Lantern Table Lamp – 18 Ideas To Brighten Your Home!

Lantern table lamps are a simple, yet classic addition to any room in your home! Whether you are searching for a short, round, tall, or narrow lantern table lamp, there are plenty of designs out there to choose from. In terms of lantern table lamps, these need to be selected carefully for the space that they will be residing in, and for the amount of light you are looking for.

Accent lighting is the sole purpose of most table lamps, and there’s no one stopping you from choosing an option with a bit of eye-catching charm. Here are some of our favorite lantern lamps that you can add to your home for the perfect touch, and the needed light.

Lantern Table Lamp – 18 Ideas To Brighten Your Home!

1. The Traditional Lantern Table Lamp

Antique-Style Oil Lantern Table Lamp With Nightlight
Image: Houzz

A cool contemporary choice for any other space you are looking to fill with light is a traditional lantern style table lamp. This type of lamp will give your room an old-fashioned feel, due to the shape, color, and style that these lamps are made into.

These conventional lantern table lamps can provide your room with a romantic flow, and take you back to beautiful Victorian times.

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2. A LED Lantern Table Lamp

18 lantern table lamp ideas 2

The best thing about LED-powered lights is that they are energy conscious and much cheaper to light than that of a regular bulb. The fact that traditional lantern lamps are being modernized for the cost-savvy individual, makes them all the better choice for your space.

Most LED-powered lantern lamps will come with a USB port for charging capabilities and offer long uses of light without needing to recharge.

3. Ornate Indian Inspired Lantern Table Lamp

18 lantern table lamp ideas 3

There is a rising fascination with different cultures’ home designs, and this type of antique lantern lamp is a great example. Most of these table lamps are designed with an exotic and embellished pattern. Ornate table lamps are made to resemble lanterns and are pared with stained glass, which gives the light projected subtle tints of color.

This style of lamp offers geometric shapes, vivid uses of color, and different symbols that give a story to your space. By adding this kind of lantern lamp to your room, you will add a new purpose to your space, and create a grand focal point.

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4. A Basic Glass Lantern Inspired Lamp

18 lantern table lamp ideas 4

Arc lamps usually have slender bodies with long shades that extend out from the base. The benefit of choosing an arc style lamp is that they take up very little space, all while providing functional room lighting. Most lamps such as this arc-style glass lantern lamp can be found in traditional and contemporary home designs because of all the benefits they offer homes.

Due to the shape and weight of this type of lamp, you must make sure that it is a study option for your tabletop because sometimes, this type of lamp will tip over and create a large mess.

This lamp offers a bright light source because the light bulbs are exposed, giving your room a bit of an industrial feel. These types of lights can be purchased at any home decor store and can be found on multiple websites online.

5. The Conventional Paper Lantern Table Lamp

18 lantern table lamp ideas 5

In many cultures, paper lamps are very popular and elegant sources of light for most households and outdoor spaces. Paper lanterns are also believed to be good luck symbols and are added into the home for a prosperous future.

From long-lasting nylon, fabrics, foil, or rice paper shade materials, paper lamps can give your room an exotic experience. Additionally, these lights are cordless and can give an enhanced feel to any space. Basic paper lantern lights can be purchased in different colors and shapes, but offer the most basic designs. Most traditional paper lamps will be plain colors and have no patterns or designs.

6. Decorated Paper Table Lamps

18 lantern table lamp ideas 6

In contrast to the plain paper lanterns listed above, this type of lantern lamp can also be modified. Many different styles, from ribbed paper materials, eyelet lace patterns, lace designs, painted figures, and even patterns, can be added to customize. Decorated lanterns will give your room a more of a unique touch, and can be made to match any color of your choosing.

Some paper lanterns will also have designs made into the material, portraying a pattern or picture on each flat service, when the light is turned on. If you are curious about all the decorated paper lantern designs out there, check out the options online.

7. A Vintage Camping Lantern Lamp

18 lantern table lamp ideas 7

For those that are outdoor lovers, this table lamp is the perfect accessory to bring into your home. Sure, camping lanterns are big and bulky, giving you the impression that they wouldn’t fit into your space, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

By choosing a vintage and rustic camping light for your space, you can pick bases with metal finishes, wood finishes, or even iron finishes. On top of all this, your lampshade can be made from a fabric of any kind, or even from materials such as burlap.

Most of these lamps are small, but will still give your room the light it needs.

8. A Triple Light Styled Lantern Lamp

18 lantern table lamp ideas 8

Inspired by the Moroccan culture, these triple lantern lamps are a wonderful addition to any space. In general, this type of lamp is known as a tree lamp and is one of the most widely used types of lamps to purchase today.

With its ability to illuminate multiple places in a room, these are a fantastic choice if you are searching for directional or ambient lighting. Yes, these lamps do take up more space, but this type of lamp can come in many different sizes.

This Moroccan style triple lantern lamp displays gorgeous colors and designs onto your wall, offering your room a whole new look. For more purchasing options, you can check Turkish Moroccan Mosaic Tiffany Table Desk Bedside Lamp

9. Square Paper Lantern Lamps

18 lantern table lamp ideas 9

Similar to the original circular-shaped paper lamps that are listed above, this design adds a bit more structure to your space. Most oddly shaped paper lanterns are geometrically styled and handcrafted, leaving your guests and family members mesmerized by the individual style it brings.

Apart from square paper lanterns, there are also teardrop, walnut, cube, and trapezoid-shaped options available for your space. These delicately made paper lantern lamps are sure to make a great artistic touch for any room in the home.

10. Gorgeous Silk Lantern Table Lamps

18 lantern table lamp ideas 10

For those that don’t necessarily love the use or look of paper lampshades, silk lanterns are a great alternative. Silk lanterns are made from brocaded fabric and silk that is stretched over each frame. These types of lanterns are incredibly popular in Vietnam and are said to bring good fortune and good luck to each household.

Not only are these types of table lanterns stunning, but they are also a great addition to your home. Because they are illuminated from the inside, these lights offer your space warm and light colors that won’t hurt your eyes or your electric bill.

The more authentic silk lanterns can cost a fortune, but ordering this elegant lamp online will be a cheaper option.

11. A Brass Lantern Table Lamp

18 lantern table lamp ideas 11

Brass isn’t a commonly used material for table lamps compared to that of iron or stainless steel. Brass offers a unique kind of beauty to any space and looks naturally alluring.

Most types of brass are already rust-resistant but will tend to erode if used long term, which is the only downside of this design.

12. The Classic Ship Lantern Designed Lamp

18 lantern table lamp ideas 12

For homes that are on the coastline, or are yearning for a more “tropical theme” then this lantern lamp option is perfect. Most antique ship lantern lamps are white and include a cream linen shade to make this look pop. Due to the materials used, this lantern lamp can be a great addition to a room that’s casual, light, and airy.

The beauty of this type of style of table lamp is that bases and shades can come in different materials and colors. To gain some inspiration, here's a stunning example: Nautical Table Lamp with Nightlight Antique LED

13. A Moroccan Egg Shaped Lantern Light

18 lantern table lamp ideas 13

Instead of the average and basic lantern lamp designs, this option is totally individual and priceless. This lantern is shaped like an egg and covered in beautiful shapes of glass and designs, all while being filled with bright colors.

When this lamp is illuminated, the grass fragments will project onto every service, providing your room with a bright and lively look. As expected, some of these lamps are expensive, but it is possible to obtain this type of lamp at a cheaper price.

14. Your Very Own DIY Galvanized Table Lantern Table

18 lantern table lamp ideas 14

If brand new and modern lantern lamps are a bit too pricey, making your own is a great option. By searching online, there are plenty of basic light kits available, making it easy to make your own design and style of table lamps.

Purchasing a used lamp, or antique lantern base, you will be able to use this as a canvas to create a one of a kind piece for your home. Be sure that when making your own lantern table lamp, you are using the right light bulbs and wiring.

Some bulbs, even LED bulbs, might cause too much heat to your DIY lamp, creating all types of hazards.

15. A Rustic Country Style Lantern Lamp

18 lantern table lamp ideas 15

If you are sick of the boring old traditional lantern lamps, you can do various things to spruce up your look. By simply purchasing a table lamp from an online store or local decor store, the possibilities are endless.

Most lantern lamps will have plain shades that match with any room, but what’s the fun in that? To make your lantern lamp individual for any sort of space, special fabric can be added for total customization.

16. Vintage Black Lantern Lamps

18 lantern table lamp ideas 16

For those that have darker spaces, or are looking for a hint of mystery in their rooms, this style of lantern lamp is ideal. By taking the basic lantern design, and painting it black, will add all you need to create a look of depth to any room.

No matter what base your lantern lamp is, a quick coat of paint can do the trick.

17. A Himalayan Glowing Lantern Table Lamp

18 lantern table lamp ideas 17

Himalayan salt lamps are gaining popularity for many reasons, so why not use this item for multiple purposes? These types of lantern lamps can give your room the clean smell and feeling it needs, as well as offering a bit of warm light into your space.

This type of lamp is shaped like a lantern is, but filled with Himalayan salts in a black polished open finish. When lit, shades of amber will fill your room and provide a pure source of light.

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18. Holiday Inspired Decorative Lantern Lamps

18 lantern table lamp ideas 18

Last but not least, this type of lantern is sure to make any holiday lover smile. With colors such as red, green, white, and blue, these decorative lanterns can add a bit of the holiday cheer to any room. These lanterns can be powered by a wall plugin, LED bulbs, or even fairy lights.

If you are looking for a unique look in your room, then these vintage lanterns will make you feel like you're walking along the streets of a Christmas movie.

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