary light.  This not only makes it fun for any kid but also provides lighting when in bed reading.

22. Twinkling Lights Down Walls

Instead of using the typical bedside table lamps in a bedroom, try stringing twinkling lights down various walls.  This eliminates the need for hanging artwork and also provides adequate light.

23. Mosquito Net Bed

Nursery rooms are often the one room in a house where one’s imagination shines.  Use rope lighting to your advantage and incorporate them when you include a mosquito net style bed.

24. Wall Vine Lights

Wall vine rope lights not only add some ambient lighting but also interest through the greenery.

25. Hammock Chair

Do you have a special chair that you like to sink into?  Try constructing a designated area complete with hanging lights to create a sacred space.  Nothing says “time to relax” more than swinging and magical lights.

26. Window Treatment Lights

Window treatments are another great way to add in some beautiful rope lighting.  When you have simple sheer drapes, create a graceful look by hanging the lights behind the sheers. The drapes will naturally soften the lighting.

27. Teepee Lights

Thinking of incorporating a teepee in your kid’s playroom?  Add to the fun by also adding lights. This is a perfect hideaway spot for kids to relax and call their own.

28. Hang on Trees

If you have some beautiful trees you want to call attention to in your backyard, try wrapping rope lights around the trunks.  This will not only give you ambient light but will draw attention to the natural greenery in your backyard.

29. Outdoor Eating Area

If you want an outdoor eating area that you can enjoy in the evening, try an unadorned string of rope lights.  This is not only simple but practical.

30. Dining Room Ceiling Light

If you want to steer away from the traditional chandelier or pendant light in your dining room, you can add rope lighting across the ceiling to function dually as task and ambient lighting.

31. Closet Lighting

Closets are also areas that require lighting.  To change things up, add rope lighting around the perimeter of the closet to not only look nice but illuminate the space.

32. Deck Lighting

Another great way to incorporate string lights is around the perimeter of a deck.  Place these underneath the handrail so that you don’t notice the rope.  This adds depth and character to the deck.

33. Wall Art

Stuck on ideas for unique wall art?  Why not rope light?  In this example, the lights are strung to create a word.  Chose a word that has meaning to you. And don't forget to have lots of fun with this idea.

34. Side Table Light

Instead of the typical side table lamp in your living area, think outside the box and create a light that dazzles.  Here we see string lights encased in a beautiful lantern.  This not only creates lighting in the area but also a natural focal point.

35. Ceiling Light

When you have kids, creating a space that is magical and interesting helps keep them wanting to spend time there.  Instead of the more typical way to hang the lights down the sides of the wall, here we see the lights hung on the ceiling.  This naturally replaces a ceiling fixture but also adds some playfulness to the room.

36. Lights Above Wainscotting

If you have architectural details in your space, how about using rope lighting to play it up even more.  In this front entry, the wainscotting gets some further attention through rope lighting that is placed at the top of the molding.

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