19 Garage Man Caves That’ll Be The Envy Of All Man Cave Enthusiasts

Oh, the Man Cave. The peak of suburban living for men everywhere, a great man cave is like a refuge from all the insanity of modern life. Your man cave is all about you and what you love, whether you're a sports lover, a gearhead, or a Star Wars superfan. While most people picture a basement as the home of the man cave, garage man caves shouldn't be overlooked.

In fact, they're something to be aspired to!

A man cave can come in many different forms, depending on the person building it; it doesn't just have to be a bar and a leather couch. Generally, though, man caves all have a few things in common: a TV, some form of game or hobby equipment, and memorabilia.

Having your man cave in the garage adds a whole new level to the dynamic, in addition to just being a good place to put one in a smaller house! Being connected to the great outdoors makes it much more fun to host a football watch party, poker night, or just a drink or two with your best friends.

If the weather's nice, you can open up the garage door and grill, without having to leave your man cave! Garage man caves are versatile, laid back, and fun. If you're looking to start building your own man cave, this article is full of inspiration and creative examples!

Here are 19 garage man caves you'll want to hide in forever:

1. Automotive Tinkerer's Man Cave

Example of a mid-sized mountain style attached garage workshop design in Grand Rapids
Image: Houzz

What's not to love? Simple furniture, a flatscreen TV, and an awesome workspace to make some progress on your project car! This man cave really embraces the garage feel, and keeps things clean, like a well-run automotive specialist garage. It's the perfect place to kick back, watch Top Gear, and leave today's problems behind for a bit.

2. Luxury Auto, Luxury Garage Man Cave

Elegant garage photo in Houston
Image: Houzz

If your sportscar is a central part of your life, you may not want to be separated from it when you're relaxing in your man cave. This luxury garage/man cave combo has everything- artisan craftsmanship, luxury materials and furniture, and even glass walls that keep your dream car close!

3. Garage Movie Central

Ever wanted your own home theater, but didn't have the space? Or, did you grow up spending summer nights at the drive-in and miss that classic cinema experience? This man cave is a great answer to both of those desires!

The projector, popcorn machine, and indoor/outdoor feel all contribute to creating an awesome spot to watch 80's movies!

4. Just a Touch of Vegas

Garage workshop - large eclectic attached garage workshop idea in San Francisco
Image: Houzz

It's low-key, it's relaxing, and it's got a bit of razzle-dazzle. Centered around a giant flatscreen TV, this garage man cave keeps things simple while still having a bit of Vegas flair. Fight night would be pretty great in this man cave, maybe second only to seeing the fight ringside in Nevada!

5. Garage Game Room

Urban garage workshop photo in Miami
Image: Houzz

Some people don't want to just sit and watch TV in their man cave; they want a bit of fun action, too! This man cave is a great place to hang out, with lots to do and a really cool Coca-Cola mural on the garage door.

The checkered floor and pool table give everything a nice retro feel, and having two motorcycles is never a bad thing.

6. Classic Man Cave

Sometimes, the best man caves are the ones that aren't trying too hard. A couple of comfortable couches, a tv, and some Harley-Davidson memorabilia were all it took to create this man cave. It makes the most of the garage space and seems like a perfect place to unwind and not worry about anything for an hour or two. Or six.

7. Car Collector's Paradise

Garage - three-car garage idea in Miami
Image: Houzz

This is definitely the kind of man cave you can build if you were lucky enough to invest in Amazon in 2002. That is if you're swimming in cash. If you want your man cave to match the level of awesome of your car collection, this is a good place to start.

It's roomy, clean as a whistle, and focuses on what's important: the cars.

8. Complete Garage Remodel

Inspiration for a large modern attached garage remodel in Los Angeles
Image: Houzz

This garage man cave has been so extensively redone that it's impossible to tell that it formerly stored minivans! If you want to go all out on your garage man cave, and you don't mind losing the “garage” feel, this is a great way to do it!

It looks warm, the furniture is great for hosting people or just relaxing on your own, and the walnut cabinetry is an awesome luxury touch. This is a great reminder that your garage man cave can look any way that you want it to- even if it doesn't even look like a garage!

9. Modern Luxury Man Cave

Huge minimalist garage photo in Seattle
Image: Houzz

This garage keeps things simple: a monochromatic color scheme, minimalistic design, and tons of storage space for tools. If you're a car collector and cannot imagine a man cave without your cars, this might be your type of vibe.

The cars take center stage here; there's not even a couch around the TV, because attention (rightly so) is on that awesome black Porsche convertible!

10. Mid Century Man Cave

Who said a man cave couldn't have tons of style? Not me! This man cave looks like something out of a TV show where everyone has way more money than their careers suggest they should. I love the furniture- it's simple, comfortable, and very tasteful.

The layout of the garage is very spacious and focuses on functionality. Plus, the garage doors have a vintage look that brings the whole image together. If there ever was a garage man cave to aspire to, I'd say this one might be it!

11. All Wood Garage Man Cave

Example of a beach style one-car garage design in Boston
Image: Houzz

This man cave has tons of New England class. While I could personally do without the beach style furniture, the giant, dark wood TV cabinet is really something to behold. It's certainly the type of man cave that could do a passable job hosting some kind of cocktail party in addition to a Super Bowl party.

If you were lucky enough to have a man cave like this, you'd surely be called upon to host all kinds of get-togethers and gatherings; nobody could beat that space!

12. Contemporary Man Cave

Garage - contemporary one-car garage idea in Miami
Image: Houzz

Contemporary style is everywhere in this awesome man cave. The base of the pool table, the shape of the chairs and dining table, and especially the artistic chandelier over the sportscar- it's all modern designer stuff. If you pride yourself on being a trend-setting, modern man, this man cave will appeal to you a lot.

However, it might not be the best place to fall asleep watching golf on a Sunday. That's a different type of aesthetic. Personally, though, this is the exact man cave I would spend way too much time in!

13. Rustic Wood, Laid-Back Design

A clean, black-and-white color scheme makes this garage man cave a great place to play poker, work on a project car, or just pretend that your in-laws aren't in town for a while. If you've got a sleek yet rugged style, this is a really good example of a man cave that might be right for you.

It's easy on the eyes, and uses quality furniture and craftsmanship to create a great, rustic man cave design!

14. 1950's Garage Theme

Mid-sized elegant detached three-car garage photo in Other
Image: Houzz

All the memorabilia in this retro man cave reminds me of the 1950s, and the checkered floor backs it up. It combines some of the most iconic imagery from the classic diner themes from that decade, along with some great leather-upholstered furniture in period-accurate colors.

It's a great example of how a man cave can really be anything you want it to be. All that's really required is that the decor and design styles are an extension of yourself and the things you're passionate about. That way, you'll always feel right at home in your garage man cave!

15. Simple Workshop + Game Room

Large trendy garage photo in Salt Lake City
Image: Houzz

Not every man cave has to go all out. Some man caves can be perfect by just having what they need and nothing more. Take this one, for example. The man who built it clearly has a few things he loves to do and chose to focus on those in his man cave.

There is plenty of space for tinkering with cars, furniture, or anything else you can fit into the shop area. And, when there are guests over, there's a place to embarrass them in billiards. It's got everything it needs and nothing it doesn't, making it a great garage man cave idea!

16. Classic Man Cave Design

When you think of the term “man cave”, this is likely what pops into your head. And that's a good thing! This place is awesome, jam-packed with all the classic manly furniture and decor. It's an ideal space for hanging out with your friends for hours on end.

It doesn't take itself too seriously, but it's still seriously cool. If you want to have the traditional, iconic man cave, take this example as inspiration for your design!

17. Biker Shed Man Cave

Granted, if you're a biker, you'd probably rather be out riding than hanging around indoors. On cold or rainy days, though, this would be a great place to kick back and relax. Plus, it also makes a great place to spend the whole day relaxing and working on your bike.

It keeps things simple, and puts all the attention on what matters to this man cave owner: the motorcycles.

18. Eclectic Garage Man Cave

Example of a large 1960s attached garage workshop design in San Francisco
Image: Houzz

This is definitely the simplest man cave on our list. It's a low-budget, relaxation-focused man cave that is a total left turn from the “testosterone mayhem” style man caves we've looked at.

But, that makes it pretty unique; some people don't need a big fancy man cave, they just need a secluded spot to read, work, and chill out. Are you the type of person who doesn't need much more than a bit of space?

19. Dream Garage

Inspiration for a timeless garage remodel in Vancouver
Image: Houzz

This really is the ultimate man cave garage combination. It screams elegance, horsepower, and relaxation all at once. It's got high ceilings, wood columns, and luxury furniture and materials everywhere. I can't imagine spending a full day in this awesome man cave and finding a single thing to complain about.

If you want your man cave to be every bit as expensive and masterfully crafted as the cars you put into it, this is the place for you. Or, at least, it's the place to daydream about when you're stuck at work!


Man caves are a simple category of room that vary wildly depending on whose man cave it is. If you're finding yourself wishing you had your own refuge, or your current man cave needs an upgrade, these garage man caves ought to be a source of great inspiration, and maybe just a tiny bit of jealousy, for you!

Which was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!