Kitchen Hutches – 42 Designs That Will Charm You Off Your Feet

I have always adored my mother's corner kitchen hutch that displays her beautiful array of China dishes and pottery. Even though kitchen hutches used to be really quite popular, they went out of style for a while when built-in cabinetry became more common.

However, I'm here to (hopefully) convince you to jump back on the bandwagon of kitchen hutches!

There are so many unique designs and looks out there and I have a feeling you may fall in love with more than one design. So get ready to be charmed right off your feet with these 42 kitchen hutches.

Kitchen Hutches – 42 Designs That Will Charm You Off Your Feet

1. Built-In Hutch

Most of the kitchen hutches we will see are independent units that can be moved as pleased. I wanted to start off with an example of a built-in hutch and what it would look like though. As you can see, very practical and chic.

2. Farmhouse Hutch

Perfect for your farmhouse kitchen vibes. A soft robins eggs blue, with a wood panel backsplash, and black hardware. Indeed, it is quite the charmer as far as kitchen hutches go.

3. Seasonal Hutch

Decorate your kitchen hutch according to the season. A wonderful winter look when Christmas is nearing, cover with pumpkins during Halloween, and hide a few Easter eggs in the spring!

4. DIY Update Hutch

Kitchen hutches were quite popular at one time, and while going out of style, a lot of them ended up in thrift stores and antique shops. A fun weekend project could be updating an older hutch you have found and making it your own.

5. Glass Cupboards

Show off your pottery, dishes, and unique kitchen items with glass cupboards. It's a sleek look that allows you to store your pieces without hiding their beauty.

6. Variety of Drawers

Aim for a kitchen hutch with a variety of drawers in unique sizes and shapes. Having different size options for storage really comes in handy for specific items not to get lost or forgotten about.

7. Dark Green Corner Hutch

We have a corner hutch in our house and I absolutely love it. It's a great way to fill in an awkward corner and really make the most of the space. In addition, that dark green color has inspired me to maybe make some updates on my own hutch!

8. The Wine Hutch

Where are you going to store all of your wine bottles, glasses, and corkscrews? In your own personal wine hutch of course! This is an absolute must for a wine-themed kitchen design.

9. Arched Hutch

Well here is a unique and interesting design for a kitchen hutch. The arched shape of the furniture piece is fun and stylish and there is plenty of room for storage. Therefore, it's got my vote!

10. Mid Century Style Hutch

Mid-century modern vibes with this gorgeous kitchen hutch that I can't stop drooling over. Admittedly, that soft shade of blue is what makes me swoon, and the way they have decorated with plants and pots pull the whole look together.

11. Built-In Lights

As you can see built-in to the top shelf of the kitchen hutch, there are two small pot lights that will light up with a flip of a switch. Without a doubt, a must-do improvement to an existing kitchen hutch or the one you plan to build.

12. Wine Shelf

I really like the square of wine racks in the bottom middle of this design. Additionally, that the pot fits perfectly in that one shelf above is just downright awesome.

13. Shiplap Backsplash

Create contrast with monochromatic tones. A rich black kitchen hutch highlighted with a white shiplap backsplash gives off a sophisticated look that is completely alluring.

14. The Coffee Hutch

Similar to the wine hutch we saw earlier, this is is for all my coffee lovers out there. I definitely fall into that crazy coffee category which makes me fall head over heels for this darling little coffee hutch.

15. White and Wood

Leaving parts of the original kitchen hutch as they are and doing a quick update to the rest of it, creates a really unique look. The beautiful wood shown in the cupboards and drawers really pop against the white frame.

16. Eclectic Hutch

Show off your eclectic side in your kitchen hutch design. A bold green color, lively plants, and interesting decor work together for a curious bohemian sort-of vibe.

17. Barn Red

Boast your farmhouse kitchen with a beautiful barn red kitchen hutch. Totally romantic, totally charming. Your neighbors from the farm next door will be asking you about this piece for sure.

18. Chicken Wire

Instead of using glass on your kitchen hutches cupboard doors, go for a less expensive and different look with chicken wire. An awesome substitute when revamping an old kitchen hutch with broken glass.

19. China Hutch

Do you collect China dishes? My mom does, she has a lot of it and loves to display it in her corner kitchen hutch. Although we don't use the dishes often, having them on display lets you appreciate their handcrafted beauty.

20. Black Plant Hutch

Maybe your kitchen dishes all fit perfectly in the built-in cabinets that you already have, but you are just dying to get in on the kitchen hutch trend. Well, there are a lot of other things you can fill it with. Plants, for example, look delightful on display!

21. Wallpaper Backsplash

Yes, please! I am obsessed with the wallpaper backsplash idea that's going around so much. Using fun and bold wallpapers in your dresser drawers, lining the steps on your staircase, or as a backsplash for kitchen hutches, is a must!

22. Decorative Cupboards

I think we can all appreciate the beautiful work that has gone into the cupboard doors in this kitchen hutch. You can be assured that your house guests will also admire the lovely details.

23. Asymmetrical Hutch

Now, I don't know about you, but I am a big fan of asymmetrical looks. Even though I definitely appreciate how beautiful symmetry can look, I've always been a mismatched earring sort of girl. This is why I love the asymmetry of this kitchen hutch.

24. Bright Blue

Have fun with colors when DIYing your own kitchen hutch. A bright blue might be the perfect statement piece that your kitchen is missing.

25. Next Level Hutch

Ready to be impressed? Check this bad boy out! It doesn't even really look like those huge pull-out cupboards even fit in that kitchen hutch. However, kitchen organization will be a piece of cake with hardware like that!

26. Built-In Wood

What looks like an original kitchen hutch frame has a modern twist by being built-in to the kitchen. The black and white tiled backsplash inside the hutch ties the look into the white wall surrounding it.

27. Impressive Hardware

Bold silver hardware matches the beautiful silverware being displayed inside of the hutch. Hence, going for daring hardware is a clever way to update an old hutch into a modern display.

28. Retro Cool

I am really loving this one-of-a-kind kitchen hutch. It is very different from all of the other ones we have seen and I admire its unique vibe. A great look for a retro-style kitchen.

29. Soft Green

Play with shades when picking out a color to paint your kitchen hutch. Bold blues look beautiful, but soft greens can also really charm you away.

30. Floating Hutch

If you are short on floor space but you are still loving the kitchen hutch idea and want to jump in on the fun, here's an idea for you. A floating kitchen hutch shelf can be placed above a countertop as an extra storage unit.

31. Industrial Hutch

Looking for a more industrial and modern design for a kitchen hutch? Keeping things more open, and showing off a metal frame will give a sleek look. Furthermore, look for a deep rustic wood for the shelving and drawers.

32. Hang Your Mugs

Add tiny hooks to your kitchen hutch where you can hang up your mugs and show off all your cute designs. Such a simple update that anyone can do that really adds an extra level of cute.

33. Pumpkin Orange

How bold are you? Bold enough to paint your kitchen hutch a brilliant pumpkin orange? I adore house designs that go for fun statement pieces, they always feel so happy and bright.

34. Pretty in Pink

Charm yourself and your guests every time you enter the kitchen. A modern kitchen hutch in a delicate and delightful blush pink is exactly what your trendy kitchen is missing.

35. Elegant Details

In a vibrant botanical green, this kitchen hutch is absolutely stunning. Right up to the fine details on the cupboards, in the carvings, and even the hardware is elegant and beautifully designed.

36. Playful Purple

Another example of a perky color to add pizzazz to your home. Your kitchen will feel new and quirky when you paint your kitchen hutch a playful purple.

37. Bold Yellow

Or, if pink and purple aren't your colors, maybe I can convince you with this gorgeous yellow-painted kitchen hutch. I don't think every kitchen can pull this color off, but I have faith that you know how to make it work!

38. Modern Pastel Hutch

Soft pastel tones sweep across the frame of this hutch accompanied by soft wooden features. It is a simple yet sweet look that, in my opinion, could work in most pre-existing kitchen designs.

39. Small Yet Functional

If you don't necessarily need a lot of extra storage space, but you still love the idea of having a kitchen hutch in your home, then look for something small. It is still a functional storage space and provides an extra surface area, plus, it looks great.

40. Large and In Charge

However, if you do happen to need a lot of extra space, as your current kitchen barely has any storage at all, then go for something big. As long as you've got the wall space for it, then go for it!

41. Antique Wood

As much as I do appreciate and adore the updated and painted kitchen hutches, there is something about the classic wood look that is so attractive. Just look at that beautiful wood carving at the top and tell me you don't love it!

42. Fun Stripes

No one is stopping you from making your kitchen hutch your own, so have fun with it and get creative! Beautiful blue stripes create a backsplash and the colorful flowers decorating the shelves look just darling.