Industrial Looking Furniture – 23 Designs that Combine Strength and Style


Industrial looking furniture designs stormed onto the interior decorating scene about a decade ago, and they've consistently topped people's furniture wishlists ever since. There's a good reason for that, too- industrial furniture uniquely combines both modern and rustic elements into one stylish piece.

The Industrial Revolution itself was a very unique time period. Society was still very much rural and farming based, but at the same time was making unprecedented leaps forward in technology!

Industrial furniture typically incorporates two main materials: natural or dark-stained wood, and steel. These two materials were just about the only things people had to work with in that time period, and they got very creative.

Today, “industrial-looking furniture” refers to either restored/repurposed vintage pieces or contemporary tributes to the style. You can find examples all over Etsy and other sites where woodworkers and small shops create custom pieces.

I dug around a bit and found some awesome examples of industrial looking furniture. Each of them has its own unique, rustic charms. Let's get to it!

Industrial Looking Furniture – 23 Designs that Combine Strength and Style

1. Industrial Bookshelf

Home studio - mid-sized industrial freestanding desk home studio idea in Charlotte with white walls and no fireplace
Image: Houzz

If I had to choose one type of furniture over all others, I would definitely go with bookshelves. These bookshelves in particular are true to the industrial furniture spirit; large, boxy, and gorgeous to look at. I think it's a great way to kick off the list.

I only wish that the photo had come from my own office! C'est la vie…

2. Rustic Bath Vanity

Example of a transitional black and white tile cement tile floor and multicolored floor walk-in shower design in Los Angeles with furniture-like cabinets, medium tone wood cabinets, gray walls, a vessel sink and a hinged shower door
Image: Houzz

I really enjoy the simplicity and tranquility of this bathroom, and the industrial vanity/sink really brings it all together. The wood is natural-looking and the steel frame and handles are both strong and uncomplicated.

It's a design that would fit perfectly in any number of styles: farmhouse, urban contemporary, American craftsman, the list goes on and on!

3. Vintage Media Center

Example of an urban home theater design in Orange County
Image: Houzz

This vintage piece has been wonderfully restored and would make a perfect TV stand or entertainment center. I especially admire the wire mesh on the front; storing video games and movies in it would combine the old and new worlds in a pretty cool way.

This is the type of furniture you could really design a room around, and that's not something you can often say about entertainment centers!

4. Creative Industrial Side Table

Home design - craftsman home design idea in Los Angeles
Image: Houzz

Industrial looking furniture doesn't have to just be square designs made with old wood. It also incorporates fine craftsmanship and metalwork, which is what makes this side table so awesome.

Twisting the metal like that may seem easy, but it takes a lot of skill and a very steady hand. It's a subtle touch that really adds a lot of value to a side table, a piece of furniture that is usually an afterthought for many people!

5. Artistic Live Edge Table

Is this furniture or art? The clear answer, as far as I'm concerned, is both! The table literally springs out of the hardwood floor, and the tabletop itself is made from a stunning live edge slab.

Live edge wood is another hallmark of the industrial furniture trend, one of my personal favorites. If you had this in your home, it would be a conversation starter and show-stopper like no other!

6. Rustic Cabinet

This is a great example of a homemade piece of industrial furniture. While it seems a little clunky compared to some modern tastes, it has a lot to love. Personally, I enjoy the visual texture of the wood and the hard work that went into creating each part of the finished product.

For any aspiring woodworker, there is so much here to take note of and admire!

7. Industrial Custom Patio Chair

This chair has a lot of steampunk in it, and it's extremely well-made. I particularly enjoy the overall creativity of the piece. If you want to have a rustic look in your house and pride yourself on uniqueness, a chair like this would be perfect for you!

8. Factory-Style Stools

Example of a mid-sized urban freestanding desk medium tone wood floor home office design in San Francisco with gray walls and no fireplace
Image: Houzz

Stools like this were common in factories and machine shops in the era of the Industrial Revolution. They're supremely functional and sturdy, and a restored stool such as this one has a great look to it.

It gives off a sense of creativity, openness, and collaboration. If you value community input and togetherness, stools like this are a great, yet subtle, way to reflect that!

9. Reclaimed Wood Table

Inspiration for a craftsman home design remodel in Los Angeles
Image: Houzz

Reclaimed wood is a staple of the industrial looking furniture style, and I really like that this design lets the wood speak for itself. It doesn't do anything fancy or wild, it's just a rectangle made out of fantastic-looking wood.

The character and texture of the reclaimed wood is the focal point of the table, and that helps it stand out!

10. Crafstman Floating Shelf

Example of an arts and crafts home design design in Los Angeles
Image: Houzz

A skilled craftsperson, with enough time and material, can create amazing things that have remarkable strength and simplicity. This floating shelf design uses solid, warm-colored wood and black steel to create a rugged and aesthetically pleasing final product.

The term “craftsman” refers to furniture styles that emphasize custom work by, well, craftsmen. It's an awesome subcategory of the industrial style!

11. Geometric Bar Stool

Porter Bar Stool, Counter Stool by Kosas Home
Image: Houzz

The industrial style typically includes lots of symmetry and clean, geometric shapes. This bar stool is so precise, so perfectly rectangular, it's almost soothing to look at. It feels complete and strong, and the colors will fit well in any home bar or man cave!

12. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Everglades Reclaimed Wood Rustic Dining Table
Image: Houzz

The slabs are back! A solid wood slab is one of the coolest ways to make a tabletop. It's luxurious and sophisticated, not to mention wildly expensive. Tables like this are also very hard to make; they require extreme precision and care in order to get a perfectly flat and smooth surface.

Congratulations to the woodworker who made it!

13. Tractor Seat Bar Stool

Osbourne Stool, Industrial Copper, Industrial Copper
Image: Houzz

The tractor is one of the most historically significant inventions of all time, one that revolutionized farming and made food cheaper and easier to produce.

Tractor seats from the Industrial age are undeniably cool, something many people would never think possible of something like a tractor! Repurposing the seat for a barstool is true to the spirit of industrial furniture, and looks great no matter where you put it!

14. Tiered Wood Slab TV Stand

I love the sleek, angular design of this TV stand; it's got tons of style and strength at once. If you've got a DIY spirit and some experience with welding (or at least a friend who does), this could be an incredible weekend project!

Or, if you also happen to have an entrepreneurial spirit, the beginning of an awesome industrial furniture side business. That's one of my favorite things about industrial looking furniture: it doesn't take an entire team of professionals to design it- just one or two people with an idea.

15. Industrial Cart Coffee Table

Industrial carts are awesome. That's all there is to it. They're unique, vintage, and rare, which makes them a highly valued piece of Industrial Revolution history.

It's no surprise that a coffee table made from one is a coveted piece of furniture; if you luck into owning one, you're sure to get plenty of compliments on it from every guest who stops by!

16. Industrial Wine Cabinet

This is a supremely well-crafted wine cabinet, with stylishly stained wood and a nice geometric design. If you love wine but tend to go against the grain of high-minded wine snobs, this could be the perfect wine cabinet for you!

Personally, I prefer tea and coffee, but I think I could make peace with this incredible piece of furniture as my own espresso station!

17. Modern Industrial Table

Modrest Renzo Modern Round Oak and Concrete Dining Table
Image: Houzz

This round table combines the best of contemporary furniture and industrial styles into one show-stopping piece of art. The solid concrete column base feels like it was borrowed from a statue, and the smooth tabletop is at once welcoming and sophisticated.

I'm a sucker for artistic furniture, and I love the uncomplicated artistry of this table!

18. Rustic Coffee Table

There are two things I really like about this coffee table design. First, I'm a big fan of the wood and metal bindings that make up the tabletop. It's old and unpolished, and it reminds me of what you'd see on an old ship.

Second, I really admire the table legs- they're made out of metal circles that make me think of gears turning, another classic element of the Industrial era. If you want a truly unique coffee table in your industrial-style living room, let this serve as your inspiration!

19. Modern Industrial Bar Chair

Wow. That was my first thought when I saw this chair that combines the future and the past into one amazing product. Furniture like this definitely doesn't come from a factory, and that makes it a treat for anyone who loves furniture design and woodworking.

If you like impressive feats of wood and metalworking, or just want to make a statement with something as everyday and ordinary as a chair, this is for you!

20. Another Industrial Cart Coffee Table

Industrial carts are never quite the same; each manufacturer had their own way of building them. This cart was transformed into a coffee table, but it seems like the makers didn't do too much to accomplish that.

Rather, they let the cart retain its own sense of coolness and craftsmanship. A nice sanding, polishing, and a glass tabletop were all that was needed to create a centerpiece anyone would be proud to have in their living room!

21. Farmhouse Industrial Couch

Living room - mid-sized farmhouse formal and open concept medium tone wood floor and brown floor living room idea in Other with beige walls, a corner fireplace, a stone fireplace and no tv
Image: Houzz

Do you have a passion for awesome DIY projects and a bunch of old wood laying around? You can make yourself an incredible industrial-themed couch, using this design as a template! I really enjoy the way it combines hard, geometric wood and plush cushioning into one stylish couch.

It makes for a very welcoming, homey atmosphere that anyone could relax and unwind in!

22. Iron Pipe TV Stand

We're almost to the end of the list, and I haven't even covered the most common DIY industrial furniture material: black iron pipe. It's used everywhere, due to it's rugged and strong appearance, its versatility, and its ability to hold lots of weight easily.

Black iron pipe is available at any home improvement store, and you can use it to create awesome furniture like this TV stand- even if you aren't an expert! All it takes is some creativity and a good measuring tape!

23. Black Pipe Office Masterpiece

Black iron pipe is an incredible way to get very creative without having to become a master wood or metalworker. This is a phenomenal example of a combination desk and bookshelf that fits perfectly into the room it was built for.

If you want to make your own furniture, but lack the tools or training, black iron pipe is your knight and shining armor!